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Friday 22 May 2015

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails... PPF

Hands up if you don't believe it can be Friday already? 
Well it is... and what a week it's been.
But today is party day thanks to Eva and Kristin hosting this weeks Paint Party Friday
So other than Muffy sitting on it... what else is on my desk this Friday?
Snails... (yuk) 
I personally dislike them with a passion, but after seeing Nic and her blue snail holding onto her teabag, on the side of her cup, I offered to send her some of my slimy pests.
Not surprisingly she declined... well they weren't a beautiful blue colour for a start. 
But that got me thinking perhaps I should be a little more tolerant 
(not covering them with salt as some people do) 
but think of them possibly bringing other wildlife into my garden.
Perhaps owls and hedgehogs? 
I've heard the owls in the nearby woods,so I know they're quite near. 
I just need them to know there's an abundant feast here, before the little pests devour my hostas completely!
I seem to be a little lost with my art at the moment.
I don't know what I want to draw/paint, so I reverted back to base... revisiting my zentangle phase.
I go into a trance when I'm drawing these designs... but alas this time it didn't work. 
Maybe that phase is over?
That's a shame because it was good whilst it lasted... we'll have to see?
I'm thinking I'll colour this snail to try to brighten up his popularity.

Just a slight deviation... look what my sister saw in her garden this week.
Now I'd love one of these cute visitors.
Mrs Tiggywinkle come to tea.
Gorgeous isn't she?
(well I'm saying she but I haven't a clue... please put me right if she is in fact a he!) 
The sun is shining and there's a party, so if you'd like to join in come on over.
See you there...
Paint Party Friday
Have a wonderful weekend... enjoy!


  1. Love the snail so far, and Muffy really enjoys that spot. My dog doesn't hang in the art space but the cat believe that it is his space! Love how pets are such good companions. Better than people sometimes. And what a great little hedgehog. He's so adorable.

    1. Muffy loves any spot that has sun and see can keep her eye on everything Erika :D
      She's like my shadow... always near.
      I wish we had a hedgehog visit our garden. My sister's garden is like a nature reserve. I wouldn't be surprised if the BBC tv programme Springwatch didn't want to film there one day!
      Thanks for such a lovely comment... have a great week.

  2. Oh not a fan of snails either, but we live peacefully together! They stay in their space and I in mine! However I adore that hedgehog and would want to bring him/her home! Love how your tea box turned out! I bet you get an A in Tracey's class!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Yes... we all share this planet Giggles, even with some unsavoury characters.
      Unfortunately the snails space seems to be in close proximity to my Host's!
      Oh the hedgehog is another story isn't he... so cute. I think he looks very fit and healthy too.
      Thanks for the tea box comment and oh I can only wish that I get an 'A' in Tracey's class. I'll sadly probably only get detention for being disruptive ;D
      Have a great week whatever is on your plan... have fun

  3. Yuck, snails! But slugs are even worse! Love your snail though, and the Twinings box. Valerie

    1. Precisely Valerie, Yuk!
      I hope to make my snail kind of pretty if that's possible to do to a snail.
      Thanks for your comment and visit.
      Have fun and lots of creativity this week ;D

  4. Oh how snails love hostas! If only I could remember what I used, all natural of course, to keep them off of mine. I sprinkled something on the ground......ugh.... Sorry. Love McMuffy's perch! What a darling little hedgehog. You're trying to hard, relax and enjoy your drawing. Better yet make a cuppa and sit outside on your lovely patio. Put the kettle on and the Girls and I will swing by for a nice chat.

    1. Tell me about it Nan,
      So far this year I seem to be getting away with it far more than last year. I did put broken roof slates around the hosta base last year but only late on when it was already too late. They'd been munched from the moment they'd try to rise their heads through the soil.
      Sun and overseeing everything are two of Muffy's favourite things, so the art room perch is perfect for her.
      I think you might be right about the art work. I should just give in and sit out... the only trouble would be I'd freeze unless I was able to find a little hide-ho from the chilly wind that's been around for the last three weeks.
      Muffy chased a neighbours cat yesterday... all around our garden until it jumped over the wall. Thankfully Muffy being vertically challenged, couldn't follow.
      I'd have to have serious words with her before your girls arrive ^..^ but she'd love to see you.
      Have a great week.

  5. We had a slug in the house and I killed it then looked up what they are in animal medicine and they are actually - believe it or not - very spiritual and special. I felt quite guilty about killing it. So check it out before you knock 'em off!!!

    1. Oh Rosie, I have difficulty even swatting a fly never mind killing a slug.
      I have never heard about them being spiritual and special. I don't mind them as long as they stay away from my plants. There's nothing more annoying than buying and planting out new additions to the borders... only for them the be devoured virtually overnight!
      Have a great week and hopefully you won't need to knock off anything else! :/

  6. You are so dang talented! Look at your tangle - WOW!!
    Sandy xx

    1. Well hello there Sandy, great to see you
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm not so sure about him just yet, but hopefully it'll be okay when I play a little more.
      Have a wonderful week... with lots of creativity.

  7. I loved your Zentangle phase, and it has been fun seeing your different styles, your inner zen will come back by the time you've finished that snail - try during Match of the Day!!!
    My parents house has a hedgehog and the neighbours have all cut small holes in the bottom of their fences so the hedgehog can move between gardens looking for food!
    Have a great weekend
    Wren x

    1. Oh don't mention the football Wren... not with a certain someone leaving, plus some humdingers over the last few matches.
      But I suppose that might have been a better plan... to keep out of the way.
      I think that's so special of your parents and their neighbours to be hedgehog friendly. I had read in the RSPB website that they suggested cutting holes in the fences, but I thought no-one would be willing to do that.
      It's lovely to hear that there are such caring people out there.
      I hope you have a great week on your wanderings! I'm sure you will.

  8. I don't mind snails so much as slugs - eeew! But I think it's mainly because I can pick up the snail by the shell, whereas there is NO picking up of slimy slugs - Double Eeew!!
    I do agree with your new philosophy of leaving them alone in the hopes of attracting other wildlife tho'. From a purely selfish base that is, that you will bring us fabulous photos or art to enjoy, hehe. I do hope you get a hedgehog or two and your bird pals notice the wriggly food available as well as the seeds you provide.
    Your tangle snail is great; I've been enjoying some doodling of late. I wonder if 'we' would mind snails in the garden so much if they were colourful.......
    have a super weekend Denise {{Hugs}} xoxox

    1. Eew!!! Moving on past the slugs and snails comments TwinkleToes...
      I'm eating... 'nuf said.
      There are masses of food plus places for critters to live in and around our garden, so I'm telling myself that they're already there... I just haven't seen them yet.
      I'm not so happy with the doodle, but I feel if I keep going into the studio something wonderful will happen one day! I live in hope ;D
      I wouldn't mind snails with or without colour, just so long as they'd leave my plants alone! After saying that... I must confess they are either on a diet this year or there's not as many of them on my patch because (and I'm saying/typing this very quietly) my plants don't have too much damage... so far.
      Maybe I do have owls and hedgehogs after all??? ;D
      Enjoy your day and hopefully these glimpses of sunshine that we're having will get bigger, although looking at the forecast for this week, it doesn't look like it.
      Ho hum

  9. I love the details you put into your drawings. I also LOVE snails. Not slugs so much. (Those you can be rid of with a spritz of water and ammonia). :D

    1. I'm not sure if anyone likes slugs Beth, they are pretty slimy ugly things.
      I hope to make my snail bright and colourful.
      Apologies for my late reply to your comment but I'm trying to catch up after being away for the weekend.
      I hope you enjoy a creative week.

  10. OMG, she's just the cutest thing, you're so lucky. Maybe you should paint up a "feast - escargot" sign just for the owls? Oh, and I feel your pain about what to paint. I'm so looking forward to painting all the veggies Trace tells me to. Inspiration is a-commin!

    1. Now there's a thought Jenn, but I would feel guilty sentencing the snails for a gruesome end. I don't mind if it happens... that's nature but to put a flashy sign might be crossing the line a little.
      Hmm... veggie painting isn't exciting me but then I haven't done it with Trace yet. I know it'll be fantastic and probably set me off on a completely new meme.
      Not long now... I seriously need to get my shopping sorted. I still haven't done that yet!
      Tail-end Charlie strikes again. Have a great creative week ;D

  11. I'm not a snail person either but like the detail of yours! More partial to your puppy dog pal. We don't see hedge hogs here so it's neat to see this one.

    1. I'm not sure many are snail people other than escargot fans Diane,
      I couldn't resist posting the photo from my sister. I haven't seen hedgehogs for years. The last time was when my hubby collected my children's toys from the garden and picked up what he thought was a cuddly toy. You've guessed it... it was a hedgehog.
      My kids are now 30 and 23, so you can tell how many years ago it was since our last sighting.
      Thanks for your visit... have a great week ;D

  12. Ooh, great snail in the making! And Muffy ... too cute!

    1. Hehe... yeah she's cute... and sharp as mustard Rose ;D
      I hope to carry on with the snail during this week. Hopefully it'll be a colourful critter when I've finished.
      I'm hoping to do a good PR job for snails.
      Enjoy your week

  13. Looks like you've got a lovely scenic spot for painting and a cute little companion too! I know how you feel about not knowing what to paint, sometimes I'm itching to create something but I don't know what it is, then I get stuck!

  14. It does crack me up that mufty sits up there... And love the snail... I kind of want one of those things for your tea cup now don't you...xx


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