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Friday 31 March 2017

An Eclectic Mix... PPF

Hello everyone... TGIF as they say, although the weekends are very much like the weekdays now.
It's been quite a busy stressful time here, with trying to get Muffin back to health. 
I've just come back from the vets yet again. 
We've been every other day for two weeks now, but we think we're making some progress.
No more trying to hide tablets in food... she sussed that one out very early on.
We now manhandle her and squirt the meds down her throat by syringe. 
It's a two man job which is quite unbelievable as she's only a mini shihtzu. 
Anyway, her weight has stopped dropping, so the 'roast chicken' and carbs with added sensitivity food seems to be working. 
Yesterday, she was more like her old self than she has been for weeks. 
I suppose this could be taken as my excuse for not having artwork to show you this week... but I have had a little play with the Muffin painting.
It's still unfinished, but hopefully I'll be able to spend a little more time on it soon.
They look a little scary with their staring eyes at the moment...but I feel this painting will be one that will be played with for quite some time to come. 
There can be so many layers added when hair is involved.

I thought I'd give myself a little treat and draw something that I can relax with... to lose myself in and my son came up with the perfect idea.
A Tiger!
I'm hoping you will be able to see the few pencils lines that I've used to get the dimensions.
I'll be using black ink to add in the details.
I drew a wolf a few years back for my son and so will keep to that kind of design.

Finally, before I leave you today I thought I'd let you see my Mother and Baby Giraffe A5 prints.
(They are available in my Etsy show...see button in my sidebar)
I'm still watching the Giraffe Live webcam of April and Oliver over at the Animal Adventure Park 
I can't believe that she's not had her baby yet... she looks like she's about to burst! 
Some people have been watching the live webcams every day/night since February! 
Hehe...I'm thrilled because I now have my own little herd! 

One more thing before I go... I must apologise to everyone that has visited me and left me beautiful messages. I'm sorry that I haven't been visiting everyone...but as I mentioned it's been quite a few hectic weeks, so please forgive me and I'll try to get to you soon.
In the meantime... have a wonderful weekend and I'm off to see the Paint Party Friday gang...why not join me...just click here

Wednesday 29 March 2017

Wordless Wednesday...Minnie

It's possibly appropriate that it is actually Wordless Wednesday, because words fail me today.
I should be attending a family funeral, but due to unforeseen circumstances I've had to miss saying a final farewell to a absolute legend, a beautiful, caring, inspirational matriarch who had a fabulous infectious smile that she would share with everyone around her.
In fact I can't remember a single occasion that I didn't see that smile. 
She would always make such a fuss of everyone who came within her radar... making them feel so special...but she was the special one.
She was quite a party animal too and would never (EVER) refuse an invitation for a get-together, celebration or party.
Such a beautiful person inside and out... but do not underestimate her... she was a incredibly strong woman too. 
(as her photo of  'The Don' above shows... do not mess with me) 

The photo below is firmly embedded into everyone's memory of her... she was so full of life.
This photo was taken when she was in her 80's!
What a giggle we had that night.
My ambition is to try to be like her and embrace life... enjoying every moment.
She celebrated her 94th birthday and plans were in order for a great 95th party.
Oh how she'd have loved that!
Today, there will be many people sad, emotional and tearful, but Minnie wouldn't have wanted that... she'd want to be the centre of attention providing everyone with her infectious smile and humour. 

You will be greatly missed
RIP Minnie 💖💖💖💖

Sunday 26 March 2017

My Sunday Photo...Happy Mother's Day

How to make someone feel special...send them flowers 💖

As usual I shall be linking up with My Sunday Photo
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with lots of smiles along the way.

Happy Mother's Day to all the Mum's past, present and future. 
Thanks for visiting my place and I hope to see you again soon.

Friday 24 March 2017

Today is Shih Tzu Day... PPF

As many of you will know, we've had a worrying time with our little ShihTzu Muffin. 
She's had three trips to the vets so far, 8 injections, three blood tests (that I know of) one scan and 3 x-rays to identify her weight loss problem. 
She was 4.6 kilos and had dropped to 3.7 kilos! 
Thankfully she's gained .1 of a kilo, so we're heading in the right direction now, but it's a struggle. 
(Her condition has been diagnosed as IBD)

We are still closely monitoring her and administering medication, which is a circus to say the least.
She's very much been the centre of attention over the last few weeks, so it seems appropriate that today just happens to be ShihTzu Day. 
Who decides these random days is a mystery to me, but it fits in quite nicely with both what's been happening here and in my current painting.
The last time I tried to paint Muffin was a little disastrous, so I thought after painting the giraffe that I'd have another go at painting an animal.
It's obviously a work in progress and I've got such a long way to go, but it's certainly different than my last attempt, so it shows I'm progressing in my painting.
Just in case you've noticed and are worried... there is smoke coming from the folly in the garden.
It's just my hubby busy burning off garden waste... hedges, leaves, branches etc.
The folly is an ideal place for such activities, plus it's well away from any washing!
The intention in that this painting will be to capture Muffy as a pup and as she is now.
(Apparently it was Happy Puppy Day yesterday!) 
I've not had much time what with all the vet appointments and trying to hide tablets and hand feeding.
(Never underestimate the sheer stubbornness of a Shihtzu when it comes to administering
medication... they are certainly switched on.
There's still masses to do on this one, but it's good to have it sitting there waiting for me to nip in and out of the studio. 
Here's 'madame' sitting enjoying some warmth on the studio windowsill, whilst I paint. 
It's a relaxing scene now after the shenanigans of medication time! 
I'm linking up with Paint Party Friday
If you'd like to see amazing art, then click on the above link.
I'd just like to say a huge thank you for all the lovely messages, prayers, positive vibes and kind words I've received over the airways.
I really appreciate each and every one of them.
Have a fantastic Friday and I wish you an enjoyable weekend.

Sunday 19 March 2017

My Sunday Photo... Flowers

Sometimes the simplest things can make me smile.

As usual I shall be linking up with Photalife 
I hope you are having a wonderful weekend with lots of smiles along the way.
Thanks for visiting my place and I hope to see you again soon.

Wednesday 15 March 2017

Mother Giraffe and her Baby Painting

It's been a very strange week, but one thing that has kept me sane (or as near to sane as I can be) has been completing this watercolour painting below... of a Mother Giraffe and her Baby.
I've intermittently been watching the live webcam footage of April, the giraffe who is about to give birth any day now, in the USA. 
She has quite a fan club and if you'd like to visit... click on the options below:
I'm trying to set up my Etsy shop once again and these cuties will hopefully appear in time for Mother's Day. 
If you'd like to see the painting from the beginning of the process, then click below:
I'll be linking up to WOYWW (if they'll allow me, because I haven't done that for quite some time)
Click here if you'd like to see more work spaces.
And because it's Friday I'll be joining in with the Paint Party Friday
Thanks for your visit and I would love for you to leave a comment so that I know you've been here.
Enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you again soon

p.s. For those that know Muffin hasn't been well and loosing lots of weight... the latest news is that I've just left her at the vet's once again for her scans, x-rays and investigations.
Can I ask that you use all your positive energy, prayers and thoughts to help Muffin recover.
Thank you

Sunday 12 March 2017

Flowering Gorse

Whilst out walking this morning, I took a few photos that indicates that spring truly has arrived.
It was difficult to choose which photos to pick for My Sunday Photo.
I decided the Gorse flowers, these yellow beauties are bursting into life along the country lanes. 
I hope you like them.
For overseas visitors Gorse is a large, evergreen shrub covered in needle-like leaves and distinctive, coconut-perfumed, yellow flowers during the spring and summer.
As usual I shall be linking up with Photalife 
Mersad Through My Lens
visit today and I hope to see you again soon.
Have a wonderful week.

Friday 10 March 2017

April The Giraffe with her baby... PPF

Can you believe it? 
There's not a feather in site in my painting this week.
I decided to give the current trend of bird paintings a little rest for this week.
Something else has caught my eye and if you live in the US, you may well be aware of April the Giraffe who has a live webcam in her pen, in readiness for her imminent birth. 

She's already given birth to four babies...so she seems to know what she's doing.
There is quite a few people watching now and some have even been watching since day one of the transmission. There's quite a community of people watching whilst chatting, but as with these things there's always the trolls trying to spoil it, but you can easily switch off the comments. 

So I thought I'd give April some attention myself and try to paint her with her baby.
Oh yes, and there's to be a naming competition. 
I'd prefer to see her out in the wild, but April was actually born in the captivity.
She even kissed her keeper this morning.
There's still such a long way to go on this painting, but at least it's allowing me painting time, because it's been quite an emotional week and I didn't want to paint initially.
We had to say another goodbye to a family member 
(I may do a separate post about her... because she was an exceptional and inspiring woman who was greatly loved and will be missed. 
She was quite a character too) 

 I've also been worried about Muffin.
She's lost quite a lot of weight so we're keeping a close eye on her... not that we don't normally anyway.
Here's a little clip of her walking through the woods... where you wouldn't think anything was wrong or that she was 13 years old!
She's got quite a swish on her toosh hasn't she? 

Today is Paint Party Friday's 6th Birthday, so if you can spare a few moments, then click here
I hope you have a happy day and great weekend.
Thanks for your visit once again and I hope to see you again soon.

Wednesday 8 March 2017

Wordless Wednesday... Muffin The Trail Blazer

Muffin had been decidedly off over the weekend... so much so that I was a little worried.
I decided to weigh her and instead of her usual 4.6 kilos, she only weighed 3.9.
Thankfully she's improved and is now eating once again.
I'm hoping that she starts to add on some weight now.
It was wonderful to see her traps off on her woodland walk.
She definitely looks like she's on a mission doesn't she?

(I recommend that you watch this clip on full screen
I hope you are having a good week.
Catch you later... I've got to keep up with this wriggle bottom!

Saturday 4 March 2017

My Sunday Photo... Where's Spring gone?

Today was a terrible day weather wise, so I didn't manage to get out and about to capture any spring-like photo's for My Sunday Photo.
Muffin knew where to find the best seat in the house.
This photo was taken in the late afternoon... hence the grainy dark image.
It sums up the day perfectly.
I'm sure that they'll be some bright sun filled photo's over at Photalife.com
Thanks for visiting my place and I hope the sun shines for you
Enjoy your Sunday

Friday 3 March 2017

Robby Red Breast... PPF

A very quick post today.
I'll maybe explain in a few days, but for now I'll just link up with the Paint Party Friday Link.
It's the sixth bird in my watercolour series.
It was obvious to me that I had to include a robin in my flock.
I thought I'd taken some wip pictures, but it appears I didn't. 
Apologies for the rush this week.
Thanks for your visit.
Have a wonderful weekend and make sure you hug the ones you love.

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