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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

What the.....?

My son called out for me to come to the window to see this thing? What the....is it?

He says before I show you I should put an age restriction on the photo...and I have to admit its not pretty and took me a while to zoom in on the focus. Well, I suppose its not pretty to me, but then someone out there, maybe namely its mother might love it? There again?
It's like something out of alien vs. predator?
I'm not sure if its his house, shell, body or what? But he's carrying it with him and he's only using his first four legs!
I had seen what I thought was a leaf on the downstairs decking the other day and thought I'd sweep it off but never got round to it. Now I know it was this creature.....
So since then, this 'leaf' has climbed up from the ground floor to the first floor and along my windows (not so clean you may notice, but then we have had the wettest summer since records began - my excuse anyway).
Sorry I digress....and here's the close up.....
My son's laughing at me, even with typing this blog I've got a crinkly nose and a grimace on my face.
Not sure if I should knock it off or track where it's heading....I need to know what he's planning, hopefully not inside whilst I'm not looking!!!!

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