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Monday 14 March 2011

Melbourne Food & Wine Festival

Melbournians are besotted by food all year round, but the Melbourne Food and Wine Festival sees this obsession hit fever pitch during March.
It's now in its 19th year, and features more than 250 events and attracts the world's best and brightest food and wine personalities, both home-grown and from across the globe.
It runs from 4th - 14th March so unfortunately that's it for this year, but there's always next year to plan.
Thousands of food fanatics from Australia and around the world gather in restaurants, cafes, bars, laneways and on rooftops.
On Sunday, my other half and I went to sample some of the worlds culinary delights from Africa, Asia, and Europe to South America, and of course, Australia.

Nothing beats the smell, taste and sounds of food on the streets.

We went wondering through the crowds observing and smelling the wonders of multicultural unique experiences, before making our food selections.
This was the tricky part....how to taste and try so many varieties of tantalising taste bud treats.

This lemonade slushies stand had a constant queue - just perfect to refresh the taste buds on a hot afternoon.

I watched in awe as this chef perfected his four huge paella pans.

And what better to go with the paella than a glass of Sangria.

This stall was like a party all on its own...they certainly added atmosphere to the proceedings.

And talking of atmosphere....to accompany your food and drink selection, making the event even more delicious with the sounds of world music and entertainment.

I definitely will be planning the events earlier for next year. It really does take some homework to maximise this spectacular gastronomic alfresco prestigious calendar event.

But so worthwhile....make sure you highlight your calender.
You'll not be disappointed there's something for everyone's taste!


  1. Every year millions of tourists make advance booking for air tickets to Melbourne to attend the most entertaining festival of the city.

  2. Hi Sam,
    I can understand why so many tourists make the journey here. It's an amazing place. There's so much happening all year round but the Food and Wine Festivals are spectacular.
    I feel so privileged that I'm actually living here to indulge in as many events as I can.


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