“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ....Oscar Wilde

Monday 28 October 2013

Happy Blue Monday...weekend away

When the day starts off like this then you know it's going to be a special day! 
We've been away for the weekend...and yes I know I didn't tell you, but it was rather a sudden decision, so I hope you'll forgive me. 
We nipped across the boarder down into England to see family and friends.
The drive down (which takes 6 hours) is a fantastic reminder of why we love the UK. 
We've done this journey for many years, but there's always something new to see.
Every season has it's own display and this autumn was a real treat indeed. 
The trees have only just put on their autumn colours and everything has a Midas touch about it...gold everywhere. 
We're certainly rich in spectacular scenery here.  
As we stopped for the obligatory bathroom break, we suddenly became aware of a gazillion birds take off into the air from the nearby fields. 
Then as they came nearer it became quite clear that they were geese and very excited to be on their way! 

I couldn't possibly guess just how many there were, but they kept flying over for about five minutes. We just stood in wonder.
It was a fantastic sight. 
It's an indication that winter will be coming to call soon.
But that will be for another day...we're off to have fun with family! 
And that's just what we did...we had so much fun and we were spoilt wonderfully.
I spent quality time with my sister and I'm not going to divulge too much information here but I don't think I've laughed so much for months! 
So much so that at times we needed to hang on to furniture or anything that was nearby for support and at one point I was concerned that my lunch might revisit.
It really is good medicine but care should be taken in and only given in reasonable doses!

So I'll show you that although it was a mad frantic weekend crammed to the gunnels with activities there were brief calm times too.
This was one of those times just sitting watching and appreciating my nephews fish tank. 
I find it mesmerizing.
This is just one small part of it and I have a great video which I'll try to post once I find some suitable music to accompany it. 
Because it's Monday and this is such a gorgeous blue I'm linking up with Sally and her Blue Monday gang. Why don't you pop across and check out the blogs from all over the world...it really is a treat.
I think I need another few sessions staring into the fish tank to recover from the weekend but that's not going to happen.
The builders in and as usual there's masses to do so I must get a wriggle on.

I'll leave you with the sun going down on yet another special weekend.
I hope you had a great weekend too.
What did you get up to? 
Anything exciting or just relaxing to recharge the batteries? 
Or maybe you're in middle of the Halloween preparations? 
I'd love to hear all about it...so don't be shy https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif 
Let's have a natter...I'll pop the kettle on!
Happy Blue Monday to you all. 
Smiling Sally


Monday 21 October 2013

Happy Blue Monday...the coal man calls

I know I'm late but I really didn't think I was going to create a post for today. 
It's Blue Monday, but I didn't have anything blue to post...
...but then look who passed by in the lane!
It's Kevin the Coal Man!
(Seriously that's his name...you couldn't dream up this sort of stuff, honestly)
Now I realise that many of you may never have seen or known a coal man, or that they are still out there. 
It's been many, many years since I've seen a Kevin coal man that's for sure. 
No, I'm not going to try and guess how many because that's for me to know and you to wonder! 

Anyway, I certainly didn't expect to see him come smiling down my lane in his truck or that I'd wave frantically at him to stop!
 (I was having fun blowing all the fallen leaves at the time

If you're a regular visitor here then you'll know that we have a wood burner, but we also have an open fire (in what will be the future studio) which could use coal as well as logs. 
I do love to light this fire because unlike the wood burner you can actually hear it crackle, hiss and it smells wonderful. 
So two bags full please Kevin! 
But I didn't expect him to swing the load onto his back and walk them into the wood shed! I'd have thought Health & Safety would have been a biggy and this practice would have been superseded by some mechanical contraption to ease the load long ago. 
I would have offered to help, but then he seemed so capable! 

Personally, I think I'd have driven the truck right up to the door of the wood shed, but then he seemed to think it was okay to walk up the driveway carrying his load.

I wasn't sure if like a chimney sweep it would be lucky to shake his hand...
...so I did just to be on the safe side!

Now why not pop across to see Sally and the other Blue Monday posts? 

I'm sure you'll have a very happy Monday if you do and they've probably took a lot longer to create their posts. 

Smiling Sally

Happy Blue Monday to you all. 
I hope you have a great week whatever you have planned!
Have fun...https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif
I'm off to do the lottery just in case!

Wednesday 16 October 2013

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW #228 and APR 'Time'

If only my fingers weren't frozen then perhaps I'd have been able to post this a little earlier. We've only 2 degrees this morning with a atmospheric fog clinging along the river and through the woods and fields. 
I know I'm a woos but what can I say...Guilty!

I know I'm always wittering on about how time fly's as you all know only too well...doesn't it for everyone these days? 
So as well as showing you my (temporary) desk for WOYWW (What's on your Work Desk Wednesday and what I got up to yesterday, I'll also enter the Artist Play Room. 
I hope they let me in because I haven't been there for so long.
Who knows...Jenn might have changed the locks!
This weeks theme is 'Time'

Here's the desk...which really isn't a desk at all...it's the kitchen table.
Note the binoculars are on hand for making sure I miss nothing. 
Yep as well as a woos I'm also nosy! 
I don't want to miss anything...especially when the deer wander into the field. 
I've also picked some of the Virginia Creeper leaves which you can see on the left hand side of the table. They are an amazing colour (which unfortunately doesn't show up in the photo)
I'm not sure what I'll do with them for now, but I knew I just wanted to keep a few.
There's also an Aga cookbook by Mary Berry from back in the 70's I think, because yesterday my Aga had her health check and now she's raring to go. 
I'm going to write a post soon about her and her history, but I was just browsing through the book yesterday and left it there. 
There's also my Derwent pencils too. 
I'm so glad I took this photo yesterday and not tried to do it this morning. 
At least you can see the sun is shining on this one but I'm hopeful that it will again today. 

So finally I managed a few minutes to do some drawing...and here's the result. 
I'm a little nervous to show you...but here goes.... 

It's not finished. I need to work on the eyelashes and the lettering of course.
(by the way the neesie natters isn't on the drawing

So there you have it...my desk this week. 
If you want to see lots of other desks from around the globe just nip over to Julia over at Stamping Ground and don't forget APR too.
Thanks for stopping by...it's always great see you and even better if you stop to comment. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
Toodleloo for nowhttps://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif

Saturday 12 October 2013

A Simple Woman's Daybook

FOR TODAY ~ Friday 11th October 2013

Outside my window...I have just been privileged to watch two deer ambling slowly along the boundary of the back field near to the wood. A young buck and his female friend were munching tasty roots with the odd turn of the head towards me. Can they possibly know I'm spying on them through my binoculars? 
The diet of roe deer varies and includes brambles, buds and leaves of deciduous trees and shrubs, herbs, rose plants, ivy, ferns, heather, conifers and grasses, so there are lots to chose from around here! At the moment their pantry (larder) is bountiful! Roe deer are common all over Scotland (and much of England) so we are lucky that most days we have a brief sighting. 
For instance, when returning home and driving up the lane last evening, we turned a rather sharp bend in the road and there up on the wall stood a doe. She didn't wait for us to stop and take a photograph (which would have been rather dangerous on that particular part of the lane...but I'd have tried) She gracefully leapt into the air clearing the fence and wall with ease. 
It all happened in a matter of seconds, but it was a magnificent sight of such a beautiful creature up close which will stayed etched in my mind. 
So what else is outside my window today? Thankfully not the gale force arctic wind that has been visiting us for the last two days. Everything is still this morning. The birds have returned to the feeders, even though one was blown completely off the tree and emptied all over the floor. I laughed to myself when I thought about the mice that would come for their usual scavenge for anything that had dropped from the feeder only to find an abundance of seed like Mount Etna waiting for them! 
So why didn't I sweep it up? Well, I thought there would be many thankful mouths eager to do the job for me.
The washing is hanging out on the line and dancing to some unique tune that only they can hear. 
But there's a little sad to report I'm afraid. Most of the Virginia Creeper's leaves have fallen in a heap at our back door. Maybe it wanted to enter to be out of that cruel wind? 
Most of the trees haven't lost their leaves yet, but I know it's just a question of time. 
And finally there's what I would describe as a Simpson sky (from the TV show The Simpson's) A cartoon kind of sky with pockets of blue with fluffy white clouds.
Yesterday, I saw a double rainbow not once but twice! (More of that below) 
Maybe I am having a lucky week and should buy a lotto ticket? Emoji
Ahh...here comes a little sunshine. Now that is lucky! 

I am thinking...about yesterday and the fact that when the wind was so strong it upped and blew the BBQ cover away. When I say away, I really mean away! I searched every inch of the garden and beyond but couldn't see it anywhere. It's not like I could miss it. It's quite large and black! 
It had completely vanished and was a total mystery. I had a vision that a local sheep might have had it land on its back causing quite a stir amongst it's flock by wearing the first sheep mac! Emoji Very this season! 
I gave up searching but later in the afternoon it mysteriously appeared again. I haven't a clue where it went, but thankful it returned. It's now securely fastened down with ties!  

I am thankful...that it appears we've all made the transition from Australia to the UK with relative ease. Of course there are people and things we miss but generally we seem to be settling in really well. There's still a long way to go and there's our first winter to get through of course, but I'm confident we'll make it. 
McMuffy isn't so sure...she felt that icy arctic blast the other day so she's keeping her passport handy just in case! ^..^

In the kitchen...There's a freshly baked cake in the cake tin and two new fresh herbs pots on the window sill. I love to have fresh herbs near to hand and they do thankfully seem to like living in my kitchen. I've got mint, basil, dill, coriander and thyme at the moment. The Aga remains cold, but not for long. The engineer is coming to give her a fitness check next week and then hopefully she'll be given a clean bill of health. We have lots of plans for our adventures and will no doubt share some of them with you.

I am wearing...Dare I say it...? Emoji
Joggers again with a sweat shirt (there's even a thermal vest hidden under there, but don't tell anyone. That's just between you and me). I think this might be my screensaver wardrobe for the next few months with the addition of the odd giblet when necessary. By the way, a giblet is my name for a gilet. It's just that I started saying giblet and it's stuck ever since. 
For those of you whom may not have heard that word before...it's a quilted sleeveless waistcoat. I have a few in different colours and find them so useful when I just need a little something extra. 

I am creating...well I haven't actually started yet, but I will. I want to create another calendar for next year. I know I better get a move on hadn't I. 
Last year I had such fun drawing and creating a calendar, so I thought I'd draw something for the re-opening of my Etsy store. I know I stated that I'd open shortly and that was months ago but how did I know that the time would disappear like it has. I don't know what on earth I've been doing to waste the time! Emoji

I am going...to start to decorate a room next week. I know how exciting is that? Rock star lifestyle and all that! We've got some sofa's arriving in just under two weeks so the pressure is on. There's a lot to do before they arrive and then we have the nerve biting question of will the sofa's even get through the door! 
Once more it appears I'm living on the edge. 

I am wondering...why I can't keep these journal entries brief. I've notice that other people can just answer each of these questions within one sentence. I have no idea how they can do that. I'm in awe. (I'm making a conscious effort here to keep this answer brief...but it's impossible for me) https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511767.gif

I am hoping...that I won't upset anyone with my next little story. I'll set the scene first. 

My hubby has been involved in the weekly weigh-in since he started in his new company. It includes incredibly detailed spread sheets so obviously they had him at 'hello'. The spread sheet shows everyone's name and their weekly recorded weight. The big weigh-in takes place on a Thursday morning and only takes a few minutes for everyone to step on the scales, but it's amazing how many people suddenly develop spontaneous meetings or problems that need their immediate attention, hence they miss the weigh-in. These problems seem to arise more so, especially when the group might have had a meal out the night before! 
My hubby has been fit and cycled at least 30 kilometres to and from work when we lived in Melbourne, but the bike has remained static and growing cobwebs since we arrived here. But that may be rectified shortly because for two weeks now he's been a hairs whisker away from being 'The Naughty Boy'. 
Yes, that's a large group of ******aged men that are feared of being given the title of the weekly naughty boy! If you are awarded this terrifying title for putting the most weight on then you are awarded 'the Buddha' ornament to sit on your desk all week highlighting your naughtiness! 
Grown men have heard from woman that taking your shoes off can help in these circumstances, but they've even taken it further by taking off their watches before being weighed and there's even been talk that the scales may have been tampered with! 
Well they are a group of engineers after all, so I suppose anything can happen! 
The Buddha was very close to spending some time quality time with my hubby this last week, but someone else was slightly more naughty. So you can imagine his reaction when I told him that there was some freshly baked cake to accompany his evening cuppa...mental battles commenced...but he gave in! 
But joking aside It is a fantastic organised event and everyone pays a small fee to enter each week. So far the money they have raised for charity exceeds £15,000 pounds over the last three years. 

I'm reading...Nineteen Minutes by Jodi Picoult
It is an International Bestseller and rightly so. 
Its subject matter is and has been one of great debate.
I'm finding this book slightly disturbing because as the news has shown the subject matter contained within this book is all too real. It shows that in nineteen minutes you can bring the world to a screeching halt and Peter Houghton (a much-bullied New Hampshire teenager) did just that. On a beautiful March morning, he went into school with guns instead of books, and started shooting! The town is obviously left reeling.
I have to say I am enjoying reading the book although perhaps enjoying isn't the right word to use but it is riveting. I'm only a third of the way through so I can't comment too much at the moment, plus I don't want to spoil it by doing any more research before I've read it.
I have read all of Jodi Picoult's books and never been disappointed and I don't think that will change any time soon.
About the Author (extracted from Amazon):

I grew up on Long Island with my parents and my little brother, the product of a ridiculously happy childhood. My mom says I've been writing as long as she remembers - my first masterpiece was "The Lobster That Was Misunderstood," at age 5. I honed my writing skills beyond that, one hopes, before I headed off to Princeton, where I wanted to work with living, breathing authors in their creative writing program. Mary Morris was my teacher/mentor, and I really do believe I wouldn't be where I am today if not for her guidance and expertise. I had two short stories published in SEVENTEEN magazine when I was in college. However, when I graduated, a desire to not eat ramen noodles exclusively and to be able to pay my rent led me to take a job on Wall Street (not a great idea, since I can't even balance my checkbook). When the stock market crashed in 1987, I moved to Massachusetts and over the course of two years, worked at a textbook publishing company, taught creative writing at a private school, became an ad copywriter, got a master's in education at Harvard, got married, taught at a public school, and had a baby. My first novel was published shortly after my son was born, and I've always said that the reason I kept writing is because it's so much easier than teaching English.

In fourteen years, I've published thirteen novels: Songs of the Humpback Whale, Harvesting the Heart, Picture Perfect, Mercy, The Pact, Keeping Faith, Plain Truth, Salem Falls, Perfect Match, Second Glance, My Sister's Keeper, Vanishing Acts, and the upcoming The Tenth Circle, this March. Two of my books (Plain Truth and The Pact) were made into Lifetime TV movies; Keeping Faith will be another. My Sister's Keeper is in development at New Line Cinema to be a feature film. And there isn't a single day that I don't stop and marvel at the fact that when I go to work, I get to do what I love the most. My husband Tim and I live in Hanover, NH with our three kids, a dog, a rabbit, and the occasional donkey or cow.

I have already bought Bridget Jones' 'Mad About The Boy' and it's waiting on my bedside cabinet because I think after reading Nineteen Minutes, I might need something lighter to read. 
I find when I read a thought provoking book or something similar to this one, I need to take time before moving on to the next book but when I do it will be a light-hearted choice.
For example...I started reading a chapter of 'Nineteen Minutes' whilst sitting in the hairdressers last week when suddenly I became aware that tears were brewing. 

It doesn't seem right to say I'm enjoying reading it because it is so emotionally charged but it is a riveting, poignant and thought-provoking novel. 

I am hoping...to carry on in good health to enable me to fully appreciate all that I have.  

I am looking forward to...having a trip down South to visit family soon. We haven't seen everyone since we first landed back in July.

Around the house...My son is studying in his room, McMuffty is gently gruffing to let me know that it's getting near her dinner time. Everywhere is tidy but what's not done now will have to wait. There are two fires giving warmth and a glow, setting the scene for a relaxing Friday evening. The wine is chilling and the meal prepped. Don't you just love Friday nights? 

My favourite quote of the day...Don't walk behind me; I may not lead. Don't walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just walk beside me and be my friend ~ Albert Camus

One of my favourite things...is taking photographs! I am at a stage when I can't leave the house without my camera. Since I started blogging I've progressively got worse. I can't resist snapping away at the most bizarre things and at odd times. Things come into my my eye line and I have to take a shot because I know that they can change or disappear in an instant. Take the other day for instance...a double rainbow appeared. 

A few plans for the rest of the week: A bit of everything really...you name it and I'll probably be doing it! Well within reason obviously...no ski-diving again this week! I don't think my body could take it! ;D

A peek into my day...It starts. The autumn leaves begin to fall.

 So that's it for this week; I hope you enjoyed your October visit and if it's your first time reading my day book entry, I hope you'll be back again soon.
Don't forget to pop over to The Simple Woman's Daybook and check out the other day book entries.

https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif I hope to see you again soon...Have a wonderful weekend.
Have fun and hopefully the sun will shine for you!!!
~ ♥ ~

Wednesday 9 October 2013

Whipped up Windy Wet Wednesday

Hang on to your hats peeps...it's blowing a hoolie here today!
Yesterday was a barmy 19 degrees (which I have to admit was a little spooky) but today we've lost 10 degrees and the North Wind Doth Blow. 
If you have heard that expression before, then you'll know what that can mean, but just in case you haven't...'they' (whomever 'they' are) say if the North Wind Doth Blow...We shall have snow!!! EEK!
I heard some stupid remark on the radio yesterday, saying it was only 10 weeks or so to Chr***mas. Fool, they must have meant 10 months surely? Emoji 
I can't even bring myself to say the word! 
But going back to yesterday...

If going by the weather here has anything to do with it, then we were still in summer! 
made the most of it and stayed outside from dawn to dusk. 
Maybe upon reflection that's why I couldn't get out of bed this morning. 
I feel like I'm the Titan Atlas from Greek mythology carrying the heavy weight of the world on my shoulders and that was only to get out of bed to go to the loo and back! 
I even had my eye pop with the pressure from bending, pulling weeds and planting up a boarder. 
Instead of the whites of my eyes I now have crimson! It's a strange look and not one for young children to witness. I suppose thinking about it, it might be okay with Halloween coming up, but I'm not sure I want it to last that long. 
Bending double obviously doesn't really work for me.
Anyway here's a vision for you...me with hair like Medusa (keeping in with the Greek theme here did you notice?) stooped with aching back and a blood shot eye like Cyclops (Yay...I got a Greek mythology hat trick Emoji
No wonder my hubby went out to work before day-light! 
That way he didn't get the fright of his life seeing me lumbering around. 
But I now have a weed free boarder that looks afa bonnie (as they say) with hopefully beautiful surprises to come in Spring...that is if the bunnies and squirrels don't uproot and eat my bulbs! 

So that's an update on my gardening...although McMuffty is driving me crazy. 
She has to survey the whole garden numerous times a day tracking...yes tracking...I think she's moved on from being a Shih Tzu and now thinks she's a hound dog! 
Nose to the ground twitching insanely on the trail of heaven knows what? 
It's amazing really (or annoying might be a better word) that when her nose is working...her ears aren't! 
I can shout, call, grunt, growl or impersonate any living creature and she's oblivious. 
The neighbours must wonder what kind of a minajory we have here by all my impersonations!
But nothing will stop her when she's tracking! 
Yesterday, she definitely followed a line of scent that went all around the peripheral of the garden, even squeezing through a tiny gap between the fence and wall from the side garden into the front garden...across the front lawn, under the hedge...across the driveway...(are you still with me?)...and over to the other lawn to the boundary fence! 
She would have carried on into the field if I hadn't stopped her. 
As you can imagine, she was not impressed that I'd spoilt her fun and she didn't get her man as it where! 

I'm hoping this latest past-time will stop when the weather turns. 
I'm thinking she's finding all the mice living in all the nooks and crannies. 
She nearly got stuck just after I took this photo. 
See the gap at the base of the palette...she squeezed in and was desperately trying to get to the other side. 
If only she hadn't had that last piece of chicken she might have made it! ^..^
And then to top it all yesterday, the fun didn't stop because my son took her for a walk down one of the lanes that has newly laid tarmac on it. 
Yep, you guessed it. 
He walked her through it (didn't think to pick her up ~ D-ah!) and she now has black boots! ^..^ I've tried to cut out as much out as I can, but she's a devil for having her paws touched and more so if you try to clip them! 
Miss Wriggle Bottom Champion 2013 even with two of us holding her down!

There's a huge list of to-do's today as normal, but I'm going to watch 'The Great British Bake Off' with my cuppa first. Are you a fan? Do you see it in your part of the world? 
I am enjoying it so much and even though I swore that I wouldn't buy another thing for my kitchen...I'm finding a strong compulsion to buy yet more baking tins!
I mean have you seen some of them that they have been using?
I have the same oven, so I'm hoping that I will be able to produce some of the fantastic results that they have. 
I won't mention too much in case you are watching it and aren't up to me. 
No spoilers here.
I think Mel Giedroyc and Sue Perkins do a fantastic job of presenting the show...and then there's Mary Berry! What can I say...she's a God! 
And that Paul Hollywood ain't bad either  Emoji
It is starting to get rather serious now, as it's the very grown-up quarter-final. Lots of tears, trials, tantrams but thankfully triumphs too.  

It's wonderful to catch up with what I want to watch whenever I want, because I record my programmes in the evenings when footy or sport is on...then I can watch them whenever I'm free! (which isn't often so I have to be choosy)
Our new telly we bought when we got here, seems only to show sport or news somehow?
 It's a 55 inch with all the bells and whistles on it, so it's like being in the ground or right there where the action is apparently...or so I'm told! (yawn Emoji)

Before I go I'll leave you with a spectacular sight from yesterday. 
I love the sound of the geese flying over...on their way South.
Their calls can be heard for miles and miles. 
They must have known what was coming weather wise today, so took flight!
Lucky things off to warmer climes...I hope they come back soon...please! 
I miss them already. 
And on that note, I'll love and leave you for now.
Toodleloo https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1511763.gif

Monday 7 October 2013

Happy Blue Monday...Demolishing?

I suppose it's inevitable really that once you return to a house that you left 12 years earlier, things may be in need of repair, but we've actually been really lucky in that respect. There's hardly been anything broken or badly damaged I'm happy to say. 

There was however one particular item that was beyond repair. 
But it was a tough decision to let it go. 
It was the children's play /cubby or Wendy house, or whatever you like to call it depending on where you are in the world.
I'm going to call it the 'Blue Shed' just because it happens to be Happy Blue Monday today! 
As you can see it is was in pretty bad shape! 

 We actually inherited the shed when we moved into the house and I suppose that played a part at tugging at the heart strings. 
Hours of endless fun, giggles galore, picnics and hideouts...even a rabbit hutch of the highest spec and Batman's cave too no doubt. 
Enjoyed and treasured not only by my own children but by all the children that came to know it over the years. 
But sadly the wood had rotted...the roof lost all its covering and surprisingly enough wasps had been feeding on the paintwork! 
Don't ask me why but they carefully worked their way along the wood panels stripping the paint away. 
It was fascinating to watch and then look what I found when looking inside...

There were about 5 of these nests all in various different stages. 
I've never seen one before so found them fascinating. 

Anyway there was nothing for it but the shed had to go!
So who to call on for such a delicate heart wrenching demolition job? 
Why my son of course! 
I've never seen him so keen to take on a chore. 
No sentiment here obviously...let's just get stuck in!

Full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) was a must of course. 
Don't forget Captain Safe lives here ;D
It didn't stand a chance...although I did hear that it put up a fight!

 Don't worry I saved the little red table and chair...now that I couldn't part with
When I think of all the hours of devoted play times and meals, drawing, reading and colouring sessions enjoyed whilst sitting comfy. 
(well for some maybe...my knees would be near my ears but that's beside the point) 
I just couldn't let it go. I'm a little sad because it appears the second chair has disappeared :(
Maybe some other child loves it now? 
I hope so...anyway back to the shed...

It appears my son is a demolition expert and extremely quick too, but not very good on the clearing aspect. That's clearly something we'll have to work on.  

Now why not pop across to see Sally and the other Blue Monday posts? 
I'm sure you'll have a very happy Monday if you do. 

Smiling Sally

Happy Blue Monday to you all. 
I hope you have a great week whatever you have planned!
Have fun...https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508618.gif

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