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Monday 14 April 2014

Happy Blue Monday...Bee Mats and Tractor rides

So the weekends done and dusted...I blinked and it was gone.
Although it was full on, I did manage to squeeze a few new activities in. 
Some that even surprised me!
The sun came out to play along with a very keen wind, but that didn't stop us getting out into the garden. There's lots to get on with so time is of the essence.
I've had plans for a wild flower section in my garden since we returned to the house, especially after hearing that bees are in serious decline.
Apparently 50% have been lost through disease, loss of habitat and intensive farming. Planting wild flowers makes a big difference to bee survival. So I wanted to do my bit.
I bought a bee mat on one of my Garden Centre visits, so it was time for action.
 The site for the wild flowers is right at the edge of the garden under the silver birch trees. The BeeMat is a 200cm x 50cm ready seeded, biodegradable mat that contains annual, biannial and perennial species of wild flowers that are a great source of nature and pollen for bees including: Common Knapweed, Greater Knapweed, Golden Rod, Vipers Bugloss.
As you can see I've picked a sunny sheltered spot as instructed. 
Cultivated the ground and removed the weeds (well sort of)
I layed the mat over a level smooth bed of soil and covered the fleece with sand and compost. I then watered it and now I wait! 
I'll certainly let you see how it progresses...hopefully we'll have a beautiful wild flower area buzzing with activity soon.
Talking of activity...you are never going to guess what happened to me whilst I was in the middle of cooking our Sunday Roast!
As is my want...I am constantly looking for photographic potential even when I'm not aware that's what I'm doing. So when I caught sight of my local farmer busy ploughing a nearby field, I grabbed my camera to capture a shot. 
Unfortunately Sunday wasn't as sunny as Saturday as you can see by the heavy sky in the photo below. 
I missed a fantastic photo only a few weeks ago, whilst out walking with Muffy. The sun was shining onto the blades of the plough, the excitable seagulls were squawking whilst taking flight until the tractor passed and the soil looked like treacle it was so dark and rich. 
Why did I miss the photo do I hear you ask?...because I'd left my camera at home...which is like loosing a limb, especially when you see a shot that you know would be special. 
Anyway...here's the shot I did get (very disappointing but you have to move on)

I had asked the farmer if I could take his photo before I started snapping and initially he just sat there but then I explained that I wanted to shoot him working, so off he went. 
(Just a little note here...he was wearing blue but you can't tell from this shot...and why am I telling you this? I'm linking up with Blue Monday that's why...hence the blue bee mat above hehe)
Anyway, back to my story if you haven't nodded off or have a more pressing engagement to attend...
As he came nearer to me precariously perched upon the bank of the lane trying to avert the barb wired fence he shouted "would you like to have a ride" 
(cough...cough...okay I'm editing here because I know that that sentence could have lots of connotations...but we'll move on quickly...)
So how could I refuse...off went my apron into the hedgerow (don't forget I was in the middle of cooking) and over the gate post I vaulted! Well maybe not quite a vault but I was impressed because it's been many years since I did that. I was giggling to myself thinking the boys were in the house watching their football team (in a crucial match) and would be oblivious to what I was up to. I also laughed when I looked down and realised I was still wearing my slippers! 
I had to take a photo as evidence to prove that I was indeed ploughing a field in the middle of mixing the yorkshire puds! They'd never believe me!

I was able to ask the farmer lots of questions...about the area and why/how he does what he does...which was like starring in my own 'Country File' programme. 
After as I ran back up my driveway I heard the roar of the crowd...well my two boys shouting at an obvious goal in their teams favour. It can be quite deafening if you're in the house, so I waited until full-time to ask them what they thought I'd been doing and that they'd NEVER guess and imagine their shock when I pointed to the field and said I'd been ploughing and showed them my backed of photographic evidence! 
The farmer says he'll let me have a go with his Combine Harvester when the time comes...so we set up a sign language for a cuppa if he was working near again. 
I did mention that I'm waiting for the lambs to arrive in the back field, but I'm not sure about his answer...his accent is extremely broad for a newie like me to follow. 
So we'll have to wait and see. 

Happy Blue Monday to you all...
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Have fun! 


  1. now thats a day to remember!!!!

    1. hehe...it was indeed Laurie and one I'll not forget for a wee while ;D

  2. I've never heard of a bee mat -- that's a great idea! I think I'll see if I can find it here in Texas. One of our neighbors has a bee hive in an old tree in her front yard -- apparently it's causing some danger... I don't know if they are going to get a bee removal company to deal with them or what, but I hope it's humane. Funny about the farmer and helping him plow!

    1. I think the idea of a bee mat is quite new. I could have planted some seeds in a tray and then transplanted them, but I thought the mat was a good idea and that I would give it a go.
      I think a bee removal company will probably just disturb the nest and move them on so they will find a less inconvenient stop. Maybe the neighbour could purchase a hive and they could then live there and the reward would be they could collect their own honey ;D
      I've been thinking about having a few bee hives myself...they have bee keeping associations here which help set you up and give advice.
      There's talk of chickens too, but at the moment my cup runeth over with renovations.
      It was such a bizarre thing to be in my kitchen one minute and the next out in a tractor! I couldn't stop giggling to myself all afternoon.
      Thanks for your lovely comment...have a great week whatever you get up to.

  3. Never heard of a bee mat but it looks neat. I have to say that it sounds like you are having TOO MUCH FUN with the Farmer and all. Your DH had better watch out, LOL!


    1. LOL....my DH wouldn't notice if I had a marching brass band come through the kitchen to whisk me away whilst his football team were playing Darla! ;D
      He might notice my disappearance once the final whistle blew but not during the match.
      I'll be sure to report on the bee mat no matter if it's a huge success or a complete failure. It'll be interesting to see.
      I've planted a lot of wild flower seeds into another boarder just in case.

      I'm not sure about the TOO MUCH FUN with the farmer but it certainly was unexpected for sure!
      Have a great week and make sure you have fun too. xoxo

  4. Hi Nessie,

    Hm, I'm pretty sure I can see that BLUE hat.

    I've never heard of a bee mat before, so thanks for the education.

    Have a Happy Blue Monday and an excellent Easter celebration!

    1. Hi Sally,
      Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment but it's been a busy week so far but then what's new? ;D
      He was wearing a blue sweatshirt and trousers too...plus then there's the blue-ish sky.
      I hope you had a great Blue Monday and I wish you and yours a wonderful Easter

  5. I could see you taking off your apron to jump at this opportunity at great and unusual pics:):)

    1. Oh you know me so well Jeannette, hehe
      I just can't help myself! ;D
      Have a fantastic week and thanks for stopping by

  6. What a day! I admire you for doing all that. :) Girl power! ♥

    I'm here for Blue Monday. Here's my Blue Monday post; Me as The Tour Guide

    1. Thanks Marie...it was a lot of fun ;D
      I hope you enjoyed your Blue Monday and your week is a good one.

  7. Such a pleasant post to wrap my evening up. I missed sharing my link but still put my blues up. Happy to visit and thanks for sharing. Nice photos.

    1. It's my pleasure ;D
      Thanks for leaving such a lovely comment. I'm glad you enjoyed the post.
      Have a great week and I'll pop by your place soon

  8. Now that's the Nessie we dearly love! :) You go girl...right over the pickets hey?! Oh I would of loved to be a bee and seen that. giggle giggle

    1. Aww bless you Nan...I'm blushing ;D
      Have you ever seen someone vault over the horse in a gym class...well I WASN'T like that! Ha!
      I was chuckling to myself when I realised I was still in my big fluffy winter Ugg slippers. I wouldn't mind if I'd been wearing my new red Hunter wellies. I'd have looked the part. Maybe next time? hehe
      Have a great day xoxo

  9. Denise,
    This is the most exciting of all your blogs that I've read. I can tell, you and I together would get into a lot of trouble. I'd love to go for a ride on a farm tractor. You are very clever to take the photo as proof!! Well done.

    1. Really Boo? Then obviously I haven't posted some of the things that I've got up to ;D
      I very often get into trouble...in fact my family very often shake their heads at my antics!
      A tractor ride is something that I've often thought I'd like to do, so when the farmer invited me...what else could I do?
      As I was sitting there giggling, I thought no-one is going to believe this so I'd better take a photo.
      I can be so switched on at times I frighten myself !

      Have a great day and I'll visit you soon. xoxo

  10. Fabulous post, love the slipper ride... But madam you must not get into cars/tractors with strangers (lol) you wee rascal...you will start up the village whispers......Glad you enjoyed it!! Hugs May x x x

    1. Oops sorry May...but I was hoisting myself up into the cab before I knew it!
      I think the villagers will be more than whispering about the new arrivals...with skips, scaffolding and slates flying about!
      It's amazing that it all happened between the roasted tatties and yorkshire pud prep!
      Hugs to you too.

  11. What are you like!? I was very impressed with your bee mat to begin with, but then reading on and finding you in a tractor with your slippers on, well, I was super impressed by your coolness in such matters! I did giggle at the thought of your boys engrossed in their footie whilst you were ploughing a field! Hahaha You have risen in my guestimation, to the ranks of, 'Fearless Femme Farmer'! (whatever that is, lol) AND you'e going to get a shot on a combine! One of my all time favourite farm machines (oops! did I admit that outloud?) :O SO I am green with envy too :p
    Hoping to see pics of lots of bees swarmig around your wildflowers in the Summer months and, who knows, you may get a hive or two and have your own Wildflower Honey to market too :o))

    1. Hehe...I'm glad you're impressed ;D
      Next time I will hopefully be wearing the right attire...ie my red Hunter wellies not Ugg slippers!
      I think I like that Fearless Femme Farmer title though...hehe

      Hey...it's an amazing mat because it hasn't even sprouted yet and I saw three bumble bees in the garden yesterday!
      Now that's impressive (buzz buzz)
      I'm not sure I'd be brave enough to have a hive, but we do eat a lot of honey in this house...especially my hubby and son, so maybe I'll have to get one and delegate the job of looking after them. I must admit Wildflower Honey has a certain ring to it.

      Great to see you again and thanks for leaving such a lovely comment.
      Enjoy what's left of the week

  12. Only you Neesie, only you!! Love it.

    1. Who me!?!?! ;D
      I thought it would give everyone a giggle
      Wait till I tell you about the builder asking me to get my fluffy first thing this morning....(he meant the feather duster of course) but we couldn't help but burst into laughter even at 7am in the morning!
      I hope all is well with you and yours...I'll nip across as soon as I can.
      Just trying to catch up on my replies first.

  13. Hey Neesie - oh the mischief you can get up to whilst the Football is on! All you need to do is buy some ready made yorkshire puds at Marks and Sparks, in fact if you're clever buy the whole Sunday Roast and then you've got (well if you include the pre-match & post match commentary) well over two hours to yourself. Keep your pinny on for respectability though!!
    Wren x

    1. Hehe...you have no idea what mischief I can get up to Wren.
      With the way the football is at the moment I could fly off to NY and they wouldn't notice I'd gone never mind a tractor ride! ;D

      Ready made yorkshires...well now they might notice that! My yorkshires are well renowned so I don't think I'd get away with that even if they were M&S.

      I'll take heed of your advice though with reference to my respectability...the pinny will stay on no matter what! ;D

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment and making me giggle.
      Enjoy your day xoxo

  14. So glad you had concrete photographic proof for them! How exciting. A few more rides with the farmer and maybe you'll get the hang of his accent and be able to find out about the lambs. ;) What fun! I would have loved to see your slippers on the tractor--LOL! :):)

    1. I did contemplate taking a photo of my slippers whilst sitting in the cab Rita, but I thought the farmer would think I'd flipped as I'd already been stalking him whilst he was working balancing in the hedgerow!
      I must admit I had to concentrate on his accent but I got the gist that he was going to plant barley into the field and that he was buying ewe's with lambs. He hasn't had lambs for a few years now. So I'm hopeful that we might yet see some in our field.
      Thanks for visiting once again...I hope your week is going well. I'll pop across as soon as I've caught up with my replies.

  15. awesome post Neesie p[lease remind me to pop back and see 1 the bee mat in full flower and 2 the combine harvester at work.. see how blogging hcanges your life??
    ... you keep thinking mm, now that would look good on a post and off you go :D
    God's blessing on you and those you love this Eastertime, Shaz in oz.x


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