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Friday 14 August 2009

Hairdresser's Mishaps!

Whilst sitting in the hairdressers plush state of the art chair yesterday, feeling very pampered and important, I couldn't help but reflect on the fact that over the years I've suffered for the art.

When a friend announced that she wanted to train as a hairdresser I inadvertently said "I'll be there for you and if there's anything I can do to help just let me know?" Little did I know that I'd be a captive audience and over the forthcoming months lose eyelashes from one eye (whilst having my fringe trimmed), also all the colour from my hair during a burst plastic bag episode having highlights which created a 'Sid Vicious' lookalike - not really the look you want on the night before your engagement!) and having to cut my hair from spiky rollers that refused all attempts to free them, to name but a few. Thankfully my friend decided that hairdressing wasn't going to be her new career, a collective sigh could be heard from every potential family member who had been her guinea pig.

I've also had cold water rinses in the Far East with head massages that extended to way down my back with head slaps - quite literally! And once in the Middle East the water stopped flowing which necessitated in an apprentice having to run to the nearby shop for bottled water.

So to sit relaxed and undeterred by my new hairdresser's idea's for styles surprised by my outlook "well if I don't like it - it'll grow again"... Little do they know I've shed so much already.

Tuesday 11 August 2009

Exerts from an Expat

Well, who would believe it?

I'm in my 20th year of being an expat.

Considering I never really had the urge to travel in the first place this is such a surprise!

(Middle East)

My annual holidays were enough to satisfy my curiosity about different continents, cultures and customs. How could this have happened? I don't remember making the definite decision to follow this lifestyle but I suppose at various times there must have been some agreement.

(South Africa)

My other half says "yes... but we've seen life" when questioning some of the destinations. This is true, but always seems to be announced when we've just experienced or witnessed a previously unimaginable sight, smell or event.
The fact remains that sometimes I think I'd rather not have seen that much 'life' up close and personal.

I'm not sure if this will be the final destination on the tour or whether there could be a few encores! But then I suppose thats the exciting part - not knowing what's coming next!


Hmm, I really wouldn't mind if I never see another packing box until my own personal one arrives.


We've just received our freight from two previous destinations which have been in storage for many years. The idea being that 'we' can finally edit our belongings, obviously we are talking the royal 'we' meaning basically 'me'!

(South Africa)

We are finally getting to declutter. Isn't this supposed to be a liberating, rejuvenating experience? Well, tell that to my cut and frayed fingers, black and blue limbs and the loss of our garage walls - now fully lined with the excess boxes.

I've just got to get through the emotional turmoil of making decisions on each box - whether its finally time to shed my children's baby clothes, school books, three boxes alone of photographs, and fashion statements that went out with the arc. Or are they retro now???


If theres any easy way of dealing with these major decisions other than we haven't needed or even known we still had these possessions then obviously we don't need them. I'd be interested in hearing from anyone out there?

Looking back at some of our photographs though, I think it may well have been all worth it!

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