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Wednesday 29 September 2010

Lip Smacking Finger Licking Good....

We all know there's a trend these days to obtain that Hollywood white gleaming smile, but why just keep it for us? What about our pooches? We're always told that dog's need to take care of their teeth, but when Muffin went earlier this year for her annual check-up it was mentioned that perhaps she could do with a little brush and polish....charge a mere AS$600+...eek! I haven't even arranged a dentist for the family yet.
Its always good to get a 2nd quote for any job you want doing.
(isn't that right dear? - see I do listen)
The 2nd quote came in cheaper - phewph - but not without a hidden cost. They wanted to just pull any teeth that were a problem! Heavens, a little serious... I then heard about one poor little pooch had just had 14 teeth taken all at once, but he was managing quite nicely....Hmm.
I can't imagine Muffin with dentures so we're taking drastic action.
Muffin is now on a teeth cleaning exercise.
I think she likes it - what do you think?

Come up for air Muffy....

Back to it....no rest for the wicked.

How good is that.....shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhuuuuuuuuppppppppppppppppp!
(yeah Shih Tzu's do have long tongue's)

I know, what about my poor lounger cushion? But what can you do she was on it like a shot. There have been times when we've found little pressies under the cushions (yuk) or once I heard my son shouting when she was trying to hide the chicken wing under his clothes, which were lying out on his sofa! Good tactic Muffy - he should put them away I know.
That'll teach him....

She will very often carry her biscuit in her mouth and peruse the place for a suitable hidden spot. She'll keep checking to see if anyone is watching and carry on looking until we make out we're not interested, then she'll place it carefully, covering it with anything near by and walk away....
"nothing to see here"...."move along"....

Not too bad when its a dry biscuit but not recommended when its a raw chicken wing.

Oh no, here she comes, "Seriously Muffin I don't need a kiss to thank me, honest".....
(backing away quickly)

Sunday 26 September 2010

Sneak Peep - work in progress (1)

I'm not sure I should even start with this blog - It'll put pressure on me actually to finish it.
Let me explain....I thought that it might be a great idea to give an old set of drawers a new lease of life. Call it a make-over if you will.
Namely a set of Honey Pine drawers that have been in storage for numerous years. I think really they have seen better days, but then I thought just because they have the odd scratch, pin hole, or just generally looking their age...aren't we all? The odd wrinkle, sun spot, and laughter lines come to us all, but that just shows that we've lived, doesn't it?

Here are all the drawers lined up ready for their make-over.
All relocated to the garage and here's the good part, I got to use a power tool.
Whoohoo and a female too!

They look so 70's but as you see later they've just led an active life, they're much younger than I thought.

Actually I have to confess whilst the power sander did get right into the job
(maybe with a little too much gusto, making my whole arm vibrate and jingle - not the best at any time - thankfully no witnesses)
I did prefer to use the sand paper...

You can imagine how much dust covered me after this.

It's amazing what you find when you look too ....
if anyone knows Paul H. then you can tell him his baby's all grown up and been all over the globe!

So its going to be an ongoing project and although I say it myself even now that the outer frame is clear of varnish its already looking better....

Watch this space...I'll be back....

Tuesday 21 September 2010

Books, Books, Books,

Books, books, books, I just can't get enough of them.
When I was young, it suddenly dawned on me that I would never be able to read them all, no matter how much time I spent reading. That was a hard fact to take in at a tender age.
Even at the age of eleven, I took myself off to join the local library and was devastated when I couldn't join, but after obtaining an adults approval and signature I left with ten books weighing me down.....sheer bliss.
So its not surprising that I've always wanted to join a Book Club.
Previously the timing has never been right for one reason or another but upon arriving in Melbourne, I was invited to join a Club.

(incidentally it took me ages to choose which book's would feature in this photo. Some you can't even see but they're there....)

Not only has it been fantastic in providing great idea's and recommendations for books - some I certainly wouldn't have chosen for myself - I've met some lovely new friends.

Gossip, giggles, and generally great girlie nights with fantastic books to boot!

I can't recommend joining a Book Club more, although sadly I'm aware you probably won't find one as good as mine.

Happy Reading....

Sunday 19 September 2010

Sunday Service....

Call me a typically reserved Brit, but when I first saw that the local council had organised a Community Planting Day for this morning, my immediate reaction was 'isn't that a great idea' but didn't think I'd get involved. But upon reflection, I realised I've walked this cycle path virtually every morning for the past 18 months and enjoyed every minute - so shouldn't I give a little back?
Armed with my own gardening gloves I took the plunge....

Everyone was enthusiastic and friendly. It was great to see such a wide variety of ages and everyone enjoying themselves...

Even with the amount of rain over the last month the ground put up quite a fight in parts, but we nailed it...
Like a true professional and so happy to be involved.
Pretty in pink too.

It came as a shock when I realised my pogo days are done, but had a giggle still trying to perfect the art of landing two feet in the upright position without landing in the shrubbery. The young girls soon gave a demonstration on how its done....

And then there were none!

All safely in tucked up in their new beds....

When the plants were sorted it was time for food.
With the BBQ fired up and the sausages sizzling already - how organised is that?
Happy Workers!

It'll be interesting to keep an eye on the new plants over the next few months and I'm so glad I volunteered. It's true the saying that if you give, you get so much more back.
I met some really nice people, had a pleasant morning in the sunshine at one with nature, and doing a good deed to boot! Not bad eh....?

Friday 17 September 2010

Porgie + Mr Jones

The weekend's fast approaching - yeeha!

Sheer bliss not to have to hear the deafening tones of my other half's mobile alarm blasting out 'The Entertainer' theme tune.
Trust me I don't feel that jolly in the morning. But even though there won't be an alarm to start the day, the idea of going out for breakfast is incentive enough.
Even more so when you have a cool little cafe like 'Porgie + Mr. Jones' in Hawthorn to visit.

I just love these cute little milk bottles.
They never cease to bring a smile to my face. Visions from my milk monitor days at school flood back....yes I can go even that far back!

Lovely smelling fresh bread

The other half wasn't impressed with having to wait whilst I took this shot.
I knew I'd get him back for that alarm.....

I took a photo of the counter and staff serving as you can see everyone was so busy its a blur.....quite literally, plus I was stopping the traffic to tables. Not the best idea.
Maybe I'll catch a better snap next time...

If there is a down side to visiting 'Porgie + Mr Jones' then it's possibly that you may have a little wait for a table at the weekend. It's so popular. It won't take long so just hang in there....there's a cute little courtyard at the rear to settle down with the papers until your table's ready.

You also get to pass the kitchen - which I always like to peek into....

Wednesday 15 September 2010

Queen Vic Market

After being without my car for two whole weeks - which is another blog sometime - you can imagine the cupboards were bare and cabin fever had truely set in, so what better than to get out and about whilst restocking.
I've always been in awe of the fresh produce available here in Melbourne and the markets are incredible. Its a pity that these pictures don't come with sound...it was buzzing.
The noise level increases dramatically as the afternoon sell off approaches.
Bargain's, bargain's bargain's...all 'one dolla'...
These photo's are from the Queen Vic Market. There is so much happening there that its maybe a good idea to give you the website link for you to have a look http://www.qvm.com.au/
So armed with my little wheely trolley (you don't even have to carry your load back to the car - how cool is that) off I went to see what I could find....

It certainly inspires you to want to cook up a storm when you see the variety of seasonal fruit and veggies available.

I just loved this display....not only good enough to eat but to paint too
I loved the baskets, crates and barrels

Such characters not only manning the stalls but wandering around trying to find that elusive fruit or long awaited seasonal old friend back to provide a mouthwatering treat....
Every nationality mixing together in the name of good quality fresh food

Once the fruit and veggies are in the bag....its indoors to the Deli, Meat and Fish stalls...what a treat. You name it they've got it....

I've just noticed that this display is mainly of Greek produce but there were so many more to choose from....

I'm now a regular visitor to all the markets around Melbourne. I don't think you can beat it.
They've certainly changed my shopping habits when it comes to buying fruit and vegetables.
Happy Shopping...

Tuesday 7 September 2010

Balinese carvings

I decided to get busy this morning. Well the sun came out and that always gets things moving. I decided to oil some of my Balinese wood carvings.
This needed to be done in the garage with the door wide open. I'd made the mistake of moving previous ones back into the living areas too soon which was a big mistake. Without putting too fine a point on it....they pong!

He's my favourite by the way

Although he always looks like he could do with a good dinner or some home baking

I could practically hear the wood sucking in the oil - they were that dry. Maybe I should try some on my own skin? You never know it could be the next new wonder product to get rid of all those wrinkles (not that I have any yet of course).
Hey, where did she come from? and then there were three....
By the time I'd finished these three I certainly was feeling whoozy and in need of a cuppa. Pity I haven't taught Mufftypup how to put the kettle on....she's not daft she was sitting on the driveway enjoying the warmth of the sun. Who says its a dog's life???

Thursday 2 September 2010

Meet the new neighbours...

What a treat to see the new kids on the block. I had my hands full on this mornings walk with Muffin's lead, poopy bag (come on Boroondarra council - we need more bins), camera and generally everything but the kitchen sink.
The sun was shining and after yesterdays downpour it was just perfect to give the nursery an airing....

Muffin thought I was having a funny turn as we went stealth-like into the undergrowth. I know its not the best thing for a wildlife shot to have your dog with you but she's getting used to my antic's now and just sits patiently waiting for me to move on.
We were rewarded for our patience though as they began to stretch their legs....as you can see Dad knows we're there

They are five little feather balls....

Yep, we're behind the tree....

But then the warning went up and off they waddled....home to safety.
That's enough for one day

So apologies to anyone walking this morning if you happened to see a very dodgy sight - a suspicious woman hiding in the undergrowth - well now you know why....
Enjoy that sunshine.

Wednesday 1 September 2010

MSFW - Muffin's Select Fashion Week

Muffin wanted to pay her tribute to MSFW Melbourne's Spring Fashion Week but with a difference this will be Muffy's Select Fashion Week.
One thing though there won't be a catwalk in sight.

Not quite Miss Wet T-shirt but she certainly was still damp after her morning walk.

A sporty little number....

Hey I thought I was on a break....

A tribute to our Scottish friends.

Here we have a rock chic with attitude.

It's no good Muffy looking at all those models with the luscious long legs - yes we'd all like those....dream on...

Caught in the act Muffin - eating a burger - just think about your modelling career...

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