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Friday 5 November 2010

Up Up and Away in a Balloon

I couldn't believe the stupidity or what I thought was the stupidity of a guy when I happened to look out of my window onto the road. It appeared that he had what looked like a remote control aeroplane or helicopter control perhaps in his hand?
But surely not...the road is fairly heavily tree lined and has numerous telephone cables etc so to think that someone would be trying to fly something in this area was just ludicrous to my mind. There's also masses of space on the nearby sports ovals.....so what was he thinking?

Motto of this story is don't jump to any conclusions until you know the facts.....
Looking up into the sky to check, I then saw what he was flying....a huge balloon with a camera underneath it. It was amazing to watch.
I then started to take photo's of it until I realised he was taking photo's of a nearby house that is going on the property market. He was taking the amazing ariel shots that I'd seen in the magazines and I have to confess that I hadn't given a thought as to how they were obtained.

Now I know....and look at that cloudless blue sky.
I then realised that I was hanging out of my window to get a good shot and that the neighbours might not like the fact that I was going to be on their promotion photo's. Imagine that wouldn't do the selling price any good, so I quickly decided to hide!

It's okay I think I got away with it because I've seen the shots and you can't make out that its me hanging out of the bathroom window, they've blurred that part.

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