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Thursday 31 December 2015

Christmas Elves kicking back!

I've changed my post slightly today with the events that have happened over the last 24 hours.
People have seen the weather reports and news footage from the UK, and have sent messages and notes to check on whether we're okay here, from the four corners of the globe.
Canada, Australia, Middle East, South of the UK to way up high at the top of Scotland.
When something like this happens you realise just how technology keeps you in touch with family and friends.
I have to say I was deeply touched and appreciated each and every one of them.
I should state right here and now that we are fine after the storm 'Frank' visited yesterday... but I know we are extremely lucky and many people out there haven't been.
We live on a high hill and so were not effected by the River Dee flooding it's banks.
I've seen incredible footage of familiar places that are virtually unrecognizable now.
But as with disasters there are always wonderful stories of good will and incredible caring people pulling together from the local community.
So thank you to all of the emergency services, agencies, helpers, carers and anyone who has been a helpful elf in one form or another at this time.
And now onto my original post.... about more elves.

It's time for all of the helpful Christmas Elves to put up their feet and kick back.
All of the hard work has been done and it's time for reflection. 
Personally, I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends and I hope that you did too. 
We had lots of incredible food, lots of fun and enjoyed all of the festivities.
But it seems to be over far too quickly, but isn't that always the case. 
When you are really enjoying something... it is over before you know it.
I'm contemplating many things at the moment and feel the year to come will have lots of changes.
Hopefully all of them for the good. 
Have you decided on any new year resolutions yet?
I'm quite pleased that even with being so busy... I managed to do a quick sketch and painting.
After being 0.3kg overweight with my flight luggage, I felt I had to use my art supplies at least once.
As soon as I saw my sister's new addition to her Christmas decoration hoard, I knew I wanted to paint him. He is so cute... but I'm not sure that the sheep who normally sits on that shelf has the same opinion.
Just look at him peeping from behind.
Here he is... although a little rushed I was still pleased that I actually managed to do one painting!
I now see that I should have added more shade etc but hey ho... it was a busy Christmas holiday after all. 
I'm linking to Paint Party Friday as usual for inspiration, encouragement, friendly banter and sheer pleasure... why don't you join me.
Paint Party Friday
And so onwards to the New Year...
I wish you all Good Luck, Health and Happiness for 2016.
I've loved sharing a little of my world with you this last year.
Let's hope 2016 is a good one for us all.
Enjoy xoxo

Sunday 13 December 2015

The Barn Owl

It's not every day (or night) that you get to see the majestic Barn Owl fly across your path. 
But that's exactly what happened to my son on his way home from work on Thursday evening. 
It must have been quite a sight because he has been talking about it ever since.
I've heard owl calls from our garden, but not been privileged to see one yet.
So now I feel we need to put up an owl box. 
We already have numerous bird boxes positioned around the garden for the smaller visitors, but maybe we need to up our game now that we know a barn owl is close by.
My son obviously didn't manage to get a photo mainly because he was driving at the time, but also it was such a surprise to have the owl fly across his path. 
But I did have this photo below from our visit to Gardening Scotland during the summer, just in case you've never seen a Barn Owl before (I know but just in case)
She was a rescue owl that unfortunately I can't remember her name... but I did manage (with permission) to give her plumage a gentle stroke.
She was magnificent.
If you'd like to know more details about the Barn Owl or to see a video of one in flight then click here

Lots of links this week....
I will be linking up as usual to My Sunday Photo link over at Darren's place.
I'm also linking into image-in-ing if you'd like to see more photographs.
And Through my lens

Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for popping into my place.
I hope I see you again soon

Friday 11 December 2015

Paint Party Friday... Koi Carp

I've had a play and experimented a little during the week, and finally this is where I've ended up with the Koi Carp watercolour painting. 
I think I'm finished on this one and I'll finally call it a day.
It's been good to nip in and out having a dabble here and there, but I think it's time to move on.
I'm pleased with certain aspects, but regret others... but that's what it's like when you're learning isn't it?
Like many of you I'm having a hard time fitting in all that I'd like to at the moment. 
It's that time of year when expectations can completely outweigh reality.
I am going to take stock of what I do and how I allocate my time for this coming new year.
I think it will be a major time for change (hopefully for the good).

I will try to visit as many PPF's blogs as I can because it's amazing how brilliant, inspiring and uplifting it is to see so many artists work. 
They are a great bunch, so click here if you'd like to join in too.
Paint Party Friday
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again.
I'm also linking to Sunday Sketches

Have a wonderful weekend everyone.
Have fun and enjoy

Sunday 6 December 2015

My Sunday Photo... The Christmas Aga

I can't believe that I haven't written a post since last Sunday... and here we are again!
So soon...

We have visitors at the moment, so Christmas has begun in our household.
Unfortunately, the weather has been so grey and dark recently, that I haven't been able to take any decent photographs. 
(Roll on the 21st December I say... when we can say we're heading into the lighter nights!)
I thought I'd show you where all the action will be taking place... the Christmas Aga will be working overtime for sure!
But there are so many other uses for the Aga along with the obvious one of cooking, 
Here's one for example... Dog drying!
It works a treat just so long as you cover the hot plates... I think Muffy loves this part the best.
She needs to have her paws and tummy washed after her morning walk at the moment, but she doesn't seem to mind. 
I think she just adores the warm water and then the coziest best seat in the house!
(I'm linking up with Darren as usual over at My Sunday Photo)
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and I really will try harder to write and take more photos during this coming week.
Thanks for stopping by... I hope to see you again soon 
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