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Monday, 10 August 2015

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

A few weeks ago I had a little trip to the RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park in Cheshire.
I've been visiting quite a few of the big Garden Shows since I returned to the UK.
If you've been following my blog then you might remember my trip to Chelsea Flower Show 
(click here if you missed it or would like to revisit Chelsea)
Unfortunately,the weather didn't really treat us kindly but it wasn't so bad that it stopped us from wandering around and enjoying all of the exhibits. 
I've visited Tatton Park a few years ago, but I didn't remember it being so big or having so much to see and do back then. It might have expanded over the years with growing popularity, or maybe we just missed some that year, but this year I was really pleasantly surprised. 
In order to save you time looking over masses of my photographs
 (especially if you are taking a peek over a coffee/tea break) 
I've collated some of them into collages to just give you a flavour. 
There's no way that I can do justice to the horticulturist heaven of a garden show, with it's masses of incredible variety of plants, enthusiastic experts on hand to give helpful advice and guidance if needed, and products to be seen and obviously bought whilst visiting the show plus what's available to eat and drink. 
I mean how can you convey the sheer volume of perfume that wafts and gently envelopes you 
as you enter the Floral Marquee. 
It just can't be done.
It's a busy day culminating in using all of your senses to the maximum and you certainly know you've had a good workout by the time you stagger through the exit heavily laden with all of your beautiful new treasures.
 Thankfully they provide a free courtesy car service to carry you and your wares back to your car. 
It's a brilliant service for numerous reasons... one if your like me and finding your car a huge challenge especially when you've just left it in a field... or in a deer park in this case. They also help load your car boot for you (which at this stage of the day could be your undoing) plus saving you traipsing through the deer park with your wheelie trolley dodging lots of presents left by the deer along the way!

For anyone who would like a 'she shed' or thinks they need to give their shed a lick of paint then this next collage is for you.
How fantastic are these little beauties?
It's a pity that the sun wasn't shining at this point (it was drizzling slightly) because the photo's don't do justice to all the work and effort in their designs. 
They were amazing.

One of the things that we've been mulling over is whether to become bee keepers. 
We have a fantastic area that is far enough away from the house but near the floral part of the garden plus lots (I mean LOTS) of wild flowers and grasses around our property before the farmland begins.
I think it would be a great hobby for my hubby as he loves honey.
In fact, we all do and I have to buy so much weekly that to produce our own would not only be interesting and possibly be a great new challenge, but it would also save money. 
And finally because the sun's shining and I want to get outside... 
here's my favourite purchase from that day.
I've wanted a weather vane for years and couldn't resist this beauty.
It was difficult to choose what design initially, but I think the pheasant feels right, especially as I hear and see them daily wandering around the fields nearby.
Oh I know whether the wind is blowing in from the North or from the South but I find the weather vane fascinating. Okay small things eh?
I'm easily pleased... bless.
Thanks to my son for modelling the weather vein so well by the way.

So I think that's about enough for today.
I hope you enjoyed our whistle stop tour of the RHS Tatton Park Gardening Show... 
but if you can manage to visit one show in your local area, I'm sure you won't be disappointed. 
It really is good to get outside and enjoy all that nature has to offer and even better if you can add a little something as a reminder of the day to your own garden space at home. 
Have fun and Happy Monday to you all.

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  1. Love everything you shared. The little sheds are just the best.

    1. Thanks LV, I had a lot of photo's to choose from which made it difficult to decide which ones to post. I think the shed's have been a huge hit!
      Have fun and thanks for visiting my place.

  2. Oh I wish I was there. I love the flowers. The potting sheds are great! Thanks for sharing these.

    1. It was my pleasure Lynn,
      I'm happy that you enjoyed your visit.
      Have a great week and thanks for popping into my place here in Bonnie Scotland ;D

  3. Hi Nessie,

    I've missed you! I really like those she sheds. Thanks for playing today.

    Happy Blue Monday!

    1. I missed joining in too Sally, it's been a rather busy summer for me but hopefully things will settle down now.
      I thought the sheds would be a hit!
      Have a great week and thanks for hosting this fun link.

  4. I love flower shows and botanical gardens. So much beauty to see. Love those sheds -- I think my resident blue jay would like his portrait on the side of shed! Happy Monday!

    1. Me too Snap, it can be a little overwhelming when there's so much to take in.
      Oh a blue Jay portrait would be fantastic... possibly the talk of the neighbourhood too. I'd love to see it if you do decorate your shed.
      Have fun this week and thanks for your visit and lovely comment.

  5. Hello Neesie, the garden show looks like a fun time. I love the cute painted garden sheds. And your new weather vane is pretty, I like the pheasant. Pretty flowers and images. Happy Monday, enjoy your new week!

    1. I've been to three garden shows this year alone Eileeninmd,
      The weather vein isn't in situ yet because we have clear away the site of his new perch. I'm really pleased with him and glad I chose the pheasant above the other designs. I'm hearing their call daily so it only seems fitting that he should have a high perch to peruse them all.
      Glad you liked the flowers and sheds. I hope you have a great week ahead and that's to popping over to my place.

  6. The flowers are quite beautiful but oh my those garden sheds are delightful!

    1. I know Donna aren't they delightful and this was only a snippet of them.
      Thanks for visiting and I hope you have a great week ahead ;D

  7. Hello Neesie, I have been MIA for way too long. I LOVE Tatton Park so much. The flower show is fabulous. I would not have minded seeing all your photos. I mean it. I belong to a garden club and our flower show in the county fair is coming up next month. Hard work but lots of fun.

    I have always wanted a weather vane as well. Love yours.

    Happy Blue Monday,

    1. I haven't been playing Blue Monday lately either Jeanne, so we're in the same boat.
      I love to take photo's and in one file alone I have over 1500+ now.
      I'd love to visit your flower show but I'm afraid it's a little far for me and I have been to three garden shows this year alone!
      The weather vane isn't in situ just yet but when he is... you can be sure I'll take his photo!
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.
      I hope you have a great week ;D

  8. I love outdoor garden shows and putting the photos into a collage is a great way to save them.
    My garden shed is rustic looking, nice inside and out but I'd sure like a mural of a bird in a garden on the side.
    Thanks for joining Mosaic Monday Neesie, I hope you'll come back.

    1. Me too Judith, I think they're great places to visit. Full of colour, perfume, ideas and inspiration plus you can bring away some special treasure for your own place.
      I think a mural on your shed would be lovely. If you do add one I'd love to see it.
      It was a pleasure to join your Mosaic Monday link Judith, I hope to visit again ;D
      Enjoy your week.

  9. Hi Neesie, lovely pics! I loved the collage of the sheds ... given me some ideas on how to pretty up ours :) It's a good few years since we visited the Tatton Park show. We lived nearby so started going from the first show but not managed once since we moved north. However, we are going to the Southport show next week - hurrah :) Elizabeth xx

    1. Thanks Elizabeth,
      It's fascinating to hear about the early in days of Tatton Park and I've often thought about visiting the Southport show, but with traveling so much over the years we were never home at the right time.
      I'm away this weekend so once again I'm going to miss it, but I have been to three already this year so I mustn't be greedy.
      Have a great week and thanks for popping into my place ;D

  10. Replies
    1. Thanks Erika,
      It was a great day out. I hope you have a fun packed week ahead.

  11. What a special place to visit and enjoy without the work! Thanks for the pictures Sugar!!
    Sandy xx

    1. It is indeed Sandy, although it fills you with lots of ideas and inspiration.
      So it can lead to lots of work.
      Have fun

  12. Hello, my first visit here to your lovely blog. I haven’t been to Tatton Park but I have seen it on TV, thanks for all the great photos. I would love to have my shed painted with birds like the one in your photo! I have thought about beekeeping too for some years, even though I live in the middle of London – but it’s possible to do it even in urban areas, it’s just taking the plunge and get started….will still be mulling over it for a while I think :-)

    1. Hello Helene, great to have you pop in,
      I've visited Tatton Park Gardening Show twice now and enjoyed it immensely. This year I've visited three so I've certainly got lots of my inspiration... I've just got to put in the hard work now.
      I think the decorated sheds were just delightful.
      I've seen and heard about people keeping bees in the centre of city's so plunge away. It's definitely on our plan but not sure when. It may have to be a retirement hobby?
      I hope you've enjoyed your visit and that I see you again.
      Have a great fun packed week ahead ;D


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