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Sunday 10 July 2011

Sleepy Suburbia Silence Shattered

What an eventful night that was....what with Muffin up twice spooked by heaven knows what? I couldn't hear, see or tell what was bothering her, but something was. Then an hour or so later, the door bell rang, although it wasn't the full ring, just the end dong! Very strange.... I'm telling myself its an electrical fault and not some neighbour playing a game, or spooks. This has happened a few times since we moved into this house, but always during the middle of the night. It might well ring during day, but I haven't heard it.
Then just as we were settling down again...ZzzZZzz .....my son arrived home from a party. Let's not say what time it was, but trying to negotiate the new key in the new door with the minimum sound didn't really work! What a surprise he got when greeted with a chirpy "Good Morning!"
And then to top it all off we were invaded......quite literally....by a huge flock of Cockatoo's.
It was like something out of the Hitchcock movie "Birds".

This only shows a fraction of them....roofs, trees, and grass verges were a mass of white. And boy do they chatter!
I would have nipped outside to get a better photo, but realised I was in my dressing gown.....
Not wanting to frighten the neighbours I remained indoors.

This conifer looked like a Christmas tree which is very apt for Australia in July (Mid Winter)

As you can see the weight caused some damage to a few branches.

Then one gave the signal and off they all flew to a crescendo of calls.....
I'm so thrilled that they came, even if it did start our Sunday morning a little earlier than planned, because I'd seen them a few days ago, but when I pulled over on the main road - not ideal - I realised that I didn't have my camera with me....Grr....
Never mind all sorted now....Enjoy your weekend ; )

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