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Saturday 2 February 2013

Giveaway Prize Draw...and the winner is....

'The Party's Over' (as the song says) but it's not quite time to call it a day....sadly I didn't get to meet everyone at the Grow Your Blog Party...I obviously took too long chatting to just a few interesting people and my time ran out! But thankfully the invites are still there, so I'll continue to blog hop about for the next few weeks....
But let's get onto the exciting bit...the giveaway draw for the 2013 calendar. 
Mufftypup was bathed and groomed within an inch of her life, which unfortunately just happened to be on a day when the temperature dropped and the rain came! 
As you can imagine she was not amused and if looks could kill, I would have been six foot under. 
She just kept staring at me whilst shivering...so much so that in the end I gave in (don't I always?) and had to put on her new Aran jumper (which was a kindly sent all the way from Canada from Jenn's Mum over at Just add water silly....which I didn't think would be worn until next winter) 
Eventually the shakes subsided.

Here's Muffy modelling it....isn't it fantastic! 
Jenn was very crafty in gaining Muffy's measurements so never underestimate that lady's sneakyness but all  for a good reason and her Mum's knitting is fantastic! It fits perfectly....

I then had quite a time convincing the 'Diva' to come out of the 'Green Room' (namely her bed) for her big screen performance...her public were waiting after all!
She insisted she needed more time to prepare, but finally hunger pangs and the prospect of fresh chicken treats lured her out from the cosy confines of her bed.

 So without further ado let's get on to find out who the lucky winner is.....
Drum roll please....and the winner is.....

 CONGRATULATIONS goes to Linda, Jackie and Boo
I'll be contacting you soon for your mailing address. 

So Mufftypup decided not to pick just one name out...she picked THREE! 
I knew she'd get me back for that bath earlier!
But don't dispear if you didn't win because you can still get your 2013 calendar over at my Etsy shop...at a bargin price! See my sidebar for details....

As you can see...it all became too much and a serious snooze was in order...or was the full tummy a contributing factor? It's tough at the top! ^..^
Autographs later please (or should that read pawprints?)

I need a lie down myself after all these shenanigans!

I never got to visit many people at the party or certainly not as many as I would have liked, so I'll apologise right here if I missed you. But never mind as I may well turn up at your place sometime over the next few months.
Once again just a huge thank you to Vicki for organising this event. 
Why not nip across to Vicki at 2 Bags Full ...you'll love it I'm sure.

Thanks also to everyone who visited me here whether you became a follower or not, or who just nipped in but was too shy to add a comment. I appreciate your visits immensely and hope you'll continue to pop by.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone. 
The sun's shining here so I'm off to make the most of it!



  1. you are SOOO lucky that we don't live closer, mom would be in your backyard with chicken in hand, bribing muffy to come with her, hehehe. I don't want mom to go to jail for muffy-knapping.

    Cutest dog ever and the sticky paw was brilliant. Muff and you should take a bow!

    1. LOL...I have a BIG lock on the gate and a VERY high fence Jenn,
      How fit is your Mum??? ;D

      The trouble is I know that Muffy would go willingly, even though she's so pampered here ^..^ she's that fickle!

      You have no idea how long that whole process took...even the collating and cutting up of entrants alone.
      I'm so in awe of the big movie makers and directors! My two minutes worth was quite enough :$

      Have a great weekend and I'll see you at your place soon xoxo

  2. Congratulations to all winners! Diva worked really hard, hugs to her.

    1. Hi Evalina, I think she was well rewarded for her efforts (hehe) ;D
      I'll certainly pass on your hug though.
      Thanks for entering the draw and hopefully next time I have a giveaway you'll be lucky!

      Enjoy your weekend :D

  3. Just seeing Mufftypup pick my name was a reward in itself. I'm so excited that she picked me. Thanks so much. I'll email you my info.

    That is on darling dog.

    1. Yay Boo...'CONGRATULATIONS' once again! ;D

      Thanks for coming back to me so swiftly...I'll be heading to the post office first thing on Monday morning!

      I hope you enjoy your prize as much as I have had in creating it :D
      Have fun for the weekend whatever else you have planned...enjoy!

  4. Oh well, I didn't win, boo hoo, but watching this cute video was just as fun as winning! Muffy is precious indeed. I plan on visiting you often.

    Have a great weekend,

    1. Oh I'm sorry Maggie...even after she picked three names and not just one, she sadly didn't pick yours :(
      But I'm so happy to hear that you'll forgive us and still come visiting. It will be lovely to have you pop in!

      Enjoy your weekend too :D

  5. Nessie
    Thanks for your e mail I have relied
    The video was so funny
    So looking forward to my calendar
    Thank you

    1. Hi Jackie,
      Yep I got your email so the calendar will be on its way to you on Monday.
      I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating it! ;D

      Have a fantastic weekend and once again congratulations. :D

  6. Congratulations to all the winners. Muffy was adorable in her debut. I see red carpet in her future.

    1. Oh please don't give her any ideas :$
      She's bad enough already! ^..^

      Enjoy your weekend and I'm sorry you didn't win...I'd have loved to be able to send everyone a calendar, but maybe you'll be lucky next time I have a giveaway!?!? ;D

  7. congrats to the winners... Enjoy!! Well what can I say about the diva (mufftypup) she is sooooooo cute in her new sweater..Love her film debut... Have a great weekend.. Hugs May x x x

    1. I'm sorry that Mufftypup(diva dog) didn't pick your name out May, because she knows you have a soft spot for her...just typical eh? She's so fickle!

      I'm glad you enjoyed the little film clip because it may be her last! There's far too much histrionic's and contract waving for my liking. LOL

      Have a fantastic weekend too. See you soon xoxo

  8. Yay, what an absolute diva star she is, and all the chicken was well deserved. Well done to the winners, how lucky are YOU?!!
    Looks like you're in for a fine bright day neesie - enjoy :0) Mo x

    1. Hello Mo,
      Well she did pick out THREE names and not one as instructed...but then when has she ever done what I tell her?!?!?
      I'm so that you didn't win...maybe next time? ;D

      Yep you're right about the weather today, it is lovely although we had showers first thing but it's strange because when you haven't seen rain for a little while you treasure it!

      Just wish Muffy would wear wellies! ^..^

      Have a super Sunday whatever you get up to...have fun :D

  9. Congratulations to the winners and well done Mufty - what a clever doggie.
    Ann B

    1. Hello Ann,
      It's amazing just how clever she can be with a full dish of chicken on hand! She'd possibly even have an 'ology?

      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by...it's always great to see you.
      I'll return the compliments as soon as I can. :D

  10. Well, I'm in awe. Lots of people do draws for their giveaways, but no-one does it like you and your little canine companion! :-)

    1. Hehe...thanks Mark,
      I'm glad you enjoyed our little production.
      It was quite a task I have to say (I was even the cameraman too) and therefore it may be some time before we revisit a giveaway!
      Or the alternative of picking a name out of a hat might be an easier option? ;D

      I hope you have a great week ahead and thanks for stopping by :D

  11. Love Muffy's jumper.

    kind regards from YokkoBears

    1. Thanks...it is cute isn't it? ^..^

      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by my place :D

  12. Thank you so much for your lovely comment about LillyBo Quilts. It's so lovely how kind people are!
    Mufty is so sweet! ann's Sorrell is too and I'm pleased to see him now and again when we met up at workshops before her DH takes him home for the day!
    Jo x

    1. It was my pleasure to visit you Jo and to see what LillyBo Quilts was all about. It is such a worthy cause and I hope you get masses of quilts.
      I'm just sorry I don't sew!

      Thanks for popping back to me. I did note Sorrell on Ann's blog and thought there's yet another little cutie who probably melts the heart!

      Have a wonderful week. ;D


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