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Sunday 28 January 2018

My Sunday Photo... Beautiful Blooms

If you're feeling like me then you'll probably be missing flowers and desperate for Spring to arrive. 
In the meantime whilst we wait... here's a beautiful bouquet that I received last week.

It's a quick post today because I'm trying desperately to revive my mobile phone, after it decided to make a spectacular dive into the toilet! 
After a night in a bed of rice everything appears to be working okay, except the touch screen, so I'm unable to use the password to open it 😞

I'm liking up with My Sunday Photo once again.
Have fun and enjoy your Sunday.
Thanks for visiting and I hope to see you again soon.

Sunday 21 January 2018

My Sunday Photo... Visiting Birds

With the current cold snap that's covering the UK at the moment, we've personally had quite a dry bright time over the last few weeks. 
Definitely a Scandinavian feel to our weather. 
Blue skies, not a cloud in the sky and lots of bright sunlight... even though I wouldn't have minded a little flurry of snow, as long as it would disappear quickly. 
It seems to have missed our part of Scotland.
So it is a tough time for our little wild birds... in fact, it's been tough for all our wildlife over this winter.
My bird feeders are always very popular, but when a - 3 degrees Celsius arrives, even in daylight, then it can be a battle ground out there. Every little beak needs it's fill before nightfall.
This particular feeder is hanging right next to my kitchen window.
I stock it with suet logs and it's very popular...even when I'm working in the kitchen.
Obviously, hunger overtakes the nerves and they feed right before my eyes.

There's obviously been no time for a pedicure lately!

Sometimes it can be tricky getting the last bite.
How these little cuties manage on those tiny wee legs is beyond me.
Also to keep warm with no leg warmers! 

We also had another visitor yesterday, who hasn't actually be brave enough to step over into the garden before. 
Hunger has brought him to us.
 Mr Pheasant...isn't he majestic! 
He actually hung around for quite some time.
I think he approved of our menu.
And finally, as I've mentioned before that our Goldfinch population has had a birdie boom since we returned to this house and started feeding them.
I have counted over 40 in one flock all at once...honest!
And that was from just one feeder!
Here's a little proof of just some of the goldfinches visiting the bird feeder in the fir tree.
You can almost seed the seed decrease as you watch them.
So I think it's probably time for me to get outside and replenish the feeders by now.
It has to be done every day! 

I am a little late posting today, but I'm going to link up with My Sunday Photo
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again soon.
Have a great Sunday everyone

Friday 12 January 2018

Happy Monday... even in January! PPF

I know to be happy on a grey, Monday in January in the middle of winter is a rare thing, but I was happy... and still am :D
I've started my new online art course and it has certainly hit my mojo button.
As I've mentioned before I was a little lost over the last few months and had virtually stopped drawing/painting completely. (Maybe missing Muffin had hit harder than I thought)
But Lilla at Make Art That Sells has reignited my passion.
This weeks assignment was right up my alley.
Drawing the contents of your bag.
It's amazing once you take a look into it, just what it can reveal about you.
So I have a few sketches of various items, but I decided to take this bottle of perfume to another level...adding colour.
The bottle is now unfortunately empty... hint hint to hubby!
(Alien by Thierry Mugler)

I've also another reason to be happy today (well actually I've got many things to be happy and thankful for, but for this arty post lets keep it to art) and that is because I've been featured over at Paint Party Friday!
How brilliant is that?
I was so surprised as I went to catch up with the link and there was my Chef Chook! 
(There's also some cute roe deer photos included too...click here if you'd like to see)
Hardly a masterpiece, but it was the first fun piece of the year.
Something to get me back into creating art... and I'm thrilled to be highlighted.
Thank you both Eva and Kristin

I'm off to empty my bag (heaven knows what I'll find hidden in the depths) and to carry on sketching.
I think I'm getting to like this and it's a great start to the New Year.
Have fun everyone and thanks for visiting.

Friday 5 January 2018

Chief Chook and a Sprout Loving Bambi... PPF

Happy New Year Everyone.
I hope all your wishes come true in 2018.
I didn't realise that I was going to have a blog break, but that appears to have happened.
So my apologies for not making any announcement before my disappearance.
I hope you'll forgive me.
As I type here this morning, I can't help but feel grateful that I can touch type. 
It is so dark, as the heavy clouds burst and send copious amounts of rain down upon us, but that doesn't stop my happy mood. 
Yes it's January and some say the most depressing time of year, but 
I thought I'd tell you about my enrolment into an online art course. 
It starts on Monday and is a Bootcamp with Lilla Rogers from Make Art That Sells
I thought as I'm nipping into the Paint Party Friday link today, fellow PPF's might be interested in hearing or reading all about it. Lilla is fantastic and such an inspiration... so friendly and encouraging too. There are live video links and discussions every week and assignments every Monday, plus access to a special Facebook meeting place for all fellow classmates.

I seriously lost my mojo last year and just couldn't find it... but Lilla has a way of making you think anything is possible.
So with that in mind here's my first piece of artwork for 2018.
I hope to improve and fly with my art as the year progresses.
Obviously, this first one had to include a chook (chicken).
Just a fun piece to hopefully give me a kick start!

Now that I'm back to blogging, I'd also like to share my sprout loving visitors.
I personally don't mind having them eat all the sprouts from our veg plot, as I've never eaten them nor do I intend to. But I do fear that our new seedlings and plants this coming spring might be on their menu!
But seriously how cute are these Roe Deer?
 The numbers have expanded this year from the odd one or two to five.
 Is that a guilty face or what???
So there's plenty for my first post of the year.
I hope to keep the momentum going.
Wish me luck!
Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you soon.
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