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Sunday 17 December 2017

My Sunday Photo... Sparrowhawk

Oh how time flies at this time of year...which brings me nicely to My Sunday Photo today.
I finally managed to capture an image of the sparrowhawk that visits our garden from time to time.
It's been a tough week weather wise for all of the wild birds, with snow flurries and icy conditions.
Our bird feeding stations have had to be replenished daily.
Hence the regular visits from the sparrowhawk... who has been keeping a close eye on proceedings.
 Thankfully I've not witnessed any blood shed so far.
I'm surprised that I was able to capture any image as I just can't help but get very excitable when such a visitor appears.
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Happy Sunday everyone and thanks for popping by my place.

Sunday 3 December 2017

My Sunday Photo... Flummoxed Flo and the Finale

It's offical...we've waved goodbye to autumn and winter has arrived.
Well, it certainly did this past week with the arrival of our first snow flurry of the year.
As many of your know I've been away and so haven't really caught up with everything yet... but I hope to soon. I've got lots I'd like to share.

Today 'My Sunday Photo' is a finale tribute to autumn.
I have to admit I'm not an expert when it comes to wild mushrooms.
I'm far too timid to venture into tasting them, but feel I'm probably missing out on amazing foraging and possible culinary delights.
Maybe one day?
 I took these photos whilst staying at my sister's house.
These little beauties appeared on her patio.
It seems appropriate really as she is mushroom mad!
She has many dotted about her house too... the beautiful wooden carved ornamental kind.
She even has some that her talented son handmade for her. 
His latest project that he's currently on is making pens out of wood!
I'll have to write a post about his work sometime because they are beautiful pens.
But for now if you missed the snow pictures from my Instagram this week, (there's a link in my sidebar) I'll add this one.
Flo looking completely flummoxed by all that white stuff.
The other three girls are tucked in behind her.
They did eventually emerge once their breakfast caught their attention, but it took a lot longer than normal. Thankfully the snow has disappeared and the temperature has risen. 
It was nice to see, but I don't like it to hang around for too long.
It can come back for Christmas Day of course... but then that's it thank you very much!

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Have fun and don't get too stressed working up to the Christmas holidays.
Happy Sunday everyone and thanks for popping by my place.

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