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Wednesday 13 August 2014

WOYWW... What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday? #271

After the torrential rain and gales that have been blowing a hoolie here over the last few days, I'm surprised that I've managed to drop by for WOYWW without being swept clean past! 
'Bertha' the ex-hurricane has delivered her best (or should that read worst?) but thankfully we've escaped quite well in this part of the country considering. 
I have to say I'm a little stunned that the calendar still says it's August with the weather we're experiencing. So much so that I've actually checked it numerous times just in case a few months have slipped by without me noticing. 
There's even talk of autumn but I'm just not going to listen, as I'm not ready for that... 
not yet anyway. 

So onto my desk this Wednesday which is what Wednesday's are all about... 
WOYWW (What's on your work desk Wednesday, for anyone that doesn't know). 

I suppose it seems fitting that I'm working and painting a woolly cow this week. 
A highland cow to be precise. 
Everything seems to be wrapped up for coziness right now, so why not the cattle too?
    I'm still working from my kitchen table and probably will be for some time to come.
It's safer for starters as the studio doesn't have one ounce of space clear at the moment. 
It's a hive of activity and buzzing like a bees nest with my daughter's Etsy shop taking off plus commissions coming in. It's all very exciting and I'm thrilled, although I seem to have acquired the job description of admin assistant and chief tea maker!
 I do hope there's a name badge at least...
Now onto 'Hetty' as I've now decided to call her. 
She definitely looks like a she doesn't she?
The paper has crinkled slightly but that's not surprising as I've had to round her up after every session, so that we can use the table. 
She's been wandering from shelves to worktops and at the moment sitting on our bread bin... which is no mean feat for a highland cow, I can tell you! 
As you can see, I've still got a lot to add to her, so I'm going to carry on now before the light or next storm cloud appears. 
If you'd like to see artists finished work then there'll be lots of desks to visit over at Julia's Stamping Ground
Click here

Have a great week and Happy WOYWW to one and all.
I'll be painting and watching 'The Great British Bake Off' tonight so I may be a little later visiting your desks, but I hope to get there eventually.
See you again soon


  1. Hetty is so cute. I can't wait to see her when she's finished. She has great balance if
    she can sit on a bread box. Do you have a field full of fluffy, furry cows. That would be so cool to see. I've never seen furry cows like that. Of course, they would be way to warm in Tennessee with that coat.

    1. Hehe...thanks Boo,
      I've managed to persuade her down from the bread box and added a little more to her. I've still pleased which is amazing for me.
      Your comment had me giggling and as I drove through the country lane this morning I tried to find Hetty's herd but they must be in their cosy sheds. It's been really rainy over the last few days.
      I'll keep an eye out for a field full and send you a copy.
      Watch this space as they say!
      Enjoy your day and I hope it's filled with lots of creativity xoxo

  2. Hi Nessie,
    Hetty is gorgeous, I could never draw a picture as good as that.
    The weather has been a bit extreme over the last couple of days.
    Chris #63

    1. We're still having wet and windy days here too Chris
      Where did summer disappear to? Hopefully it will return for an Indian Summer in September ;D
      Thanks for your comment on Hetty. I've been adding a little more to her this morning.
      I'm a little nervous every time I add more because up to now I've quite liked her. That's a rare occurrence with my art!
      I hope your week is going well and your weekend will be even better.
      Thanks for stopping by my place

  3. Hi Nessie,

    I think that name Hettie suits her really well and she does look like a girl. Wonderful news for your daughter too.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 67
    Happy WOYWW

    1. Hi Eliza,
      I just couldn't imagine Hettie being a Henry, so Hettie she is!
      Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
      My daughter says hi and thanks too ;D
      Enjoy your Thursday and sorry for my delay in replying but I've been coaxing a cow down from my bread bin! hehe

  4. Hi Neesie, thanks for the visit - I do love to be organised. LOVE your Daughter's work, really cool, she is very talented. Hettie the cow is gorgeous. Cx #68

    1. Hello there C,
      Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a lovely comment.
      I've passed on the bit about my daughter to her and she says thank you ;D
      Hettie has had more added to her coat this morning... it's chilly and wet here after all.
      I hope you're having a great day ~ enjoy!

  5. Superb painting. I got a toy highland cow when I was up your neck of the woods many moons ago they are delightful to see. Thanks for visiting me BJ#69

    1. I know they get me every time I see one too BJ.
      I think they're just that kind of animal ;D
      I hope you're having fun desk hopping and thanks for stopping by here
      Have a great day!

  6. A Highland cow..I live in Highland ;) We just got a good dosing of rain ourselves but not from a hurricane. We've not seen one of those yet and typically we get gobsmacked once or twice a season. Thanks for the popover and the cow is udderly adorable.

    1. Hehe... do you know that I noticed you lived in Highland when I visited you. What a coincidence ;D
      I've never heard of Highland before but now I know where you are.

      HA! Udderly adorable (giggle)
      Thanks for visiting my place and leaving a lovely comment.

  7. I love your Hettie! She's such a beautiful animal! I had to laugh at your 6 Copic markers comment on my post. That's what I started with! LOL! But the number just kept growing as I played! Thanks for popping by and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #58

    1. ...and she would probably love you too Carol ;D
      Aww... thanks for your comment. It's great to hear peoples reactions especially when it's so positive.
      Still only 6 Copic markers here, but there's hope if that's where you started.
      I don't play with them enough I suppose for them to grow into healthy numbers.
      I hope your week is going well...almost to the weekend Yay!

  8. wow, Hettie is just beautiful!! I'll be watching GBBO too, looking forward to it, but on athletics at the moment. Helen 3

    1. Aww thanks Helen,
      I'm late replying because I watched GBBO after Mo Farah's race and the athletics too.
      Then this morning I've been adding more to Hettie's coat. It's once more a rather wet yukky day for summer :(
      I'm hoping for an Indian Summer (fingers crossed)
      Thanks for popping by. Have a great day

  9. I love highland cattle, we even have some in our area, but I must say, Hettie is beautiful! Would like to see her when she is finished.
    Thank you for visiting!
    Gabriele 29

    1. I had hoped to post the final Hettie today but I'm not sure I'll manage it.
      We'll see anyway how the day progresses ;D
      The highland cattle are so cute looking.
      Thanks for popping over to my place.
      Have a fantastic Friday

  10. Just love Hettie she is delightful! Hope you have had a good (and dry) Wednesday. Cindy #57

    1. Aww thanks Cindy,
      The highland cattle seem to be a favourite of quite a few people. I must admit I like them ;D
      We've been both wet and dry this week but it's the cold that's the problem. It's August and we're hardly into double figures!
      I'm hoping for an Indian Summer for September
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope your Friday is fantastic

  11. I agree, your beautifully rendered highland cow appears to be a "she" with that flirty eye and sweet bangs. Congratulations on your daughter's new shop, which is looking marvelous. Blessings, my friend!

    1. Morning Arnoldo,
      Sorry to take so long to reply to your lovely comment but I've been trying to finish off the painting of 'Hettie' the highland cow. I still think there's lots to do so I won't be posting for Paint Party Friday.
      Anyway... thanks for taking a look at my daughter's new shop. It's all pretty exciting for her and it's also passing on inspiration to me too ;D
      Have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend.
      Thanks for visiting my place and I send you blessings too my friend

  12. now that's something every home should have .... a highland cow on the breadbin...... she is gorgeous... very friendly looking
    good luck with tea making
    janet #2

    1. Well I managed to herd her back onto the kitchen table for another session of painting but she's back up there again.
      It's not everyone that can have a cow balanced on their bread bin!
      I'm an expert tea making Janet... I get soooooooooooo much practice!
      Have a great day and wonderful weekend.
      Thanks for visiting.

  13. Hi Neesie, thanks for the visit. Love your cow she's very pretty. I think your weather has been a bit worse than ours, here in Lincoln we have had rain recently but not as bad as some parts of the country, fingers crossed LOL!
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x #44

    1. Hi Angela,
      I never thought a cow could be pretty but I agree with you... there's something about her isn't there. Hopefully I can carry on and retain that to the end.
      I managed to add a little more yesterday but she's still not finished.
      Dry here this morning but it's awfully cold. I've got visitors coming from Australia next week and I fear they will freeze.
      I hope your Friday is fun and the weekend even better ;D
      Thanks for visiting my place.

  14. Aww your moo moo is so cute and well traveled too. Shame you've lost your room already but wow is your daughter talented. I had a look at her shop and they are fabulous. She must take after her mum :)
    Have a great week, talk soon.
    Luv Von

    1. Thanks once again for a lovely comment Von,
      My daughter is thrilled with all the visitors and I'm passing on everyone's encouraging comments. She says thank you for favouriting her Etsy shop ;D
      I've added a little more to my moo moo (sounds a little rude but there you go) but she's not finished yet. Hopefully I'll add more today although I won't make PPF which is a shame.
      Anyway my lovely... have a fantastic Friday and wonderful weekend

  15. I love your Highland cow. Whenever I go up to Scotland I am so disappointed if I don't see at least one. Although I love the autumn I'm hoping we get just a little bit more summer first. Happy WOYWW!

    1. I actually saw quite a few highland cattle when we visited New Zealand which was quite a surprise, although it shouldn't have been because there's such a lot of Scottish influences, names and history there.
      I'm not thinking about the 'A.....' word. I need at least one more hot summer month before then ;D
      Happy belated WOYWW
      Enjoy your Driday and weekend.

  16. WOW what an amazing painting.

    1. Oh thank you so much Debby, it means so much hearing such lovely comments. I'm always a little unsure about my paintings. But having said that I'm actually quite pleased with this one.
      I just hope I can carry on without spoiling her.
      Thanks for your lovely comment and visit.
      Enjoy your Friday and weekend ;D

  17. Hetty is beautiful, what a fantastic talent you have - it's lovely to see paintings develop and I'm looking forward to seeing the finished Hetty! Thanks so much for stopping by my blog earlier, I hope you have a great week - with some summery weather fingers crossed!
    Diana #43

    1. I always like to see other artists paintings taking shape and what techniques they use, so I thought I'd bare all too. It's a little scary putting out unfinished work but there you go... the reaction has been lovely.
      I will post Hettie when she's done. I did a little more yesterday and want to do the same again today if I can manage my time.
      The sun's shining here Diana but unfortunately there's an arctic blast with it.
      Have a fantastic Friday and an even better weekend.

  18. Lovely painting Nessie. Hope you get a bit more summer before autumn arrives and can do a few more at the kitchen table.
    Thanks for visiting my site.
    Have a lovely week
    Gillian #34

    1. Hi Gillian,
      There's a definite fight between summer and autumn going on here just now, but I'm turning a blind eye to autumn. It's just too early for that.
      There's sun but there's also an arctic blast thanks to ex-hurricane 'Bertha'.
      Thanks for stopping by my place and I hope you have a fantastic Friday.

  19. I so enjoy seeing your creations when you post, it's always a treat for me and I quick open your site to see what you have going... but your Hetty is just so warm and I just want to touch her main of hair... can't wait to see her next faze you put her thru...
    Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words.

    1. Aww... your comment has made my day DottyA ;D
      I'm grinning from ear to ear because that's just what I'd like to think people get from visiting my little place in blogland. Thank you so much.
      Hettie has had another layer added to her cosy coat but she's still not finished. She's back on the bread box but hopefully I'll be able to entice her down for more tweaking today.
      Enjoy your Friday and I hope the weekend is wonderful for you and yours

  20. Hello Hetty very cute. You are very clever! At moment I'm sat in car waiting for another 'shower' to pass before trying to unload car!!! I want summer back! Thanks for visiting. Anne x # 33

    1. ME TOO Anne! I NEED more summer before I move on. I've got friends arriving next week from Melbourne (which is in the middle of their winter) and I fear they'll freeze!
      Bertha has left us with an arctic blast which I'm not impressed with. Thankfully the sun is peeking in and out so there's hope yet.
      Thanks for your Hettie comment and visit. I hope you've managed to get out of the car!
      Hopefully the sun will shine for you this weekend... if it does enjoy!

  21. I love your art and like seeing the wonderful old desk! hope things dry out there and you have some nice warm sunshine for the weekend! Hugs, Diane

    1. Hi Diane,
      Thanks for your lovely comment. I'm grinning like a Cheshire Cat this morning with all of the lovely compliments.
      The sun's out here this morning but unfortunately there's an arctic blast with it!
      Hopefully it'll change direction for the weekend but by all accounts that's not going to happen.
      I'm fearful for friends who are coming to stay. They've traveled from Melbourne Australia and although it's winter there at the moment, they may still be in for a shock with these temperatures.
      I'm getting the fires ready to light to keep them cosy.
      Just remind me... it is still August isn't it?
      Enjoy your weekend no matter what ;D

  22. Hi Neesie,

    Hetty the highland cow is very cute. I see she's had something good to eat and licking her chops!

    Congratulations on your daughter's success in her Etsy shop. Very cool!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (14)

    1. Well hello there Kay,
      Lovely to see you. I'm glad Hettie is proving to be a hit... even though she's only half dressed! She had to have lots of treats in order to make her sit still for her portrait ;D
      I'll probably need to give her lots more today to entice her down from the bread bin!
      Hopefully I'll finish her today although I've got a manic day ahead.
      Thanks so much for your comment on my daughter's shop too.
      I'm passing on all of my lovely visitors comments to her and she's thrilled and says thank you to each and everyone.
      I know I owe you a WOYWW email from the last time I posted, but I've still got you safe so will reply at some stage.
      I'll pop over to see what you're up to soon. In the meantime keep creating and pop the kettle on

  23. I love Hetty. I have a real soft spot for Highland Cattle, as I use to live in Scotland when I was a kid.

    Glad you survived Bertha. We had high winds, but nothing like some people and luckily no flooding.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 36

    1. Hi Sue,
      Highland Cattle can do that to you ;D
      I'm now wondering what part of Scotland did you live in when young. I've only lived here in Aberdeenshire and there's lots of places I've yet to meet.
      Yeah, thankfully we got off rather lightly with Bertha... although she's still affecting our weather. It really is chilly for August!
      Anyway I'm hoping for an Indian summer during September so fingers crossed.
      Thanks for visiting and I wish you a wonderful weekend ahead.

  24. Hetty is so cute... you gifted lady... I adore your art work...I hope you all dry out soon glad you all survived Bertha's tail end....Your daughter's art is amazing too... Loved her blog & shop....Have a great weekend ahead... Hugs May x x

    1. Now May don't make me blush again ;D
      Thanks for being so encouraging and lovely with your comments. They mean a great deal. I'm always a little nervous putting my art out there especially when it's incomplete. If I wait until it's finished I'd probably only post once or twice a year!
      Bertha has passed but we're suffering an arctic blast which isn't fun especially when you think it's August and supposed to be summer.
      Thanks for checking out my daughters blog and shop. It's all very exciting and I must say it's inspiring me to make more time for art.
      I hope you have a wonderful weekend to and let's hope that the sun shines
      Hugs to you too xoxo

  25. I think that Hetty is adorable! ♥ I admire her agility ;-)
    I hope this weather clears soon, I'm not ready for Autumn yet either.
    Have a good weekend Denise :-D xoxo

    1. She's amazing teetering up there ;D
      I herded her up yesterday for another layer on her coat and I'm about to try to tempt her down again after replying to everyone's lovely comments.
      Arctic blast blowing this way which I assume you've felt even before me.
      I think it's going to be a case of light a fire and get cosy even if it is August.
      Heaven knows what I'm going to do with Aussie visitors next week.
      Have a wonderful weekend too

  26. I love Hetty! So cute but not quite to the cuddly stage. Here in Oklahoma we don't have wooley cattle cause it is so darn hot most of the time. Long and short horns are the cattle of choice. Looks like your daughter is having a bang up time working on her goods. Glad the weather missed you! Have a great week. Vickie #75

    1. I think the summer weather missed us too Vickie ;D
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It's a wonder all of the cows here aren't hairy with the weather conditions.
      I'll hopefully get to the cuddly stage later.
      Have a great weekend too

  27. Who would of thought that a cow could be gorgeous but you have achieved a very handsome cow. Have a lovely week and I'm off to check the etsy store.
    sandra de @33

    1. Aww thanks Sandra de
      I'm going to add more to the painting now that I've managed to answer all the fabulous comments. I'm hoping I don't muck it up (cow terms are a must I'm afraid... I just can't help myself)
      Thanks for checking out the etsy store if you managed it. Really appreciate it and she's thrilled with getting a lot of brilliant feedback.
      Have a wonderful weekend


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