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Tuesday 20 July 2010

Muffin's Mission from Middle East to Melbourne

I thought it was time to introduce 'Muffin' and her expat experience to you.... yes, as you can see she rules the roost and has a certain air about her.

Once we knew we were leaving the Middle East and that Australia was on the cards there wasn't a moments hesitation, she had to come too. Remember Dogs aren't just for Deserts they're for life! No way would we want to leave our youngest even with so many offers of good homes, and although Muffin only knew heat, sand and the muezzin call to prayer we wanted to give her a chance of a proper doggy life ie trees, dog walks, lamp posts, and fire hydrants.

Here is Mufftypup socialising at her leaving 'do'! Saying goodbye to all her puppy pals. She's always been a party animal.

After months of prep, paperwork and thankfully a brilliant pet relocating company we were ready to head off. The only trouble was that the airline had indicated that they wouldn't transport any snub-nosed animals, either cats or dogs. So a quick rethink was called for and drastic measures taken. How to make a Shih Tzu appear to have a proboscis?!!?!?! Not an easy feat as you can see from the photos. Hairdressers would be sued for this kind of make-over.

It was a very tense time waiting to see if she was detected and busted or would she be successful in her mission. After flight delays and long hauls we received the call that she'd finally made it.
Welcome to Melbourne Muffy.... Just one hurdle - quarantine!

After the initial excitement and desperate wags powerful enough to light up a large suburb she crashed and slept in my arms for two hours.

Obviously overdone the duty free! See once a party animal always a party animal.

The trouble came when time was called and I had to leave her once more. Not an easy task, let me tell you.

Disclaimer....the following picture comes with a warning and may cause some distress but no animal was harmed in the making of this film.

Yes that's her in the centre of the pen but she did her time and finally.....

Free at last, FREE AT LAST....

"What's all this green, soft stuff and it smells sooooooooo good"? Can't beat that cool breeze blowing through your hair.

Living the Dream.....

It's all too much this paparazzi performance....wake me up when its dinner time.

Once a diva always a diva.

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