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Saturday 14 July 2012

Sausage Stew ~ Illustrated Recipe for the Artist Playroom

Imagine combining two of my interests....cooking and art...well that's what the creative genious Jenn decided for this weeks Artist Playroom. 
Not only would we see some amazing art from the talented artists but also get some fantastic recipes to boot!

The trouble being what on earth to pick out of the gazillion recipes I'd like...so when Thursday afternoon came and I still hadn't decided, I thought enough is enough girl...get on with it!  
Just call me 'Tail-End Charlie'.
I'm hoping the time difference between here and Jenn's place might work in my favour and the Playroom may still be open. : -$
So what did I decide upon in the end....one of my oldest recipes and a favourite....'Sausage Stew'.

Now when I say an old favourite, I'm talking way back...so far back that the recipe came from my first ever cookery book which I bought when I got engaged. 
I thought it was time and I'd better start to learn how to cook!
If you could see the page in the book that this recipe came from, you would probably be put off eating...to say the amount of food on the page could feed a village is probably an understatement!
This recipe lends itself to so many occasions...it's all cooked in the one pan and is soooooooo easy. 
It would be perfect for students, first time cooks or cheflets, breakfast, supper, a good hangover brekkie, lunch or weekday evening meal. It also freezes perfectly so basically it's a winner anytime. Oh yes, and over the years I've adapted it (but this is the original version) and it just works everytime. 
It's a real friend ready whenever you need it! Perfect. ;D 

Whoops times marching on...so I'd better link up with the Artist Playroom.

I've decided to write out the recipe below just in case it proves too difficult for anyone to read.
Make sure that you pop over to  Jenn's place to check out all the other fantastic talented artists and their favourite recipes...I'm sure you'll be in for a treat...in more ways than one!

Sausage Stew
Ingredients ~ serves 4

Metric / Imperial / American
0.5kg / 1 lb / 1 lb sausages (any kind of sausages will work) 
1 large onion ~ sliced
50g / 2oz / ¼ cup streaky bacon ~ chopped
25g / 1oz / ¼ cup plain flour
300mls / ½ pint / 1¼ cups of beef stock
100g / 4oz / 1 cup button mushrooms ~ sliced
1 tablespoon tomato purée 
salt and pepper
1 (220g / 7¾ oz / 8oz) can of baked beans 
Chopped parsley to garnish

Place the sausages in the oven or cook in a pan slowly until browned, turning frequently for about 10 minutes.
Remove and keep warm. (If using large sausages cut into chunks) 
In the same pan add the onions and sauté gently until lightly browned.
Add the streaky bacon and cook for 2~3 minutes.
Stir in the flour and cook for a minute or so then slowly add the stock,
Next add the mushrooms, tomato purée and seasoning.
Blend thoroughly.
Return the sausages to the pan, stir in the baked beans, cover and cook slowly for 10 ~15 minutes.
Remove to a serving dish and garnish with parsley.
Serve with mashed potato and carrots. 

(At various times I have added tinned tomatoes too which works well plus sometimes because I want a large amount I add two tins of baked beans) 
This recipe can be tweaked numerous ways, but always delivers a good enjoyable meal that as yet I've to find anyone who didn't like it! 
'bon appétit'!  
Have a wonderful weekend everyone ~ have fun and keep smiling!


  1. Looks fabulous Neesie!! I am loving it. Glad to be home now, however tired I may be. Hoping to get my pics sorted and post about it soon! Missed you! xxoo

    1. HELLO MARIE! Welcome back...oh I can't wait to hear all the news, gossip and scandel ;D
      I hope you had a brilliant time and I'll pop over as soon as I can...get the kettle on! xoxo

  2. As you say, simple but wholesome and adaptable. Could be a very upmarket dish if you used premium sausages and homegrown beans and tomatoes. Maybe serve with one of my Yorkshire Puddings??

    1. Sounds perfect Mark....what time should I arrive? ;D
      Hope your weekend is bathed in sunlight! Enjoy...

  3. Hi Neesie, looks good, will have to give it a try, I do like easy and quick recipes and this looks like one. Thanks!

    1. Hi Anne,
      It certainly is a very easy dish. I'm all for that too.
      I've used different kinds of sausages from chipolata's to boerewors and they all taste fantastic!
      I've also used different mushrooms too...it's a very versatile recipe.
      If you do try it please let me know what you think...I'd love to know.
      I hope the sun's shining for you ~ have a great weekend ;D

  4. Hmmm.... looks like you made it in after all "Charlie"...good thing to.
    Sausage Stew, very interesting....hubby LOVES sausages.
    I thought it interesting to see a can of "Heinz beans" in your pic (I love seeing things from other countries, especially if they are in my cupboard... weird huh)...so I had to Google their origin (weirder)
    interesting to see their origin is the U.K.... those Brit's are a smart bunch...LOL (I'm only three generations Canadian, so I still feel connected to the U.K.....silly huh):0)


    1. Hehe...what a giggle Cindy, (your 'Charlie' comment)
      I think you, your family and especially your hubby will LOVE this dish.
      I've been naughty buying the 'English Recipe' version of Heinz beans (as you may be able to see on the label). With being an expat Brit over the years I always try to adapt to the local brands etc but sometimes it's just too tempting to have a taste of home. ;D
      Thanks for popping by my place ~ it's always great to hear from you.
      Enjoy your weekend

  5. sounds yummy. Now that I am home from vacation I have a kitchen and will be able to cook again. I really did miss it. Have a great day. Vickie

    1. Hi Vickie,
      I know you are going to enjoy your kitchen but this dish would be great for camping too!
      I'm glad to hear you're home safe and sound again..it's always great to go away but better when you return home!
      I didn't expect you to visit...so it's great to see you.
      Enjoy settling back home. :D

  6. sounds wonderful, you know, I made a cookbook for my kids and illustrated some of the recipes, I had a ball doing it as well.I think you should do it, you did such a good job of this one, and it would be a great personal gift, my kids loved theirs.

    1. That sounds a great idea Laurie,
      I was thinking of putting a little book together for my son, with easy fool proof recipes in it, but I hadn't thought about illustrating it. Thanks for the idea.
      He's mastered french toast this last week....without incident and my kitchen's still intact! ;D

  7. I copied this off to make in the upcoming Fall and Winter months. I will go great with some of the other recipes that are in our APR group, such as the cornbread, and the truffles! I guess I might stick a salad in there, too!

    1. Hehe...there are so many great recipes lined up for us in the APR challenge. Jenn's so thoughtful to help keep not only our painting/drawing skills sharp but also our culinary one's too! ;D
      I hope you enjoy the recipe when you try it. It's also a great dish if you go camping! :D
      Thanks for your comment Gloria...it's always good to see you.
      Enjoy your Sunday and get ready for another creative fun week ahead.

  8. I love sausage. Hear me: I LOVE sausage! This is excellent and lazy me like that it is a dirty-one-pan-dish. You illustrated it in true Neesie-style (which is excellent) and only you would be so thoughtful to include measuring units from across the globe!

    1. I HEAR YOU Minnemie, me too!
      I can spend hours creating a dish but I also like the easy options at times...this recipe couldn't be easier. I like (LOVE) my sausages cooked in the oven so that's the way I start mine off whilst getting the sauce and other ingredients on the go. I'd say the whole dish takes about 45 mins but as with a lot of other dishes I gets better as time goes by :D
      I thought it might be helpful to put in all the different measuring units so I'm glad you noticed ;D
      I hope you have a Super Sunday! Enjoy x

  9. This is very different from anything I've made before and I'll definitely give it a try. It will be delicious with my cornbread! Cornbread is definitely worth and try and I hope you try mine - I'm always surprised to hear that someone has never had it. Don't know where it originated - could it possibly be the US? Anyway, our two recipes would make beautiful music together! Ha. Thanks for the visit.

    1. That sounds a great idea Terrie, I'll do likewise...sausage stew and cornbread here we come! ;D
      I've always thought cornbread originated from America and google confirmed that.
      I'd love to hear the outcome if you use the recipe, especially if it's really different for you. Let's hope it sings!
      Have a super Sunday :D

  10. Can't believe I forgot to mention how much I like your drawing! You put so much effort into it and it looks just great! AND you added all those various ways of measurement - I'd be lost to try to do that.....THANKS!

    1. Hehe...thanks for popping back ;D
      I really don't do myself any favours because I only decided which recipe I wanted to do on Thursday afternoon, giving myself a rushed Friday to completely the whole thing.
      Will I never learn!!!
      It's not until I post the entry I then regret not giving it more time and attention to detail. Ho hum...

  11. This sound delicious, Neesie, I love how you scattered the illustrations thought the page. Blessings!

    1. Thanks Arnoldo, I appreciate your kind words.
      My plan is to give the next project more time...I'm always rushing at the last minute and then regret it!
      Enjoy your weekend and thanks for stopping by ;D

  12. I love your illustrated recipe!
    super cute illustration - and the recipe sounds like original comfort food!
    thanks for sharing!!!

    1. It's such a versatile recipe Kimmie...I'm going to get my son to make it next time we have it because it's ideal for the young one's. A simple one pot dish, easy to prepare and so tasty ~ perfect!
      Thanks for your lovely comment ;D
      Hope your Sunday's going well. Enjoy and get ready for another fun packed week ahead!

  13. thanks ever so much for your artful recipe. It was extra smart of you to write it out underneath. I should have thought of that!!

    1. I'm sorry I was on the last minute yet again Jenn. (:$)
      I'm really going to try and give the future challenges the full care and attention they deserve.
      This particular recipe is such a good one that I wanted everyone to be able to read it. I wasn't sure that the type was legible on the picture.
      I hope you're enjoying your Sunday and look forward to a great creative week ahead. xox

  14. Sausages are the perfect winter food, and one of the few that we all eat in our house so very very pleased to put this one to good use... bit late getting here this week but the sun is finally out so I have been chained to the laundry... bloody awful all round
    And so glad you got in and had the time because I love how you illustrated it... the baked beans tin is one of my favourite bits!!!!

    1. Laundry duties make you wish it wasn't sunny! It's a catch 22.
      It's been really cold and windy here today...thermals are a must!
      You're having 20 degrees tomorrow, so you'll be able to do your ironing outside ;D (hehe)
      Oh I really must set more time for these APR challenges because I always rush too much and regret it once I hit the publish button.
      One day to finish a complete work isn't good for me :$
      I can hardly look at the baked beans tin now, but I won't go there.
      You're very kind and encouraging and I really appreciate it.

  15. Wow, all these people who can cook and enjoy it too. I only cook cos I have to :) Love your illustration and any time you have too much food, you could always send some up (he he). Couldn't play this week but will be back for the next APR.

    1. You were missed Von,
      I do enjoy cooking but then sometimes I just like a takeaway too...or an easy dish like this one. ;D
      Too much food here? Are you kidding me what with my two 'Hungry Horaces' here!!! There would be slim pickings for you I'm afraid.
      Well, that's the weekend over but hopefully a good creative week ahead. Fingers crossed xox


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