“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” ....Oscar Wilde

Monday 27 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 10) Nearly there.....

I've decided to have a little lunch break today...well we're nearly there with all the packing and organising. Phewph.....  
So I've a cuppa in hand and thought I'd share a moment with you. I hope you have a cuppa too?
I had to smile yesterday, when packing yet more of the kitchen items and came across this Beatrix Potter plate. It was my daughter's and there used to be more to the set, but they're obviously been lost along the
Who would imagine when she was a tot and had this little gift set that later she'd live for a short time in the lakes (The Lake District) - the home of Beatrix Potter and to even visit the cottage where Beatrix used to live.

Then I came across my son's mug from when he was younger....

It gets worse....look at the image on the other side of the mug...

It just highlights the difference....well with my two anyway. Hehe....;-)
It brought to mind the poem can be traced to the early 19th century - the battle of the sexes was raging even then!
'What are little boys made of?'

What are little boys made of?

Snips and snails, and puppy dogs tails
That's what little boys are made of !"
What are little girls made of?
"Sugar and spice and all things nice
That's what little girls are made of!"

That's it ....lunch over. Must get on.....I'll be talking to you from the other side soon....whoohoo!

Thursday 23 June 2011

Red-Rumped Parrots

This morning I had to escape the madness of the house move and do something different, so I decided to take my camera along on our dog walk. Well, I know I'm fed up with all this packing, so you must be from reading about it.....
For the last few days, I've noticed these cute little birds feeding on the oval. There have been quite a flock, but then that's when I haven't got my camera. Typical....Anyway, today I decided I'd try and capture them on camera, but finally when I was prepared, someone went past and spooked them (not me I might add) and they all flew up into the tree. But then I noticed this couple, so intent on their feeding that they just carried on.

He kept an eye on me, just in case, but I was surprised how near I could get to them.
I've spent so long looking online for their name, which has been maddening, because I have a bird book which I know has them listed. Unfortunately, like anything else I need this week its already packed!!!!

I believe they are Red-Rumped Parrots but please correct me if I'm wrong. I was tempted to open my book box to retrieve it (well that would mean three book boxes actually, because I wouldn't know which one it was in -  but I just couldn't bring myself to do that) After spending so much time online already, I've refrained from going through the boxes.

Now I really must take flight and get on...

Tuesday 21 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 9)

Its been a cold wet day here today, but then it is the winter solstice after all, so I suppose that can be expected. So guess what I did today....yeah....packing again!
I must be getting there soon.....surely. I've de-cluttered for every move, so why is there still so much stuff?
The trouble is we're at a delicate stage of the process....what are we going to need up to the last minute and what can be packed away? I've gone to get two things so far and realised they're already away. Grrr....very frustrating!
I'm begining to think I wouldn't be bothered if I didn't see some of these possessions ever again.
This photo below only shows one half of the room. Around the corner are yet more boxes.
I am just so looking forward to doing something else.....other than organising this move.
For instance, I've got a great recipe for another chocolate cake I am keen to try.

I only found out about these handy storage bags a few years ago from my sister. I just hadn't come across them before, but I think they're fantastic!
All the quilts (doona's) shrink so much, its incredible and great for storage.

Whilst preparing to return to Melbourne after spending the Christmas holidays in the UK, my sister witnessed me trying to launch my body across the cases, in the hope my holiday excess weight would help to close them. No such luck.
I must have been a good girl because Santa had been very good to me, but then my cases are always bursting at the seams. Its just something I can't do.....travel light!
My husband will testify to that fact.
Anyway, after much giggling, she nipped into a cupboard and produced some of these bags. After a quick whoosh of the hoover, they miraculously shrunk considerably in size and vwahhlla...case perfectly closed!

Wish I could do that to my waist size! But it is winter after all and I have to have my chocolate treat daily to keep me motivated. That's my excuse anyway... 
Maybe its the extra winter layers that's making me feel squidgable? Roll on spring......

Friday 17 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 8) The deed is done....

You can all rest easy now....I've gone and done it!
If you've been following this moving blog then you'll probably guess what I'm talking about. I finally took my daughters clothes to the charity shop. I just grabbed the bag on my way out to the car and drove straight to the charity shop, without too much thinking. It helped by having so many things on my mind and having four ports of call on the one journey.
I know it was a good job done and someone will love those little cute designer dresses, but I still feel their loss. It didn't help when the kind assistant swooped on my bag and before I could escape she was holding them up on their tiny hangers....it was touch and go for a while and I actually had a fleeting thought that I might have to buy them back again!

There's one thing that isn't going to the charity shop and that's 'Bobby Bear'.

 He was my daughter's first teddy bear and he's certainly a well travelled bear. He's been everywhere we've been. I'm not sure exactly why we have him in our possession, but maybe its when I mentioned to my daughter that perhaps it was time for her to keep him safe....my other half threw a little tizzy fit!
So he remains with us....for now anyway.
I've been busy for the last few hours in my bathroom cabinets and quite frankly I stink....quite literally. As I've come across perfumes, I couldn't resist squirting, even though I know by their colour its not going to be good, I still do it! I also couldn't resist applying creams and potions, which probably will result in me having an allergy rash by this evening.
What is it that prevents me just throwing these things straight into the bin? I always have to have a little battle with myself. Mascara's and makeup which could be a decade old....well maybe I exaggerate but they're getting on and I certainly don't need them. They end up in the bin but only after a fight. I even used the varnish remover and had a few drops of essential oils (thankfully they were within the expiry date). I think I may need some fresh air, because I feel they're all lying heavy on my stomach. Even Muffin is staying well clear of me too.....;-(

Thursday 16 June 2011

Lunar Eclipse

I couldn't believe it this morning, when I woke at 5.18am! Nothing new there really and in fact it was the second time I'd woken, but then I remembered I'd heard that there was to be a lunar eclipse and the best time to view here in Melbourne, would be 5.20am. 
I had seen the huge full moon earlier in the evening and thought it would be a spectacular sight, but didn't for one minute imagine I'd wake at the right time to see it. It just shows how the mind can be programmed even as we sleep.
I nipped into the bathroom to check if it I could see it ...I knew if the moon was visible, I'd see it from that window and sure enough...there it was. I couldn't resist and dashed for my camera. I knew I'd have to be quick to capture anything, and in my haste didn't even wrap up before nipping out onto the decking, to capture the image. Brrrr.......it was very chilly!
Here's the result.....and a few imperative points I must adhere to in future....
  1. Purchase new camera 
  2. Plus Tripod
  3. When shooting night photography ensure wrapped up sufficiently to stop camera shake from shivering!
  4. Set camera setting before dashing out the door - that way I'd know what setting I was about to use, instead of just guessing.
Ho hom ...here's the result....and unfortunately it was the best one out of five! Sigh......

Now this is the way to do it....its one I came across online, which I think is cool and really highlights my inadequacies.

Tuesday 14 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 7) Help....?

Oh I'm in such a dilemma today...but then I've been here on numerous occasions. I have a real predicament.
It's not the volcanic ash coming from Chile, which is causing havoc with Australian flights, or climate change issues, although they are prevalent. It's that I have some of my daughters baby clothes and I just can't seem to pass them on. I know its time to shed them after all she's a beautiful, healthy, intelligent, grown woman, but I've moved these little treasures across many continents, keeping them safe in storage for 20+ years.

You may wonder why I've photographed a black bin bag....? Well, the little treasures are held within.

  I've shown my daughter the dresses, thinking she might want me to keep them, but she's ready to let go...its just me that has the difficulty. I know that she wouldn't want keep them herself and she's given me permission to throw or give them away. I just can't seem to do it.....I've tried - really....
I've moved the bag numerous times, thinking they're heading into the car, to drop off at the charity shop for less unfortunate families, but it never makes it into the boot!
Is it just a mother thing I wonder?  But when I think back, I managed to give my sons clothes away when overseas. This was easier to do, because they went to very new young mum with a baby boy, who needed a helping hand.

Does anyone have any idea how I can do this with the least trauma? I'd love to hear from you....  

This is the butchers paper used for wrapping our household items....  I just couldn't resist the white crisp paper - it just needed something on it, and I suppose I needed a distraction for a few minutes.  
If I had time, I'd be tempted to get out my pencils and paints.

Why do I have so much crockery??? :-0

Friday 10 June 2011

House Move 11 (Part 6) It starts....

Today is the day... finally I've made a start. I'm determined to be organised, calm, and in total control over this house move... Hmm....yeah, then I have a sleepless night and realise its out of my control.  Especially during the paranoia hours. Between the hours of 2.30am to 5am, seem to be the worst.
But then its incredible how calm I become once the sun rises.

I have great faith in the removal company, which by the way has four generations of expertise behind them and come highly recommended. So I think they'll keep me on track.

It's like staring into the abyss...

But then once you start on a theme...ie a dinner service its full steam ahead and the space fills

I thought colour coding the boxes with a brief description on the tape might help everyone involved. Especially me...that way I'd know what goes where, or hopefully!

I know the next photo might set off hyperventilating. I'm not too obsessed with bubble wrap, although I can't resist the odd pop - if you pardon the expression. But I know there are some out there that this amount of wrap would send them into euphoric raptures, literally!

But then look at the size of roll....its a good job I haven't got a problem....

It's no good I must get on....enough of this procrastination....times marching on!
It's the long holiday weekend here but guess what I'll be doing?
Whatever you get up to, enjoy ;-)

Tuesday 7 June 2011

Muffin's Duvet (Doona) Day

Brrr....woke up this morning to a very chilly day. Melbourne is always a place to wear layers due to the quick variations in the climate, but today's layers involved (should I say...) thermals! I know not exactly the most feminine lingerie but mmmm.....lovely and cosy.
It was a brisk doggy walk this morning, with the wind whistling across the ovals. Even Muffy walked at a fair pace. 
She's done all her chores and had a good healthy brekkie, so now its time to get comfy and settle down for a snooze. ZZzzzZZZZ..........

I think she's wanting a duvet day or as they call them here 'doona' day.
In fact, I'm quite tempted myself....if only I could do that until the day after the house move.
Oh just heard on the radio that they're expecting snow on the hills later. Eek!
Mufftypup's cosy coat was a gift from Billy (another dog friend). Its perfect.
For something so small she has an incredible snore... ZzzzZZZZzz

I know she's in there somewhere...'cos I can hear her!

Monday 6 June 2011

Cooking Free Zone

Well what a weekend that was.....
I know I haven't managed to do any baking lately, but I haven't even had to cook anything either, since last Thursday! What a luxury.
What could be better than eating out with friends every night. I could get used to this, so much so that its come as quite a surprise tonight, that I've got to conjure up some culinary delight. Hmmm...(searching the fridge/freezer for inspiration)

I've been both online and on the phone for most of today, trying to organise in advance, the disconnection and reconnection's of all our services, before the big moving day. What joy....
You need the patience of a saint to accomplish this procedure, but after some yoga deep breathing exercises, copious cups of tea, and thankfully having a phone, I can use whilst walking around the house, I think I'm getting somewhere.
It was a beautiful day yet again, so I thought I deserved a little fresh air after all my trying tasks, so I began to rake up the millions of oak tree leaves. I didn't actually realise how many were lying there, until I nearly lost Muffin. She was virtually buried at one stage. Well, she will insist on being in the thick of things and poking her nose in....

Wednesday 1 June 2011

'Water For Elephants'...Girls Movie Night

 Brrr....this morning we woke to really cold temperatures here in Melbourne. I heard reports that it was only 3 degree's! But there again it is the first day of winter. The funny thing is that its supposed to reach 19 degree's later??? Crazy.....I wouldn't doubt it though, because you learn to expect anything here, weather wise. At least Muffin walked at a brisk pace trying to keep warm on our walk. Yes, I know I could have put her coat on, but sometimes you can grow old waiting for her to finish checking everything along our walk.

So it was good to get the blood flowing, especially after having a great night out last night with a few girls from our book club. We went to the cinema to watch 'Water for Elephants' We have read the book by Sara Gruen and thought it would be good to review the movie at the same meeting when discussing the book.
As you can see I purchased a copy on my Kindle. The vintage photographs were such a pleasant surprise too, but then I've always loved old black and white photo's.

I loved reading the book on my Kindle, especially at night with the little light.
I fell in love with 'Rosie'. I think she was definitely the star of the movie too. 
The Kindle is certainly proving an asset with my book club recommendations, although as I've mentioned before, I could never completely replace real life books. I just love books!
But with using the Kindle, I can now read so many more and then decide whether or not to purchase a copy for my bookcase.

I've always had a soft spot for h'efalumps (as my daughter used to call them)
Here's one little family we've had since 1994....I know elephants have a good memory unlike myself - I only know we've had them that long, because they have the date on them ;-)

From left to right let me introduce the family.....Melody, Marigold and Mum Elsie and Dad Lenny.
I'm really not so sad that I name my ornaments - I only know their names because they have them under their foot!
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