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Wednesday 1 June 2011

'Water For Elephants'...Girls Movie Night

 Brrr....this morning we woke to really cold temperatures here in Melbourne. I heard reports that it was only 3 degree's! But there again it is the first day of winter. The funny thing is that its supposed to reach 19 degree's later??? Crazy.....I wouldn't doubt it though, because you learn to expect anything here, weather wise. At least Muffin walked at a brisk pace trying to keep warm on our walk. Yes, I know I could have put her coat on, but sometimes you can grow old waiting for her to finish checking everything along our walk.

So it was good to get the blood flowing, especially after having a great night out last night with a few girls from our book club. We went to the cinema to watch 'Water for Elephants' We have read the book by Sara Gruen and thought it would be good to review the movie at the same meeting when discussing the book.
As you can see I purchased a copy on my Kindle. The vintage photographs were such a pleasant surprise too, but then I've always loved old black and white photo's.

I loved reading the book on my Kindle, especially at night with the little light.
I fell in love with 'Rosie'. I think she was definitely the star of the movie too. 
The Kindle is certainly proving an asset with my book club recommendations, although as I've mentioned before, I could never completely replace real life books. I just love books!
But with using the Kindle, I can now read so many more and then decide whether or not to purchase a copy for my bookcase.

I've always had a soft spot for h'efalumps (as my daughter used to call them)
Here's one little family we've had since 1994....I know elephants have a good memory unlike myself - I only know we've had them that long, because they have the date on them ;-)

From left to right let me introduce the family.....Melody, Marigold and Mum Elsie and Dad Lenny.
I'm really not so sad that I name my ornaments - I only know their names because they have them under their foot!

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