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Saturday, 21 October 2017

My Sunday Photo... Pussy Galore

We very often have our neighbours cats come to call...checking out our bird tables and feeders, which are dotted around our property, but this little chap isn't one of them. 
I know the other cats so well, wearing their white booties or little white bib, but this cat is totally black. Jet black all over.
(A lucky cat some would say...or do you think unlucky especially with Halloween just around the corner?)
He's also very lean unlike our other visitors who show that they are loved and well taken care of, with possibly copious amounts of treats...if you get my meaning?
I've concluded that this visitor is feral. 
We don't see him very often, but as the afternoon sun shone on his pitch black coat, he really stood out. I loved the way the sunlight caught the hay bale too.
Maybe it's because we haven't seen the sun lately that it made such an impression on me. 
So I thought I'd enter him into the My Sunday Photo linkup.
Perhaps even finding him some friends as it's Cat Week.
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Thursday, 19 October 2017

Bath Time for Birds

I'm currently prisoner and house bound for a few hours in our renovated apartment, waiting for a locksmith to call. 
So I thought I'd try to use this enforced time in the most creative way that I can.
I'm going to post today (something that I haven't done for some time on a Thursday) and to try and create some artwork too. 
Wish me luck because I haven't had my head in the right creative space for a few weeks!
I think my mojo may have gone on a mini break without asking permission... well at least I hope it's a mini break and not a world tour! 

I thought I'd show you another little visitor to our place, who despite the chilly breeze blowing fancied taking a bath.
If only I'd have known I would have provided some warm water at least...but he didn't seem to mind.
 Very diligently getting into all his little nooks and crannies!
....and take a breath!
I love his little beak open in the above photo.
Just one more dive...
I think that should do it...
Hehe... cute eh?
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Right now for some artwork.
Have a great day everyone and thanks for popping in to my place.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

My Sunday Photo.... Guests Pop In

Autumn has well and truly arrived.
And so did an unexpected guest.
I walked into our garage only to find this little wren. 
He had nipped in whilst the garage door was open and had accidentally been shut in.

Also other visitors arrived... these two deer were having a tasty treat munching away in the afternoon sun.
I still have to stand and stare when I see such sights.
I don't think I'll ever get used to seeing nature up so close.
I'd often wondered how the deer would react if they came in contact with the resident fox.
Well, I actually got the answer because I witnessed a confrontation.
The deer charged towards the fox, chasing him off and soon had the field all to himself.
It was like watching our own personal wildlife programme.
Such a privilege.

As usual I'm linking up with My Sunday Photo over at Photalife.com
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Sunday, 8 October 2017

My Sunday Photo...The Bridge Of Dee

Rather ominous photos for this week's My Sunday Photo.
An atmospheric look at the River Dee as the clouds hang heavily laden and with high tide...there seems to be so much water around.
I feel for the local farmers who are struggling to harvest their fields. 
I wanted to capture this particular shot because all of these leaves will fall to the ground soon as the brisk chilly air envelopes us here in the North East of Scotland.
But before that we shall enjoy the changing colours of the season.
This shot shows the Bridge of Dee that is possibly one of the oldest bridges in Scotland. tRecords show that here has been a crossing at this particular point in the river since the 15th century.
I'll have to get a close up of the bridge itself next time I'm crossing.

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Sunday, 1 October 2017

My Sunday Photo...Autumn Sunlight

We've been living in a cloud over the last three days, so it was such a wonderful sight to see the sun cast it's amazing autumnal light on everything this morning.
All the changing colours of the leaves as they twist and twirl down to the ground on the crisp breeze.
The last of the summer blooms popped with vibrant colours once more...putting one last performance in before they disappear until next year. 
Brave bees and butterflies are busy making the most of the day... as did I. 
I transplanted many tender plants into pots to bring indoors before the chilly night air shocks their delicate leaves.
I worked until my back reminded me that it was time to call it a day.
There's rain forecast for tomorrow so I'm glad I seized the day and made the most of the beautiful warm sunshine.
I'm linking up with My Sunday Photo over at Photalife.com
Have a great weekend and thanks for popping over to my place.

Friday, 29 September 2017

Millionaire's Shortbread Illustration...PPF

Hello there... phewph it's been a busy day, but I'm super excited because I've actually managed to finish off my week 4 assignment for #risedesignandshine ahead of time! 
I know...I may have to go for a lie down now.
This weeks assignment was to illustrate a favourite recipe and I chose an old family favourite which is quite appropriate as I'm now residing in Bonnie Scotland.
It's shortbread (which is a huge favourite in Scotland) but not just ordinary shortbread...it's gorgeous Millionaire's Shortbread. 
Have you baked it before? 
It's incredibly easy and as it was featured on last weeks 'The Great British Bake Off' I thought it just had to be my choice for this assignment.
My hubby and son think I need to bake it following these instructions just to make sure I have it all illustrated correctly.
They're calling it research...I have another name for it!

If you'd like to see more... I posted a slightly different version of the recipe on my blog... way back in January 2012, when we lived in Melbourne. 
Oh boy looking back at some of these old blog posts, I baked an awful lot back then.

So as usual I'm linking up with the Paint Party Friday gang.
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again.
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Saturday, 23 September 2017

Summer Slips Away and Autumn Arrives

Summer has slipped quietly away and I for one will miss it, even though it wasn't a particularly good one for us up here in the North East of Scotland.
I'm hopeful that our Autumn will be spectacular... and so far it's not doing too badly. 
I thought I'd highlight just a snippet of what's happening around our place.
The fields of gold have been harvested with this beast!
It doesn't look particularly large on this photo but this was captured on my zoom lens... the machine is approx 250 metres away!
Trust me it's huge.
It must be a terrifying thing to see and hear if you're a little wee beast.
With all of the various changes with autumns arrival, our little elegant resident roe deer is in the process of changing his summer coat of reddish brown to grey.
I've done a little research and I believe he might be between two and three years old.
He appears regularly near our house and settles down to rest, which is a huge honour. 
He must feel safe.
I think it's pretty special having such a majestic neighbour.
 I'm not sure if I've mentioned in previous posts, but I've been trying to photograph one of the few wren's that frequent our garden. 
Yesterday I had a chance but oh my word he's a flighty little critter!
The photo below was taken from my kitchen window across to the decking steps... as you can see it was also raining, so not the best conditions for a photographic shoot.
But I'm happy that it's not just a blur.
The blackbirds are enjoying this time of year too with lots of goodies available.
This particular blackbird is enjoying the berry bonanza.
If I'm showing you some of our visitors, then how could I not include our new robin.
He's looking mighty handsome in his new red waistcoat and is still friendly.
Everyone knows I love to take photos of the busy bees and I'm including this one because who knows it might be the last visit of the year!
Oh how I'll miss them.
But there'll be lots of other wonderful sights to capture with the coming seasons.
I'll hopefully have my camera at the ready and be snapping away, so feel free to pop back anytime.
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Friday, 22 September 2017

Geometric Patterns and Shapes...PPF

Yay it's Friday!
Well it's been two weeks since I posted to the Paint Party Friday link, so here's a snippet of what I've been up to with my artwork.
Along with all of the other madness that's ongoing at the moment, I'm actually managing to keep up with the Rise Design and Shine art course.
It's been tough as I now realise that I'm not particularly good at being told what to do 
(art wise and otherwise) timescales, trends and specific briefs. 
(I've never liked the word 'briefs'...but for other reasons...and that's not changed in this course)
Just to clarify this particular kind of brief gives specific instructions to follow and has nothing to do with clothing attire or Bridget Jones!
There now that's cleared that up... let me show you what I've done so far for week 3.
Unfortunately, it's a WIP but I'll hopefully get it completed before Sunday evening.
Geometric Patterns...
I've found this assignment far more challenging than I thought...which surprisingly has been the case with each week so far. 
That's good I suppose...it's stretching me to think and work outside of my comfort zone.
Having said that...I do hope that one week hits the spot and I can get somewhere far from being the dunce of the class.
I'm linking up with the Paint Party Friday gang.
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for your visit today.
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Monday, 18 September 2017

Harvest Time On Our Plot

Hello everyone...welcome to a new week.
I'd thought I'd share our harvest from yesterday. 
If you are a follower then you'll know we only started the veggie plot back in early February, so we're thrilled with the outcome so far.
Here's a quick recap for anyone who may have missed the birth of the plot.
(click Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3)

In case you can't make out what's in the white bowl... it's blackberries.
Have a great week everyone...have fun and keep smiling!

Saturday, 16 September 2017

My Sunday Photo...Mushrooms

My Sunday Photo really sums up our current weather.
Wet and soggy, but at times warm(ish)
In fact, perfect conditions for growing mushrooms.
I can't take any credit for growing these beauties shown below because they have just appeared at the base of a tree in my garden. 
I have no idea if they are edible or not? 
I know next to nothing about fungi, so if anyone knows what this one is called and if it's poisonous I'd be really interested to hear.
I thought I'd include another photo today to show you that we are all prepared for the autumn nights...when you need a little extra warmth. 
Especially when you hear that F word for the first time...FROST!
Yep the weather forecaster said that there's a chance we might have Jack Frost come to visit us overnight... and so it starts!
I'm linking up with My Sunday Photo over at Photalife.com
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