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Friday 7 June 2013

APR ~ Favourite Mug #60

How could I resist when I heard that Jenn's Artist Play Room challenge this week was to draw/paint something that is very dear to my heart! 
...My Mug!...
Not my face ~ not that kind of mug ~ the drinking kind.
So even though I have limited art supplies (well that's a gross understatement...I've a few pens, a pencil, eraser and a small travelling water colour kit) I've actually managed to complete a painting for this week. Although Jenn asked for our favourite mug or cup I've decided to show you one, but I painted the other. 
Yes...call me fickle I have two favourites!  
I love the look and feel of the Whittard of Chelsea china mug below. 
My daughter bought two as a present, but unfortunately one had an unfortunate accident during one of our many moves! It lost its handle.  

The china mug is perfect for a cuppa but the practicality is that I need something more robust! 
A Denby pottery mug fits the bill...it keeps my tea hotter for longer. I'm one of those people that have to drink my tea at the molten lava like temperature. Even with this mug I can become distracted and it can 'go off the boil' as it were (now don't think I don't know that for a proper cuppa you're not supposed to use boiling water ~ I do know all about that ~ BUT I LIKE MY TEA HOT!!!
The only time that I can forget my cuppa is when I'm busy or engrossed creating art! 
At any other time it's my top priority :D
From my first cup in the morning to my last cup at night...it has my full attention.
Going back to the 'meecie mug' 
(HA! Neesies meecie mug...I like that...yeah I know...small things and all that) 
Here's the designs that sits around the cup. 
Aren't they cute? 

And here's my painting....there's lots of tweaks needed but time is of the essence as they say and I wanted to meet the time scale for APR...so perhaps I'll tweak later. 

Whilst I'm here I might as well show you some other things that have mysteriously arrived in my journal. 
I've no idea where I got the time, but I do know that they've helped to keep me in a sane state of mind in what has been a really terrible week.  

I've wanted to draw a Mandala. for quite some time. 
For those who may not know...a Mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, representing the Universe.  
But I wanted to do my own version...showing my universe or at least some of it. 
It's my story so far...or at least some of it! 
There are lots of details contained within the mandala if you look closely....

I really enjoyed drawing and creating this pattern and thought it would be a great idea to do a Mandala for others...just pick 15/20 key things that are relevant to you and have them enclosed within your own personal pattern. Just drop me a line is you're interested.... ;D
I've also published the design onto cards. 
I've counted approximately 45 specific personal icons enclosed within my Mandala that are special in some way to me...can you spot any?

Well that's me done for this week...but why not head over to Jenn's Artist Playroom and see if you can see your favourite mug or why not pick a new one!
They'll be lots of different designs to choose from...

Tat tar for now...have a wonderful weekend everyone...see you again soon I hope


  1. oh my gosh that mandala is amazing, such detail, wow wow wow, the cups are beautiful as well, I love the quote storm in a tea cup , you are so gifted, your ink work is incredible!

    1. Aww Laurie you have no idea just how much that means to me :)
      I read your comment just before I went to sleep last night and I'm sure I dozed off with a big grin on my face :D
      I had so much fun thinking and drawing that mandala. I completed it over four different sessions which was just perfect because it gave me time to appreciate what I was doing...plus giving my eyes a rest in-between!
      I hope you are enjoying your weekend...it's good to know you are back in your nest. ;D
      Take care and give my best wishes to Gary too

  2. Wow!! so much work in your pattern, great to be able to incorporate so many personal things too! Your little mice mugs are very sweet, I loved this challenge, but then I do love tea. :) Its been great looking at everyone elses favourite mugs.

    1. Great minds think alike...tea is what I do best! ;D
      It was so therapeutic creating that pattern because I took my time and enjoyed the whole process.
      I haven't had the chance to check everyone's mug yet (can't help thinking that sounds a little impolite) but I'm looking forward to doing that tomorrow :)
      We're off out for dinner so no time just now...busy busy!

      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for popping by my place.
      See you soon :D

  3. WOW Neesie....your drawing is amazing....i'm not into the hindu or buddhist stuff, but the detail in your circle of life is awesome....such patience...wow


    1. I'm not either Cynthia, but when I saw my first mandala (which happened to be in a winery of all places!) I knew I wanted to create one for myself. It really was so much fun to do and I could have included so much more into the design...but 40+ isn't bad is it?
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope to visit you over this long weekend...but it's looking a little busy at the moment!
      Have a great weekend whatever you are up to...have lots of fun and enjoy :D

  4. your teacups are adorable!! but your mandala is just breathtaking!! wow. i love all the extra detail work.

    1. Oh thank you so much...I'm thrilled with everyone's reaction to my entry. But I think the mandala may be pinching all of the limelight!
      It was so enjoyable to do ;D

      Have a fantastic weekend and thanks for stopping by to leave such a lovely comment. I appreciate it :D

  5. Holy moly woman - that's some amazing work! Great mug drawing, love the organic doodle, then the mandala...what's to say, it's stunning! I see all sorts of icons for you - a painters palette, your computer, your art journal, your daughter, a little wine, an airplane for all your travels - wow, it's truly amazing - is that your pup I see? Inspired work Neesie.

    1. Aww thanks Terrie, I really appreciate your kind words. I have to admit I had a good giggle with your Holy Moly Woman bit!)
      I loved doing all of the drawings but have to say the mandala is a little special, in that it holds lots of secrets about me ;D
      But you certainly found a few of them Sherlock! (lol)
      It is Mufftypup! I couldn't think how to depict her but that was what I came up with in the end. I wasn't sure anyone would guess that one so well done!

      Have a super weekend and I'll be across to see you soon.
      In the meantime have fun xoxo

  6. Oh my goodness, I could stare at the mandala all day. You have so much in there and so beautifully done. Wow, wow,wow, just stunning. I can see all of your travels and loves and family in there and a very special monster :) I sooo love your mouse cup and your drawing is perfect as it is. They are so cute, I'd be staring at them all day and wouldn't do any work. All so wonderful.
    Luv Von

    1. Hehe...it's causing quite a stir Von,
      You sound like you've spotted all of my secrets too ;D
      Hmm...not sure about the cups being perfect...I think you're being very kind but they are cute.
      We've had them for quite a number of years now and it wasn't until this APR challenge that I took a good look at them once again.
      Thanks for stopping by...I'll nip over to you but it'll probably be tomorrow now. We're off out to dinner so dashing about like a headless chicken. OH NO! I shouldn't say those sort of things to someone who keeps chooks should I?
      Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy this gorgeous winter weather...unless it's all too much for you...then in that case hunker down woman!!!

  7. That bottom mandala doodle is simply amazing... like freaky amazing... almost hypnotic... and your mug are mug-a-licious... xx

    1. LOL thanks Trace,
      The mandala was certainly hypnotic to create never mind to look at! ;D
      I loved this APR challenge...it's right up our street isn't it?
      I think I've drank more tea this week with having the mugs up close and personal every day!
      But I'm not complaining obviously :D
      Great to see you because I know how busy you are right now. I'll be across to your place sometime over this long weekend...so get the kettle on lovie...I know you'll have plenty of mugs to chose from!!!
      Enjoy the weekend xoxo

  8. Just gorgeous Denise! I love the Mandala doodle. I, too, think it's amazing! You have such patience! xxoo

    1. Hello Marie,
      Great to see you again ;D
      Thanks for your lovely comment...as you can see the mandala is causing quite a stir. I knew I liked it but it's good to hear everyone else's reaction.

      Have a lovely weekend...I can imagine you're enjoying being back in your nest again :D

  9. That Mandala is amazing, I admire anyone who does them lots of patience. I like that is personal and not random doodles. Love your mug and drawings too.

    1. Thanks Sharon,
      It was very therapeutic to create the mandala especially when there was so much madness all around. It's was good to sit quietly drawing and have my mind wonder ;D
      Have a wonderful weekend...whatever you're up to and I'll be across to see you soon :D

  10. Your mandala is amazing. You are such a wonderful artist.

    1. OH MY Boo, you have made my weekend with your kind words. Like many I have difficulty with the word 'artist' when describing myself. But I'm trying to embrace it...you've just helped me accept it a little more ;D

      Have a great weekend. I'll be visiting later today hopefully.
      Well that's the plan but it's the long weekend here (for the Queen's Birthday) so anything could happen :D

  11. Love your meesie Neesie cup!! And your swirls and the mandala are fabulous! I would have to go back into my archives to find a cup drawing because I'm still not feeling up to much over here. Sorry to hear you've had a crummy week, too. I hope this weekend is better for both of us. ;)

    1. Sorry to hear you're not feeling 100% Rita,
      I hope things improve for you soon ;D
      We have beautiful sunshine here for this long weekend...no work on Monday for the Queen's Birthday so that's good!

      Try to enjoy your weekend and I'll pop across to you soon.
      Toodleloo for now!

  12. extraordinary, Neesie!! I am just amazed and deLIGHTed with your smorgasbord this week!!! loving the mandala and your idea is brilliant, of course, and sounds wondrously ambitious.

    you've made my day extra specially wondrous!!

    1. Thanks Currie,
      I'm so happy to hear you've enjoyed taking a peek at my smorgasbord BEcause I certainly enjoyed creating it ;D
      I haven't had a chance to check out all the other APR entries but look forward to doing that hopefully later today.

      Have a great weekend whatever you have on your plan...have fun and enJOY!

  13. Oh my fathers - you could not love your mug - I love your mug - I covet your mug!!! You are so talented and Yes I do love your artwork!!

    1. I guess you love my stuff then Sandy LOL
      Great to have you pop across here and leave such a lovely comment. Thanks so much.

      I'm just enjoying a cuppa in the mug now!

      Have a fun weekend...Enjoy! :D

  14. Nessie, Your mug is so sweet, Love your artwork... Your mandala.. it says so much about you... travel, family pets, and of course Nessie himself...The Loch ness monster just had to be there!!...You are so talented... I hope your week has got heeps better... Hugs May x x x

    1. Sorry to take so long in replying to your lovely comment May...it's been a little crazy here as I'm sure you can appreciate.
      It's not so simple moving from one part of the planet to the other! ;D
      I'm so happy to hear that you like my artwork. It means so much to me...thanks :D
      I hope your week is going well and there's lots of creativity happening. I'll be across soon to check it out!

  15. You met the challenge so well, two cups are better than one. I really like your mandala idea, I'm having a hard time picking objects that I'd include though.


    1. Thank you Darla,
      I appreciate your feedback on the challenge.
      Once I started to think about things I liked or that were special to me, the mandala just grew and as I said there's over 40+ objects included and that was without too much effort!
      I think it's just a question of not stressing out over your choices...it should just be things that pop into your mind.
      Have fun with it! :D

      Have a wonderful weekend whatever you get up to xoxo


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