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Friday, 4 March 2011

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake...

This was a first for me today. Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake, but I have to confess its going to be a regular feature in my cake tin.
It's basically Madeira cake recipe that is separated into two bowls, good quality cocoa powder is folded into one and then the two mixtures are swirled gently together. It will keep for a couple of days in an airtight container or box, but can be frozen. Serve it plain or dusted with icing sugar; or if you want to be really indulgent....drizzle some hot chocolate sauce over the top.

You have to be careful when drawing the swirls that you don't overdo it because then you would lose the 'marble' effect.
I think it looks very impressive but its so easy

Yum yum...I better get out on my bike now to burn this off.
Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cake
225g (8oz) Butter, softened
225g (8oz) Caster Sugar
4 Eggs
2 tsp Vanilla Extract
225g (8oz) Plain Flour
2 tsp Baking Powder
50ml (1 3/4 fl oz) Milk
Scant 50g (2oz) Cocoa Powder, sifted
20cm (8in0 diameter spring-form/loose-bottomed tin
Preheat the oven to 180C (350F), Gas mark 4.
Butter and flour the sides of the cake tin and line the base with greaseproof paper.
Cream the butter in a large bowl or in an electric food mixer until soft.
Add the sugar and beat until the mixture is light and fluffy.
Whisk the eggs and vanilla extract together in a small bowl. Gradually add the eggs to the butter mixture, beating all the time. Sift in the flour and baking powder and fold in gently to mix, then add the milk and mix gently to combine.
Tip half of the cake mixture into another large bowl and, into this bowl, fold in the sifted cocoa powder.
Place the cake mixtures into the prepared tin by alternating spoonfuls of the vanilla batter with the chocolate batter, then with a skewer or similar implement, gently draw swirls through the cake mixture to 'marblise' it. Don't over mix.
Bake in the oven for 45 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the middle comes out clean.
Turn the cake out onto a wire rack and allow to cool.
This recipe came from Rachel Allen's 'Bake' and I can highly recommend you try it.
See more of Rachel's recipes http://www.rachelallen.co.uk/


  1. Hello, my name is Irina, I'm Russian but I live in Italy for many years, I'm always looking for new friends and new recipes from around the world. A pleasure to meet you and your blog. I sign up as your following, and if you want to reciprocate and follow of my blog, I'd be happy! A hug, and the recipes look. . .


  2. Hello Irina,
    I'm so happy that you like the blog and wish to be a follower. Welcome.
    I love to bake but sadly don't always get the time. I'll be visiting your blog soon.

  3. Wow- that cake looks delicious! Thank you for posting both kinds of measurements- my American measuring cups thank you!

  4. Trust me it was...and so easy. It disappeared within a day and I only had a slither when it first came out of the oven. I just can't resist the smell when its freshly baked. Obviously I had to try it, plus if its a new recipe its a must before passing it on to others, wouldn't you agree? That's my excuse anyway ;-)


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