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Friday 26 November 2010

Cockatoo's come calling.....

I woke this morning to a cacophony of a group of cockatoo's visiting our neighbourhood. It wasn't a pleasant sound, I have to admit but not quite fingers running down the blackboard, but after a few hours it certainly begins to grate just the same. I have no idea what ever had fired them up but it certainly kept them going. But finally peace reigned and the melodious birdsong of the blackbirds became audible once again. Ahhh...........
But later this afternoon four cockatoo's returned and appeared in the tree outside my lounge window.
They began squawking to each other and so I gave one of my impersonations which actually went down well with the group. So much so in fact that one flew up onto the roof. I then heard his claws patter along coming nearer...then up he popped for a closer look at me.
Who's a pretty boy then?

He certainly is. I was just a little concerned whatever it was I was saying may have been inviting him in and the lounge door was wide open. After taking this photo I moved into the house just in case by some fluke he wanted to drink from my birdbath. And guess what.....

Fresh water ahhh.....
Good job I cleaned it yesterday.
I must have known I was going to have such a special guest

But then there wasn't a Cocka - two - there were three!!!

Its funny because after this I don't mind if they call again in the morning, just so long as they say 'Hi' in the afternoon.

Thursday 25 November 2010

Work in Progress (Part 5) Nearly completed

Phewph, can you believe it? I can't.....I've nearly completed the renovation of the pine drawers.

I know its been quite a task, but I finished the final coat of satin varnish yesterday.
All that's left is to buy some drawer liners and return them into my guest bedroom.

It's certainly been a bigger commitment than I thought it was going to be but I think it was worth it.

I'll post the last photo when they're in situ and suitably dressed!

Wednesday 24 November 2010

Crawling Caterpillar

I have to apologise for my rushed posting today....basically I've been trying to finish my 'Work in Progress'. Its certainly taken more time than I originally thought but I'm almost there. To make matters though, I decided I'd also rub down the garden furniture ready for summer! I know I wonder about my sanity too. I haven't taken any photo's of this project - well how much sandpaper and sawdust do you need?

But what did catch my attention was this caterpillar
I have to confess that this photo was taken by my son. He has a better camera than I do, (well that's my excuse) but I think you'll agree he also an artistic eye.

Monday 22 November 2010

Lizards lurking....

Look who popped out to say 'hello'...

Unfortunately, I'm not an expert on lizards, so I can't tell you what kind he/she is. Maybe someone out there in Blogdom may know and can kindly enlighten us.

Oh yes, and should I evict him if he is an unsavoury character?

I'm not sure I like him living so near my bedroom window, but I suppose we do share this planet!

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Heide Museum of Modern Art

Lots of photographs today for you to take a look at....
Can you believe it that finally after a year I managed to visit the Heide Museum yesterday.
A few girls from my book club have been trying during last year to synchronize our diaries but inevitably we just didn't manage it. But that was all rectified yesterday when four of us took off for a beautiful girlie day...and yes, we did lunch too.
It was a perfect day in all sorts of ways not only weather wise.

I have read 'The Heart Garden' by Janine Burke, so was particularly interested in Heide I. http://www.iwi.nsw.gov.au/files/u1/heartgarden_html.pdf

Sunday Reed was a keen and imaginative gardener. Much of her inspiration came from nature.She raced out to the garden each morning and spent most of her day there, working like a Trojan. She had some help but mostly it was just her and John. She was a real "greenie", concerned about the environment and a vegetarian decades before it was fashionable. She used to say "I don't like eating my friends". When she started work on the Heide garden in 1935, her ideas were informed by a taste for formal French gardens but later she became
interested in the more lavish, romantic effects of English gardens. As you can see here....

I believe that the roses were planted by Sunday and because this isn't smellaputer you'll have to take my word for it....these roses knocked you out with their perfume.

It was such a beautiful setting.

We saw Mirka Mora's work which is being exhibited within the building. As you would expect we weren't allowed to take photo's but there is a lovely entrance with windows at the rear, which Mirka has painted a mural. By the time we entered the sun was lower and perfect to set off her work on the glass.

As you may have heard before I'm missing a garden but I certainly had my green fix at Heide

There was a board that discribed all the months of the year with the produce that was planted in this vegie garden. I heard from a friend that they pick the fresh produce and herbs from here to supply the Cafe Vue where we had lunch. The only downside to the whole day was that lunch took three and a half hours which we're not entirely sure why? Maybe it was the walk from the vegie plot to the kitchen that took the time?

I just loved the light here and can see why it might have been such an inspiration for all the artists who came to stay and work here.

Just a few pics to let you see around the place

This particular shed looks like it may have been here from the very beginning

I can recommend that you visit Heide. I know that I will be back to take the lunch box option ($15) and head off into the grounds for a picnic and just spend more time in this beautiful location.

Sunday 14 November 2010

Christmas is coming....

As a family Christmas tradition, every year I always buy a new decoration to hang from our Christmas tree. Something appropriate or suitable for our current destination.
This year is no exception....especially as it will be our first Christmas celebration in Australia. Although I wasn't particularly hunting out Christmas decorations yesterday - in fact they were very far from my mind - the lure of the chiming bells, familiar tunes and twinkling lights drew me into the Christmas display area.

Well, who should be sitting there but Santa chilling before the Christmas rush
I couldn't resist him and thought how appropriate for this year's contribution to the tree. Isn't he cute?
I think he's perfect for the job.
Now then on to source the turkey....any ideas anyone?

Friday 12 November 2010

An inviting quiet corner

Life has been so hectic lately for everyone and with the run up to Christmas madness and all the preparations looming, I just thought this quiet corner looked so inviting. It's where I like to read.
I just love the way the light falls in the late afternoon. Ahhh....sigh.....

Wednesday 10 November 2010

Work in Progress (4)

I thought I'd just let you know the latest....after finally finishing painting the 10 drawers yesterday, my son walked past and took a sharp intake of breath whilst shaking his head. Then he proceeded to give me the good news...."they're going to need another coat". Just what I wanted to hear, although I knew he was right. Then they'll need the final varnish on to protect them. This could take me well into the new year at this rate. It feels a little like I imagine the Sydney Harbour Bridge....once you get to the end its time to start all over again!

{Photograph from Google Image http://www.google.co.uk/images}

As you can see Muffin wasn't impressed either.
Watching paint dry isn't one of her favourite past times

Monday 8 November 2010

Work in Progress (3)

Yes, finally I've got back to the drawers. I know you've probably forgotten all about them by now, but I've been bumping into them on occasions which have reminded me that they were supposed to be a work in progress. Doesn't that mean there should have been some progress?

Now we've ventured into November, its suddenly dawned on me that my guests will be arriving in Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve...eek! That's just weeks away and not months anymore. I don't particularly want the guest room to reek of paint and turps.
My guests will have trouble with their jet lag never mind the fumes knocking them out.

Armed with all the tools and a perfect day plus a cuppa to get the job off to a good start...off I went. It was great to be outdoors not only for the fantastic temperature but also the fumes.

Well that was until I noticed someone else was very interested in my work....a little too interested! Pest...

Seven out of ten drawers well under way...phewph...I never realised this was going to be such a big job. It seemed an easy little task when I did the small bedside cabinet.

Argh.....another visitor....you can't move for them. But rest assured I did make sure they were able to fly off, without leaving footprints.

Back to it then.....I'll keep you posted.

Sunday 7 November 2010

Cockatoo came calling.....

There was a rumpus in the neighbourhood this morning. Not ideal on a Sunday but then I saw what was causing all the noise. This beautiful bird, so I had to forgive it.
He was actually perched just outside our bathroom window.
How special is that?
After seeing this one so close to the house I wanted to know a little more about them.
Apparently cockatoo's are very intelligent and affectionate when kept as pets, and they mate for life, but then I read that it can be like keeping a two year old for life.....eek!
No thank you.
I think Muffypup is quite safe - we'll not be wanting a cockatoo for a pet. Plus I don't think you can beat seeing them perched or flying around free.

Another amazing fact was that they can live up to 100 years old!
I just need to train this one not to do the Flock Call before breakfast.

Friday 5 November 2010

Up Up and Away in a Balloon

I couldn't believe the stupidity or what I thought was the stupidity of a guy when I happened to look out of my window onto the road. It appeared that he had what looked like a remote control aeroplane or helicopter control perhaps in his hand?
But surely not...the road is fairly heavily tree lined and has numerous telephone cables etc so to think that someone would be trying to fly something in this area was just ludicrous to my mind. There's also masses of space on the nearby sports ovals.....so what was he thinking?

Motto of this story is don't jump to any conclusions until you know the facts.....
Looking up into the sky to check, I then saw what he was flying....a huge balloon with a camera underneath it. It was amazing to watch.
I then started to take photo's of it until I realised he was taking photo's of a nearby house that is going on the property market. He was taking the amazing ariel shots that I'd seen in the magazines and I have to confess that I hadn't given a thought as to how they were obtained.

Now I know....and look at that cloudless blue sky.
I then realised that I was hanging out of my window to get a good shot and that the neighbours might not like the fact that I was going to be on their promotion photo's. Imagine that wouldn't do the selling price any good, so I quickly decided to hide!

It's okay I think I got away with it because I've seen the shots and you can't make out that its me hanging out of the bathroom window, they've blurred that part.

Wednesday 3 November 2010

Who is it?....(Part 6 - The End) The Peck Family

Well its official....we're empty Nester's. I know sad but true.
I suspected the chicks flew the nest a day or so ago, but today when I went up close and personal there wasn't a sign. Not even a note to say thank you or we'll be back!
I did happen to hear a few taps on my window again this morning, so hopefully we're not going to have the whole family come a calling.....fingers crossed it was just Gregory.
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