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Wednesday 27 August 2014

WOYWW...What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday #273

Today thankfully I didn't wake up next to a monster
Don't laugh because yesterday I did!
I turned to thank my hubby for my early morning cuppa and nearly dropped the cup.
Looking back at me was a red angry puffy slitted eyed monster.
Having someone look at you first thing in the morning and physically recoil from the sight of you, possibly isn't the best start to your day... or the fact that you have back to back meetings all day and look like you've been in the boxing ring all night.
But after anti-histamine and two days later he looks like he's just sleep deprived.
We're not sure what caused it... whether it was three excitable visiting dogs running throughout the house or the dust from yet more renovations.
Yep... we've moved into Phase 2 and this week we're changing all the radiators.
There are 18 radiators waiting to move in which means a little Pollifilla here, sanding there and a swish of paint in between. 

Anyway, I'm sitting here in the study on a 3C degree morning with the sun streaming through the window dreaming of hot showers and how long it might be before I can have one! 
I've lit the fire and I'm becoming increasingly cosy and comfy... at this rate I might not move for the remainder of the day, but before I forget I did promise that I'd show you my finished Highland Cow 'Hettie'
Yes, surprisingly I finished her and what's more I really like her!

(Painted using Daler Rowney Acrylic Artists Ink)

Here's my last WOYWW post that show's her in various stages of undress...click here

And below is a photo of a real HIghland Cow that I promised I'd take if I saw one on my rounds. 
I have to tell you that I did virtually everything to make her lift her head, but she was on a mission to consume as much grass as she could possibly manage before nightfall.

I haven't shown you my desk this morning because
1. My daughter is using it once more and
2. I've got my next drawing in the planning stage and it's a surprise.
I'll hopefully be able to show you that next week. 
If you'd like to see other artists finished work and their desks then there'll be lots to visit over at
 Julia's Stamping Ground. 
Click here to transport you

Have a great week and Happy WOYWW to one and all.

See you again soon

I've also linked up today with Jenn over at the Artist Playroom 


  1. Lovely pic of Highland cow and your drawing. Must a bit of shock the temperature drop. Francesca #33

    1. It's quite bizarre Francesca because we've had really horrible wet weather with low temperatures. We were all thinking that summer had left us but suddenly it's reappeared, but the temperature drops overnight with the clear skies.
      Thanks for your lovely comment. Happy WOYWW and I'll be across to see your desk soon ;D

  2. Oh dear your poor husband , glad he's getting better. A lovely drawing . Happy woyww Jill #16

    1. Yeah Jill, he's had lots of sympathy and thankfully is recovering now.
      I would have loved to see the reaction in some of those meetings seeing him coming through the door.
      Thanks for stopping by my place and leaving a comment.
      Enjoy desk hopping

  3. I do love those Highland cows, my Ex boss kept some in a field near his house, as pets!
    Jan x

    1. They are really cute and I can imagine having them just next to the house but I would need one that I could milk if I were to have a cow. We use so much milk I couldn't just have one that looked cute.
      Good to see you on the great desk hop. I'll nip across as soon as I can.
      In the meantime enjoy WOYWW

  4. Hettie is wonderful!! I hope your husband is back to normal by now. I think the next phase of our allergy season is approaching.... I woke up coughing and my eyes feel gritty.

    1. Aww thanks Boo,
      I hope you realise that I actually shouted 'STOP' when I passed a field on a very quite narrow country lane on our way out for a meal with friends... just to capture a photo of Hettie's friends for you. It's just unfortunate that she wouldn't play the game and raise her head for the quick photo shoot!
      Anyway, it's not really allergy season here so I think my hubby should recover soon. I hope so because it's scary waking to that sight! hehe
      Thanks for popping by.
      Have a great day hopefully without allergies ;D

  5. An amazing drawing, Neesie! Love the real thing too. I know how hubby must feel...been suffering bad allergies for weeks...tho his I'd say are probably from disturbing the old rads. Stay warm. Hugs and Happy WOYWW! Nan G #53

    1. Thanks Nan,
      I think the Highland cattle must be the most liked. They're very popular here.
      Thankfully I don't suffer from allergies but both my hubby and son do.
      The old radiators are out and the new ones in... so I'm just in the process of clearing up now.

      We're slightly confused on the weather front because it appears we may still have summer with us.
      I think she must have just been shy for a few weeks.
      Hugs to you too... happy WOYWW
      I'll be across soon so pop that kettle on ;D

  6. You did an amazing job capturing the Highland cow. Really like all the detail.


    1. Thanks so much Darla,
      As I say I'm quite pleased which is major for me ;D
      Great to have you visit. I'll be nipping over to see what's been happening in your part of the world soon.
      Have a wonderful Wednesday

  7. I love your Neesie Natters button - so cute! I saw your lovely drawing over at Mixed Media - it is fab! I hope your renovations go quickly and smoothly - I am thinking of turning the heat on here as it is sunny but chilly. I think summer is gone ;-( Happy WOYWW from Helen 52

    1. Hi Helen,
      Well, I had to squish her to fit in...so she looks a little strange, but I thought the photo was fun. I'm not actually sure that the button works :?
      We've actually had the heating on to test the whole system and new radiators, so we're in a sauna at the moment.
      It's really a lovely day here so maybe that Indian Summer might actually materialize ;D Happy WOYWW to you too

  8. Oh he is so adorable! You captured his likeness so perfectly. I have yet to see one of these cows in person, but would love to someday. Allergy season is here and I am a sneezy, and itchy mess. Hope it gets better on your end. Winnie#35

    1. Oh Winnie they are even more adorable in real life. I think all the hair makes them look so different than any other breed.
      Poor you suffering the allergies. We're out of the allergy season really so this came as a surprise... A BIG HORRIBLE SURPRISE! hehe
      I think we're over the worst now.
      Enjoy desk hopping ;D

  9. OH your poor husband! Allergies are the worst!! Your cow is amazing! LOVE the hair. YOu really did a great job! Hugs! deb

    1. As they say here Deb... it was 'nae sa bonnie' looking into his eyes! ;D
      I'm happy to hear you liked the finished Hettie. Her hair took quite some time but well worth it I think.
      Hugs to you too... have a great week

  10. Hettie turned out Lovely!!! She has a real look to her for sure, with the compare photo below her.....
    Oh my a monster first thing in the morning.... Yeks!!! Thoes meetings must have been the talk of the town... Poor Guy!! Glad to hear he's some better, hopfully by the weekend he'll be is sweet self again!

    1. Thanks so much DottyA,
      I think all of the Highland Cattle have a look about them. I took the photo after I'd started Hettie because someone requested to see the real thing.
      I suppose I can look like a monster some mornings so after 35 years we should be used to each other! He's not getting any more sympathy so he must be recovering. No dark sunglasses needed!
      Thanks for popping in to my place... have a wonderful Wednesday ;D

  11. Wow fabulous picture of the cow, such detail. I'm guessing installing radiators is a good thing, before the real cold weather comes! Though the present isn't ideal but I'm sure you will love that hot shower once finished!! Take care lovely. Zo xx 41

    1. Hehe thanks Zo,
      Radiatiors in (tick) heating checked (tick) showered (tick) so basically we're all sorted. I think we may be rather roasty toasty no matter what 'they' say about the bad winter that's supposedly coming our way.
      Have a great time desk hopping and I'll be across soon. Kettle on?

  12. Omgoodness Denise, Hettie is absolutely gorgeous! Bravo! From her hair to that amazing tongue; so adorable! I love her ♥
    Now, do tell, what will be her final fate? Enquiring minds need to know ;-)
    Have a great weekend ahead :-D ♥ xx

    1. LOL I guess you think Hettie's okay then? ;D
      For all enquiring minds, I'm open to suggestions as to where she might graze in future. She's mainly been balanced on top of the bread bin!
      Have a great weekend too... I think the weather is going to be okay (fingers crossed)
      Thanks for your ♥ lovely ♥ comment. You've made my day xoxo

  13. Such a lovely cow, well two actually.
    Have a great week and happy crafting , Angela x 34

    1. Thanks Angela,
      I hope your week ends well and the weekend is wonderful whatever you have planned. Enjoy ;D

  14. I don't think I've ever seen a Highland Cow. Love it and your painting too. I hope today was a better day and the radiator installation is completed soon.

    1. Oh I hope one day that you do get a chance to meet one Irene,
      They really are cute and sooooo hairy.
      Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
      Yesterday was a lot better and today started with a piping hot shower so it's all good ;D
      Have a great day

  15. I must admit not knowing you had been drawing a highland "coo" (yup, seen them in the flesh when in Scotland) I thought you were going to say that's what hubby looked like before taking the antihistamine :D ...
    Am off to peek a pre-shots, the end result is certainly impressive love the effect with the hairiness detail well done, oh 18raditors that is amazing .. we have one!! but we dont live in Scotland..are you in the highlands?
    Shaz in Oz.x #10

    1. Oh no Shaz, my husband looked anything but cute that morning. He looked like a prize boxer who was having a few bad rounds!
      I really enjoyed adding layer upon layer of hair for 'Hettie' it was very relaxing which I suppose with all that's been happening around here is ideal.
      Today I feel like an elephant... to draw I mean (hehe) ;D
      I don't live in the highlands but they're very close... in fact we were in the highlands over the weekend. I live in Aberdeenshire (at the moment!)
      Thanks for your visit and lovely comment.
      Enjoy WOYWW and I'll see you soon

  16. I'm in love!!! No not with your poor puffy hubby but with Hettie. You have done a fantastic job, she has so much character in her face and that hair is perfect. Aww, now I really want one of those cows, do you think she would fit in my back yard??? I think you made a mistake with your temperature, surely you left out a zero, it can't be 3 deg, that's not humane! I think 40 radiators might be a better plan or at least 5 per room. It's spring here next week, yay. Won't upset you with our temps :) Have a great week,
    Luv Von #15

    1. Well Hettie probably would love you back Von,
      I'd like one in my back garden too but I'd need one that I could milk. We go through so much milk in this house... but then chooks for the eggs and sheep to keep the grass down instead of cutting it once a week... so before I'd know it we'd be a farm!
      I'm afraid I didn't have a typo on the temperature. Oh how I wish I had, but no we're way down on the chart but thankfully not in the negative yet. You would be horrified if you could see out of my window today... in fact you can't actually see much with the very very low cloud and rain. Yukky!
      Time to light the fire and hunker down. I feel a drawing coming on so it's not all bad.
      Have a fantastic week yourself and I'll be across soon for a warm and a cuppa xoxo

  17. I love your highland cow. Can't wait to see whats next. Happy PPF!

    1. Thanks... there's a chance he might have an elephant friend if this terrible rain continues today.
      Happy PPF to you too and a great weekend ;D
      Thanks for stopping by my place

  18. Heetie is adorable and I agree we should get Maisie and Hettie great job on adding all the colours and texture to her hair to her hair.
    Your poor husband. Sometimes when my allergies get bad my eyes get swollen but they've never been to the degree that you describe.
    thank you for your visit it was nice seeing that you stopped by
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Kay (57)

    1. Oh Kay I'm so sorry to have gone awol for so long... today I'm working backwards to play catch up.
      It was great to have you visit and to read your lovely comment.
      I'm thinking there's been a few WOYWW but I hope you've had a great time desk hopping.
      Hugs to you too... have fun!

  19. Hello Neesie, I haven't been visiting in such a long time but I am back from my extended blog break. I have missed posting and visiting so much.

    Your highland cow is stunning. Love the tongue and his beautiful hair. Your talent for painting/drawing is awesome. Hope to see more soon.

    Have a wonderful week.

    1. It's great to see you Jeanne,
      I'm so late with my reply to your lovely comment that you can tell things have been a little crazy this end too ;D
      I'm blushing slightly from all your praise about my drawing/painting ability.
      I'm truly grateful.
      Have a wonderful week too.

  20. Glad hubby is better. You will be sitting pretty when all the new radiators are installed.
    LOVE Hetti!! And so cool to see a real one lunching. ;) Hope the workmen finish in record time. :)

    1. Yep, all fully recovered now Rita,
      It's been very foggy here lately but the temps are quite warm so the radiators are just sitting pretty. I'm quite looking forward to firing them up and getting all cosy.
      A good book and a comfy chair with Muffy on my lap sounds quite appealing after such a busy time lately.
      Have a great day and let's hope the sun shines this weekend. I'm fed up of fog!

  21. I just LOVE Hettie! yes, I agree, definitely female! She's gorgeous. - all cuddly - when the radiators aren't yet working! Hope the folk are getting them all in for you, and you are getting warmer.
    Trust your hubby is soon really better - what an attack!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #17


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