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Friday 15 October 2010

Wet Walkies

Muffin thought it was a good idea to go out into the pouring rain for her walk today. I did warn her it was near torrential out there but she still insisted.
I'm not sure she felt the same once we were out there though....
To think that for most of her life she hardly saw two raindrops join together

On to the drying process....yet again. We seem to be doing this on a regular basis here in Melbourne these last few months. But help is at hand, I've booked the groomer so at least a teddy bear cut will shorten this performance

She knows the process.....

One bonus is that Muffin loves the hairdryer. She often comes into my bathroom when I'm using it to have a quick blast. I think she may be reminiscing about the hot breeze or the warmth of the Middle East.

Don't worry Muffy hopefully the Melbourne weather will change....give it five minutes, it usually does.

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