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Friday 29 May 2015

Snails and tails continued... PPF

I can't believe that the last time I wrote a post was last Sunday and here we are... it's Friday already!
This post is going to be a whistle stop too, because I'm away for the weekend (woohoo)
But before I go I wanted to nip into the Paint Party Friday link.

If you visited last week you might remember I started to draw a snail (click here if you missed it) and here's how it has progressed. 
Unfortunately, the photo isn't the best but it's been a funny kind of day... rain, sun and hail once again so it's difficult to get the lighting right. 
As usual I walked the tightrope with this painting and then took a tumble by fiddling and going beyond the point of no return. 
But I did have fun. 
One thing I did want to do though was to put him into the garden where he belongs. 
He's incredibly close to the hosta but he assures me that he'll not touch it.
Talking of the garden... that's my outdoor canvas and where I've been busy all week
I've been weeding and weeding and weeding...
It's a fantastic time when everything in the garden bursts into life, but unfortunately so do the weeds.
I feel like a Neptune trying to hold back the sea... a sea of weeds.
And I'm slightly worried that I'm not winning.
I'm also planting up pots... changing the winter plants and bulbs to a summer display.
It's a good job that it doesn't get dark here until after 10.00pm, although I tend to flag a little before that time. And finally let me show you the veg plot with Muffin exploring in the jungle... 
I know that I have lots of visiting to catch up on... which I will do. If you visited me and left a comment then I will be popping into your place at some stage soon.
So I'll see you later... right now I've got to get packed.
Whatever you're doing this weekend... have fun, enjoy and let's hope the sun warms up. 
Surely it has to soon.

Sunday 24 May 2015

My Sunday Photo... swallow

(Experimenting with this photo... loading from my kindle. Hence no usual frame as I haven't worked out how to do that yet)

Look what flew right into our house.
 It's the first time it's been warm enough to leave the garden door open... and this is what happened.
We have many swallows swooping around the house and even have a couple beginning to nest in our woodshed. 
I don't know who was more in a flap... me or him... to get out of the house.
Thankfully, my hubby gentle got hold of him and we released him back outside.
I'm linking up as usual to

Have a great Sunday everyone.
Happy Bank Holiday

Friday 22 May 2015

Slugs and Snails and Puppy Dog tails... PPF

Hands up if you don't believe it can be Friday already? 
Well it is... and what a week it's been.
But today is party day thanks to Eva and Kristin hosting this weeks Paint Party Friday
So other than Muffy sitting on it... what else is on my desk this Friday?
Snails... (yuk) 
I personally dislike them with a passion, but after seeing Nic and her blue snail holding onto her teabag, on the side of her cup, I offered to send her some of my slimy pests.
Not surprisingly she declined... well they weren't a beautiful blue colour for a start. 
But that got me thinking perhaps I should be a little more tolerant 
(not covering them with salt as some people do) 
but think of them possibly bringing other wildlife into my garden.
Perhaps owls and hedgehogs? 
I've heard the owls in the nearby woods,so I know they're quite near. 
I just need them to know there's an abundant feast here, before the little pests devour my hostas completely!
I seem to be a little lost with my art at the moment.
I don't know what I want to draw/paint, so I reverted back to base... revisiting my zentangle phase.
I go into a trance when I'm drawing these designs... but alas this time it didn't work. 
Maybe that phase is over?
That's a shame because it was good whilst it lasted... we'll have to see?
I'm thinking I'll colour this snail to try to brighten up his popularity.

Just a slight deviation... look what my sister saw in her garden this week.
Now I'd love one of these cute visitors.
Mrs Tiggywinkle come to tea.
Gorgeous isn't she?
(well I'm saying she but I haven't a clue... please put me right if she is in fact a he!) 
The sun is shining and there's a party, so if you'd like to join in come on over.
See you there...
Paint Party Friday
Have a wonderful weekend... enjoy!

Wednesday 20 May 2015

How about a country walk this morning?

Good morning... or afternoon, or evening depending on where you are in the world.
I decided this morning that Muffy and I should stretch our legs.
I know that's a little difficult for Muffy, with being so near to the ground
(virtually challenged shall we say) 
but when she's up for it, she certainly can walk.
So instead of the park as usual this morning, we heading out into the country lanes.
Would you like to join us...?
The fresh gusty wind was playing with the clouds... chasing their shadows across the fields.
The birds were also having great difficulty navigating, with gusts blowing them off course and whether they wanted to or not, making spectacular acrobatic displays.
The gorse is stunning at the moment and I'm sure there wasn't this much around at this time last year. 
It's bright yellow floral display is quite a delight whilst we wait for the sun to return.
I remember someone asked on a previous post what gorse actually was but unfortunately I've forgotten who asked! 
I know it's an age thing.
Here's a few facts about gorse for those that aren't familiar with the thorny evergreen.
The flowers have fantastic yellow flowers that have a distinctive coconut smell.
It likes banks, heaths and sea-cliffs although at the moment it appears to be everywhere I look.
Folklore says you should only kiss your beloved when gorse is in flower. 
The good news is that it is pretty much in bloom at any time of year! 
But the peak time for the vibrant yellow blooms is April and May.
This photo might give you some idea of how strong the wind was... I even had to hold onto my hat!
One advantage for Muffy being so low down to the ground, is that she was tucked away behind the granite walls for much of the time, so out of the strong wind... otherwise with her being off lead she might have been the first dog to fly!
Does anyone else remember playing as a child with dandelions? 
We would shout and chant "wet the bed... wet the bed" if anyone picked one and on a more friendly note, we would use the seedlings to tell the time singing the rhyme... one-o-clock, two-o-clock...etc etc... whilst blowing the seeds from the stem.
Just another little fact... did you know that a seed can be carried as many as five miles from their origin.
It also has the longest flowering season of any plant! 
No wonder I can't clear them out of my garden.

It was lovely to have you join me this morning... I hope you enjoyed it.
I thought I've shown you enough of my garden and some of the plants within it
(see my Instagram feed in my sidebar if you don't use Instagram) 
so I thought it was a good idea to expand and go further afield, quite literally.

Well, I'm off now to tackle those dandelions and other weeds.
(whispering voice... the sun's shining!!!)
Have a wonderful Wednesday... enjoy!

Friday 15 May 2015

Fantastic Friday... PPF Twinings

 To say I'm thrilled this morning is an understatement for a number of reasons. 
Yes, the sun is shining, it's Friday and I've started a sketch, but that's not why I'm ecstatic.
Firstly, a trivial thing but that depends on what your priorities are. 
What woman carrys a bag just for her hubby keys, wallet, phone etc?
Yes, I thought it wasn't just me.
There have been times when I haven't even needed a bag, but had to take one in order to carry hubby's stuff. 
But now here's the revelation... my son has just left the house using his own bag.
After numerous sniggering remarks from Dad (as they do) my son announced it's actually called a flight bag. 
It's just big enough for a guys essentials. 
(by the way my son is a butch, a man's man so don't get any different ideas here... young cool dudes are using these... really)
It's not feminine in any way... in fact it looks really cool, but maybe that's because my son's wearing it and not my hubby. It's okay hubby doesn't read my blog... or so he says.
Heaven help me if my hubby actually decides to use one.  
I'll probably die laughing or from embarrassment!
I'm willing to carry on taking a bag just to carry for him if that was to save the embarrassment!
(I haven't taken a photo because I know my son would object profusely)

Anyway, on to the real exciting bit...
I'm joining another art class but this one I can do in my Pj's!!!
How cool is that?
I'm joining Tracey Fletcher King's class which is starting in June.
I've been a fan of Tracey and her art since I first met her a few years ago. 
I think the best thing for you to do if you'd like to know more and have a giggle (she writes hilarious blog post by the way) is to visit her blog yourself... click here
There's even a chance to see Tracey in a video clip plus watching her work.
I've never seen carrots looking so brilliant (hehe)
So, in honour of Tracey and her forthcoming class... 
I decided to join in today with a sketch at the Paint Party Friday. 
Like me Tracey is a teapot, so I thought it quite appropriate to draw a box of teabags! 
As you can see from my desk below I'm even having a tasting session as I draw. 
The boss (Muffy) is watching over me just to keep me right until I have Tracey at my side.
(I don't want anyone reporting me to RSPP (for plants) for the terrible state of my orchid. I have three but this one is struggling...well okay it's dead... but I never give in. I still have hopes that I can bring it back to life)
Here's a photo below from a slightly different angle. 
If you look through the window you might be able to see the seven (yes seven) doves that visit me every day. I used to have three and then they increased to five, but seven is getting a little much with the amount of bird seed that I go through. 
(Oh yes and Muffy does need a trip to the groomers... but it's been really chilly here. 
There's been a really cold wind passing through for the last three weeks. 
Hopefully it'll move on soon and we can get our temperatures up in the 20's (Celsius)
Here's my WIP but I hope to splash some paint around this afternoon if all goes to plan and I'm left alone.

It would be great if you could join me in class... I'm so excited.
I may even buy new Pj's!

Here's the link to go Tracey's Delicious Paint
 I've promised Tracey that I'll be on my best behaviour and not be on detention in the first lesson... but who knows? We shall have to see.

There are other classes being taken by talented artists in Community Thrive.
Anyway, I'll never get to that painting session if I don't hurry up and link into 
Paint Party Friday
Have fun everyone... enjoy your weekend and I hope to see you soon.
Hot off the press... after this afternoon's painting session
I can't quite understand how the box shape can look like this as the real painting doesn't have those angles. It must be the angle that I've taken of the piece.
I'll be sure to post the final painting when it's completed.

Sunday 10 May 2015

My Sunday Photo... Bursting Blossoms

My Sunday photo sums up the month of May to me... even though as I look out of the window we're enshouded with cloud and drizzle.
I had thought I might have been able to post photographs of the magnificent fox that has been prowling around the nearby field, or the Mallard ducks that landed on the impromptu lake that has formed in the centre of our back field after so much rain during last week. Or the deer that have been elegantly leaping and running in what appears to be slow motion near to our house.  
But alas, I didn't manage to get any decent shots of them... but thankfully I did manage to watch and appreciate their visit. 
As the garden bursts into life and there's a danger of it running away without me...
(I know realise that I'm a fair weather gardener) 
I'll let you see some of the new arrivals that have surprised me. 
One minute they are just leaves, then you turn your back for a minute and 'POP'
 ... the blooms burst!
(Can you believe that this one is a tulip!)
Just one more thing before I go...
If you are celebrating Mother's Day today as I know Australia, America and Canada are... 
then I hope you have a great day with your loved ones. 

If you'd like to visit more fantastic photo's then why not hop over to see more My Sunday Photo
 Have a super Sunday and thanks for stopping by.
I'm always thrilled to see you and even more so if you take the time to leave me a comment.
I'm off to tackle some weeding before Sunday lunch.
Toodleloo for now xoxo

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Work Desk Wednesday and Paint Party Friday?

I can't show you my desk today because there's quite literally nothing on it.
It's still clear due to being away over the holiday weekend. 
So instead I'll show you how it looked last Wednesday... before we went away. 
 When my anthurium plant lost a flower I just couldn't let it go because even though it had died and turned brown, it was still incredibly beautiful.
The details and colour needed me to have a go at painting it.
Does that ever happen to you... something shouts "paint me"?
I hope you're noticing the glorious sunshine flooding through the window. It was so much so that I nearly (...I say 'nearly'...) had to shut it out by pulling the blind down.
What madness... fancy me shutting out the sun.... never!

I was really quite happy at this stage of the painting, but as usual I had to carry on and I spoil it.
I like the subject just floating on the page but I thought I'd try the shadow.
I am hopeless at drawing shadows, so if anyone has any tips then I'd love to hear from you.

As you can see my usual companion wasn't in the least bit interested in shadows... she's more of a sun worshiper following it around the house.
Other than her snoring... I can't say she distracted me which led me to ruin the painting. 
It was all my own work!
She was content to roast away in snoozeyland.
 Well that's it for this week WOYWWer's.
If you'd like to see lots more then click here to be transported to Julia's Stamping Ground blog to meet the merry gang.
Or maybe you'd like to join Eva and Kristin's Paint Party Friday
Paint Party Friday
They'd all love to see you.
Have fun this week and I hope to see you soon
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