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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

A Giveaway...What's on Your Work Desk? WOYWW and other hotchpotch....

Well I made it everyone...I'm back in Melbourne from our winter wonderland holiday in Canada.
I sometimes feel I'm not quite in the land of the living yet after constantly travelling for 27 hours nonstop and crossing so many time zones along the way....it's all a little blurry.
I'm also having the odd out of body experience (like not remembering where anything is stored in my own kitchen) but at least the jetlag isn't an issue....I normally wake at 4am anyway!
It could of course be something to do with being blonde or my age (ha...as if) but I'm having none of that and just putting it down to all the travelling and trying to get back into the swing of things...no matter what!

Thankfully, when we arrived back the temperature here wasn't up to the 40 degrees that Melbourne had been experiencing whilst we were away...it was a lovely 23 degrees...just perfect to warm us up slowly. 
So thank you friends whichever one of you found the temperature control button and tweaked it down a notch...otherwise I'd be similar to this poor hibiscus that I found in the garden! 
It's now in intensive care and we're hoping for a miracle :-(

But before I get lost nattering away...one of the first things I must do is to thank everyone who visited Canada with me...it was great to have you come along and I know it was a challenge at times, especially when the temperature dropped to -25 degrees!
I also have to mention that upon arriving home there was the inevitable pile of post...but this time there wasn't just bills and junk mail...I also had some wonderful presents sent from friends from across the globe. 
My bloggy buddies!
 (I'll be in touch to give you my personal thanks as soon as I can as I have to say I felt very spoilt.)
 I've met some lovely people over the time that I've been blogging and hope it continues into 2013. 

So with that thought in mind I thought I'd pass on some of that cosy, warm, fuzzy feeling, spread some of the smiles and have a 'GIVEAWAY' with Mufftypup picking the winner once again. 
We had such a fun time doing that at the last giveaway plus Muffy wins every time because typically she works the system and doubles her own body weight with fresh chicken...so she'll be all for it! 
I'll be posting the details of the giveaway in the next day or so...I hope you can join in. ;D
 As you can imagine after having a month away, plus we did have a New Zealand trip just weeks before that so I'm trying desperately to get back to some sort of normal routine which is proving harder than I thought. Hence I've not had much chance for my art which quite frankly isn't good enough, especially as I had decided for 2103 that I would be more committed to it...I may well be committed but it won't be to my art, if I don't stop trying to be an octopus spinning too many plates in the air all at once!

Oh here we go....I've just realised its Wednesday which used to be WOYWW for me, so I'll quickly show you my desk in the hope that Julia (our host over at Stamping Ground) will forgive this hotchpotch post. I'm hoping the sunshine outside the window here might distract her and I'll get away with it.
I promise to get my act together ~ seriously :D

But in the meantime why not visit some of the other WOYWW gang as I'm sure they'll be far more organised :-$

I only managed to join the WOYWW gang once whilst in Canada but if you would like to take a peak then just click here on my work desk.
Which has just reminded me about the red squirrel friend who visited us every day and took a great liking to sticky toffee puddings!

 I can't help but wonder how Nutkin is coping in our absence. 
I did leave him enough food to feed him throughout the winter plus every other critter within a 100 kilometre radius!
 He never writes...he never phones....hmm...typical.
He's probably working those eyes on the next guests already.

Anyway I must dash so I'll hopefully see you for the 'Giveaway' don't forget to check back....
In the meantime don't forget to have fun whatever you get up to :D


  1. Oh my, he's the cutest ever, even better than the other photographs you posted. I'm betting Nutkin is missing you my dear, I know I am. :o)

    Oh, did I say here in the last day or two (mind like a sieve) that I LOVE your new header photograph??

    I owe you an email my sweet friend. Muffypup is looking sexy in her new jumper, hehehe.

    1. I know Jenn, that photograph of him is my favourite.
      I'm not so sure he's missing us...more the sticky toffee puds or the chocolate chip cookies.

      Aww...I'm missing you too. It was a shame we were so near yet so far. Maybe on my next trip I'll make sure I stop off at Vancouver and we'll may be able to meet up. Never say never eh?

      Thanks for the compliment to my header but it's the one I used for the first year of blogging, then I thought I'd challenge myself and change it seasonally, but it is the one I like the best. ;D

      I was going to post the photo of her in the new jumper but thought I'd do that separately...you know what she's like...she likes to make a statement! ^..^
      Chat again soon xoxo

  2. So glad the temps cooled down a bit for your return Denise! We are having a bit of a cold snap here at the moment. brrr . . . xxoo

    1. Well they did Marie but tomorrow they'll shoot up to 39 degrees again!
      Maybe the cold snap over with you might help with your preparations for your trip to Canada?
      How's your packing? Have you got enough thermals?

      It's been very surreal here because on the first day back I couldn't get over how much brown flesh was out on show, with flimsy bright colourful clothes...then I had to remind myself ahh yes it is summer after all!

      I'll be over to check how you're getting on soon

  3. Good morning Neesie from a very cold Lancashire UK can you send over a bit of your heat please I can't get my fingers moving.
    Lynn // 66

    1. Hello Lynn,
      Happy New Year to you...it's been ages since we chatted.

      Now you say a very cold Lancashire...by that do you mean you've dipped into the negative degrees! Let me tell you -26 is cold!!!

      But we can certainly send some warmth from over here. There's certainly enough to go around.

      I wonder can you just wave over to Cheshire and all my family for me ;D

      Thanks for stopping by and I'll pop over to you soon xoxo

  4. hi neesie, thanks for stopping by! and you clever thing - adding a link in the actual message - genius!!
    love the lil squirrel :)
    happy WOYWW xx
    no. 2

    1. Hmm...genius, I think I like that!!! Thanks

      Enjoy WOYWW ~ have a good week and lots of fun :D

  5. Glad you can back with your number, but your link on Julia's takes me to your control panel. Might want to correct it so people can find you easier (and the URL that came with your comment goes to your gravatar not your blog!) I have NO IDEA how that works with blogger but thought I would give you a heads up.

    Loving Mr Squirrel. He sounds just like my son at Uni (never writes, never calls, always wants us to have a pizza delivered ....) And happy happy WOYWW. Stay warm :D

    MA (1)

    1. Thanks for the heads up,
      I've double checked the links and they all works fine...I think it could have some compatibility issue with you using Wordpress but there again I'm not sure?
      But glad you found me anyway!

      Mr Nutkin Squirrel is quite a handsome beast isn't he? I felt so privileged to have him call every day. :D

      I've got a son just like that too (LOL)
      Have a great week ;D

  6. Happy to hear you made it home safe and sound. It is amazing to go from one fairly extreme climate to another isn't it? 27 hours in transit sounds daunting.


    1. Hi Darla,
      Yep all back safe and sound.
      I was amazed that after four pitstops in transit we sort of just drifted along going through the motions. I think after 14 hours on a long haul flight it all becomes a blurr! lol

      I hope your week is going well and I'll pop over to you soon ~ have fun!
      p.s. I'm aware that I owe you an email and I will get to it soon ;D

  7. Hi Neesie, I will be moving to Brisbane in March, so not near enough to pop in for frothy coffee but you can keep me straight on all things Oz!! ;) Love the photo of your little squirrel friend, I can see that being a fabby card of some sort!! Hope the jetlag sorts itself out, not looking forward to that many hours of flying!! Annette #3

    1. Hi Annette,
      Oh what an exciting adventure for you all. Brisbane is wonderful and I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time there.
      You're right it is a little distance (everything in Australia is on a completely different size scale than the UK) but only a two hour flight away so just a hop really!
      We've been to Brisbane on many occasions and actually stayed on holiday there once for six weeks. I began to think I was actually living there and it came as a surprise when we had to leave!
      If you want to ask anything then I'm certainly willing to help if I can...just fire off an email whenever.
      I'm not sure how much long haul flying you've experienced but I'd just advise like everyone does to drink masses of water and to take walks to the back of the plane and do stretch exercises.
      I remember when we first flew and reached Australian shores I thought...ahhh we've made it, but then it took 5 hours to travel across Oz to get to Melbourne! That's how big it is!!!

      I've got so many questions but I'll just follow you on your blog and maybe all will be revealed.
      Good luck with your preparations and wind down. It'll be brilliant so don't worry! xoxo

  8. I look forward to your blog. LOVE your artwork & humor!
    Grandma Nancy Sapp (central IL)

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and encouragement.
      It's good to hear that what I find interesting or natter about is enjoyed by others ;D
      I don't normally publish anonymous comments but then I realised it was you Grandma Nancy Sapp :D

      Have a great week ~ enjoy!

  9. Welcome home! I've missed your artsy efforts but I loved seeing your snowy sojourn in Canada. Don't be too hard on yourself....all that traveling and radical temperature change and being gone for so long will take its toll. I'm glad you're home safe and sound.

    1. Hellooooo Terrie,
      Thank you for your kind welcome and bless you for the lovely comments too ;D
      I need to send you an email and I hope to get there this afternoon.
      The temperature is rising today to 39 degrees C and not dropping overnight much lower than 31 so I've decided I'm not doing much today...
      I'm just going to play, draw and visit people online! ;D
      Perfect day then (lol)

      I'll be over to you soon, in the meantime have fun with lots of creativity my friend xoxo

  10. Ooh glad the temperature was kind to you. I enjoyed popping in on your Canadian holiday and enjoyed the snow, but with snow now forecast here, I'm starting to dread its arrival! I shall stay in the warm and stay safe no fear. Your studio is looking lively and I look forward to your travel inspired drawings. Take care Zo xx 80

    1. Thankfully it was Zo, but not so today because it's rising to 39 degrees and not dropping overnight either. It's forcast to be 31 overnight! YUK!

      I'm glad that you enjoyed your jolly with me and really after coping so well with the snow there, your little flurries now will be no problem! But just make sure you keep safe and cosy.

      I'm ready to have a play in the studio today because I can't possible do anything outside. Well that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!

      See you soon...have fun and keep creating xoxo

  11. I found as I got older that no matter what I did, vacation, traveling long distances for extended periods of time, taking time off from crafting etc it always too longer to get back into the swing of things. I have not felt well for a couple weeks and everything has gone by the wayside so I am out of sync also. Love the picture of Nutkin the quarrel. He is so cute! Thanks for sharing and I and hoping you have a great week! Vickie #43

    1. Hey Vickie, don't forget we're just spring chickens! ;D

      I'm sorry to hear that you're not feeling well at the moment. Hopefully you'll be back in action soon.

      I'm glad you like Nutkin...he does tend to win people over with that look. I know some people think of squirrels as vermin but you have to admit he's cute!

      I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're feel better soon ~ take care xoxo

  12. Welcome home Neesie :D I hope it doesn't take you too long to get back to order and get cracking with some new delicious art for us to feast our eyes on. It's about -5C here, so rather nippy but nothing like what you had in Canada thank heavens :)
    Nutkin is so cute just sitting there, I'm sure he'll be there to greet you again when you go back, waiting for some more pudding :)

    1. Minus 5 BAH!!!! You're just playing at it (lol)
      Hey we've gone up a gear today to 39 degrees and it's not going to drop below 31 for tonight, which will make a very interesting night ahead.
      I think I'll be sleeping in the pool! ;D

      It's funny that you say Nutkin will be there when we return because when my daughter saw that he adored chocolate chip cookies, she remembered when she was visiting in the summer (without us) a squirrel came into the lounge and jumped up on the table and pinched a cookie!
      She thinks it might well be the same one ~ he was cheeky enough.

      So stay cosy and warm and I'll nip over to see you soon...to cool down for a wee while. :D


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