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Saturday 27 May 2017

Meet my neighbour... the deer

My Sunday Photo was taken one day last week...a very wet day.
We have the ruins of an old barn just on our boundary and the local deer seem to be quite taken with stopping off for a snack.
I think this particular young buck is partial to bramble bushes.
As you can see...he certainly knew I was watching him, but he seemed not to mind.
I'm not sure if you can see from this photo below the leaf hanging out of his mouth. 
Here's a better look at him...as he carried on wandering.
It was a very wet evening and he looks a little more bedraggled than normal...but then who doesn't when they're caught in a downpour.
Here's a few more photo's.
...and finally an unedited photo of last nights amazing sunset.
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Thanks for visiting my place.
I know I've not been able to visit many of my fellow bloggers, but I hope to soon.
Have a great Sunday everyone.

Sunday 21 May 2017

My Sunday Photo...The Red Squirrel

I know quite a few people that dislike squirrels, especially if you like to feed the wild birds.
Having a marauder constantly visiting your feeders and physically watching the peanuts disappear before your eyes, must be quite annoying. 
But I have to admit I love to see a red squirrel and thankfully here in Scotland they are making a comeback. 
Maybe I'd like them less if they were actually raiding my garden feeders, but so far they seem to prefer the nearby woodland. Maybe the word hasn't got to them yet that I have three feeding stations in my garden, that are refilled every day!
Heaven help me if they do hear because I go through quite a fair amount of seeds and peanuts already.
These photo's were taken by my daughter through a bedroom window when she was staying near Alvah Bridge, Banff  here in the North East of Scotland.
As most photographers will know these frisky little critters don't stay still for long.
It's quite a challenge to capture a clear shot.
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Friday 19 May 2017

Ink Artwork...PPF

Hello everyone, 
I'm struggling with the lost of my best furry friend Muffy at the moment and I'm not sure when I will be ready to blog again (if ever) but I thought I needed to come over to thank everyone for their beautiful words, kind comments, and loving messages...plus cards and flowers. 
They have helped enormously...so thank you.

This ink drawing was created on the day of Muffy's operation.
I couldn't settle to do much, but to take up the ink pen seem the best option.
With these ink drawings my mind wanders away somewhere...I'm not sure where, which on that particular day was just what I needed.
(It's a grey day here today...which doesn't help with photographing)

Yesterday, I had an hour free and thought I'd revisit my tiger ink drawing that I started a while back. There's still quite a long way to go with this, but it's prefect to just nip in and out of when I feel I need to create some artwork.
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Thank you friends for being there.

Sunday 7 May 2017

Not cat amongst the pigeons...more dog amongst the chooks!

The arrival of chickens has certainly given Muffin a new mission.
We decided only to get four girls...2 Bluebells and 2 Marans, but they're numbers don't count in Muffin's mind...they are flighty, strange smelling and well worth thorough investigations)
Yesterday, as the girls were in their day care centre (the old ruined barn - or folly as we call it) 
Muffin went missing. 
After three of us running around like headless chickens (sorry I couldn't resist that) calling her name and doing all the usual familiar noises... but not a peep. 
Complete vanishing act! 
Hubby even went walking down the lane, just in case Muffin had decided to take a flight of fancy (sorry there's another pun) but no sign of her.
I thought she had been so transfixed with the girls that she probably wouldn't be far from them. 
So after searching around the folly I found nothing... so I went back to the coop. 
As I called her name, I suddenly saw that cute little white mischievous face peeking out of inside the coop!
As hubby was cleaning out the coop and generally going about his chores... he hadn't noticed Muffin sneak into the coop. 
You would think with three people shouting her name and generally causing a commotion,  that she might have given us some indication where she was...but not her. 
She was on a mission. 
Where had those girls disappeared to?
No Mr Foxy or any stray eggs left behind.
A complete mystery!
Muffin is extremely sick at the moment so these cute photos are precious to us. 
The arrival of the chickens has given her a distraction and she's showing her character...basically a mischievous minx.
She will be going into a specialist vet surgery for a major operations on Wednesday, so could I please ask that you keep us in your thoughts and send as much positive, healing energy our way.
She isn't in pain, just discomfort but basically wasting away if we don't have this surgery. 
Her mannerisms over these last few days have made it easy to decide that she's still full of life if this intestinal problem can be fixed. So we're willing to give it a go.
She'll be in hospital for a few days, so understandably I may be quite for this coming week or so.
Thank you for all the lovely messages and kind words.
We really appreciate them.
As usual for a Sunday I'm linking up to Photalife and Image-in-ing.blogspot.co.uk
Take care and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday
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