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Friday, 27 March 2015

Paint Party Friday...Peony and Perfume

I'm feeling quite pleased with myself today because as regular visitors will know, I normally only have unfinished work to bring to Eva and Kristin's PPF 'show and tell' but not so today. 
Oh no my friends, I have finished work... in fact, I have two pieces of art work to show you. 
Yes two!!!
Here's the first which I started at the beginning of the week.
My pink peony.
It shows that I'm now back in my art studio and not working on the kitchen table.
Here's a link that shows the peony painting at it's conception...(click here if you missed it earlier)
I was obviously going through a pink stage, which for anyone who knows me knows that it isn't the norm for me. But I do love my pink peony in my garden but it's been so long since I last saw it...
Thankfully I can happily report that there's signs of life in the garden border at last.
New shoots have appeared... woohoo... spring has sprung.
I may have taken a step too far by adding some glitter to the tips of the petals on the main plant.
Call me reckless but I just couldn't stop myself.
I'm not sure it shows up very well in this photo, but it's there... well in fact it's EVERYWHERE!
And to think I was careful with my application, using it very sparingly.
I'm like a fairy sprinkling fairy dust as I go... it's now scattered throughout the house.
Just how far or easily can glitter travel?
Obviously far and wide! 
(I need to just whisper here that I'm not sure if it's actually finished or not... I know I said it was, but I'm still not sure? What do you think? All comments and advice gratefully accepted)

And so on to my second entry...
Now let me explain before we start... (why is there always an issue with me?)
I wanted to try to paint a perfume bottle like the extremely talented Tracey Fletcher King
Tracey's art and blog posts are legendary and she's going from strenght to strenght. 
No one deserves success more than her, so grab a cuppa (she'll approve trust me) and head over to her place. NO WAIT.... Maybe you should carry on here first and then look at her work. 
A sort of before talent and after! 

The next thing I need to explain is the actual perfume bottle itself.
This bottle of Jean Paul Gaultier's 'Classique' is nothing like what you'd be able to purchase today.
Mine has been fermenting like a great fine wine or a single malt whiskey.
Not intentially, but it has been lost and forgotten over time in the dark depths of an old overnight bag that I found when trying to find a boot to make up a matching pair.
(Another long story which I'll spare you of today)

Anyway... I did find the missing boot plus this bottle of perfume (but not in the same place) but the perfume colour has changed quite considerably
(possibly giving away just how long I've had it to an expert eye)
It actually still smells pretty good and I have to confess that I've been wearing it around the house... I'm not sure that I'm brave enough to wear it outside, although thankfully no-one's commented on a strange pong smell when I'm in their vicinity.
So I'm taking that as a positive.
(but can I just say here and now... I wouldn't say no to some new perfume if a certain someone wants to buy me some... ...if by some miracle he actually reads this blog)  
I was quite pleased at one stage with this, but as usual with me I went on and passed that stage when I should have known better and stopped.
There's so many faults here that I'll not bother explaining them... besides you'll know or see them for yourself.

I remember when my hubby actually bought me this perfume and I also remember being both delighted and quite shocked by the bottle. I'd never seen any other bottle quite like it.
So that should indicate just how many years ago it was when he bought it. 
But I'm sure my hubby was drawn to the perfume and smell and nothing else (hmm...)
I did have fun challenging myself with this one, because I didn't use any pencil lines at all.
Well almost until very near the end, then I used my Derwent Inktense watercolour pencils for the lettering and just a little touch here and there. 
Normally, I use a pencil, ruler and a lot of anxiety when drawing.
I have no idea why I get so hyped up, but I'm trying very hard to just loosen up. 
I think I've been saying that for years now...
Here's a sample of my gin bottle if you missed it from an earlier post which  shows how I would usually draw.

Time's marching on so let the party commence and don't forget to nip over to Tracey Fletcher King and Paint Party Friday for some amazing art work.
Paint Party Friday
I'm also linking up with Sunday Sketches too.
Here's the link...
Sunday Sketches

Have a wonderful weekend whatever you have planned... and until we meet again don't forget to have fun and keep smiling 


  1. Love that Peony Neesie!! And i say bring on the glitter!!! lol You can never have enough glitter. Hugs! deb

    1. Do you Deb? Thanks so much and yes I'm still finding everything sparkling this morning and the sun's not even up yet.
      It seems I'll be having another glitter day whether I want it or not!
      Have a fantastic Friday and thanks for stopping by once again.

  2. You are so talented...I adore that peony...wow and so impressive is the perfume too!! Wow...I like to wear my old stuff around the house too... and my new stuff...I may look scruffy in my paint shirt, but I am bathed and wear perfume...for ME!! Hope you get a new one!! If not buy your own...you're worth it!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Now let's not get carried away there Giggles (you'll make me blush) but I'm happy to hear your opinion.
      I love the idea of you swanning around the home leaving a perfume cloud in your wake. Quite right too.
      I'm not holding my breath for a new bottle so maybe you're right I should just go and get one. Hmm.... decisions. Maybe I should chose a bottle that I might be able to paint this time?
      Have a great weekend and hugs back to you

  3. you are bloody awesome you know... I have looked at those bottles quite a few times and haven't been game to try them yet, so I think you are fearless in the extreme... and it looks great... and the peony is just beautiful... I adore peonies so I love this... and the gin is inspiring me to start think Friday afternoon beverages... I had been thinking Pimms as it was still ridiculously hot and humid but then I had a nap and the humidity is gone and it is actually lovely... my nap magically made autumn arrive... there is no end to my talents.. as an aside Phants and I have been watching the GBBO masterclasses and today she declared Mary Berry the Yoda of baking... kind of perfect right... well I am rambling now so I will leave you there ... give Muffy a big smooch from me...xx

    1. HAHAHAHA! not as awesome as you my friend ;D
      Well now there's the challenge for you... you can now show how it should be done... game on!
      I'm not so sure about the fearless thing though possibly crazy dumb thing. In my defence though when I looked at the photo this morning it looks nothing like the original. I think it was still wet and crinkly (a bit like me after my shower!!! Wow... far too much information there)
      The sun's not quite up yet never mind going down, so I couldn't possibly join you in a Friday beverage. But maybe I'll toast you later today?
      Ridiculously hot and humid you say... I wonder how that feels :/
      When you next take a nap can you concentrate on over here please Trace and warm us up a wee bittee please? Ta very muchly
      Tell Phants that Mary B is revered here and getting more and more popular... if that's possible. I watched an Easter special programme starring her and Paul. I hadn't planned on doing any Easter baking until seeing that programme... sometimes you can go off people.
      Ha only joking Mary... how could I?
      Anyway from one rambler to another... have a wonderful autumnal weekend and I'll give Muffy your smooch (when she finally decides to honour us with her presence).
      Say hi to Sinus and Phants too .

  4. Beautiful wtaer colours, you have talent! Hugs, Valerie

    1. Oh Valerie-Jael that means so much to me... thank you so much
      Hugs back to you. Have a wonderful weekend too

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks Susi,
      I enjoyed spending time thinking about spring and summer whilst painting it because the weather outside wasn't good.
      Thanks for visiting my place and I hope you have a great weekend
      Happy PPF to you too

  6. you can never have too much fairy dust! I like the edition to the petals, you have done a great job on the perfume bottle... glass is so tricky

    1. Hehe... well that's what I'm telling myself as I shimmer and sparkle
      I think I'd like to have another shot at the perfume bottle because I know I could paint better... but there are so many other things to paint I might have to just move on for now.
      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment and I hope you're having a great weekend

  7. Well, it's a feast for the eyes Neesie - your peony is gorgeous and I remember those perfume bottles well! I laughed at your description of finding it while looking for something else entirely - sounds very familiar to me! Good on you for tackling a difficult subject and kudos for doing it without the safety net of a pencil and rubber (I've never been able to use that word without remembering telling my Canadian penpal at age 11 that I collect novelty rubbers and her telling me they call them erasers as rubbers meant something else entirely!!)

    1. Aww bless you Nic, your kind comment has me grinning like a Cheshire Cat ;D
      I'm been searching off and on for my lost boot for a few months and just thought it would appear at some stage. But then when we were having a new carpet fitting into the wardrobe I found that I actually had five shoes missing too!
      Finally I found them in all in a box at the bottom of cupboard in the art room!
      I have my suspicions as to who may have put them there... he's definitely got a problem. Anyway, all's well that ends well.
      I'm not so sure I've been sane trying to draw without a safety net and now I'm thinking I'd like to have another go and do it my usual way.
      Giggle giggle snigger snigger... I know exactly what you're saying with the rubber/erasers story Nic because I've been there too with a statement ;D
      I hope you're having a great weekend and thanks for visiting my place once again.

  8. Gorgeous watercolors! Love the color of peony. :)

    1. Thanks NatashaMay,
      I'm still learning to use my new paints so it's a learning curve. I still feel we're only at the polite conversation stage at the moment.
      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping at my place.

  9. I LOVE your Peonies, even with the glittery tips. Your bottle illustrations a la Tracey are great too, especially the Gin, which I can imagine in a magazine ad. Blessings, my friend!

    1. Apologies for my late reply... it's been quite a week,
      I'm so happy to read that you LOVE my Peony. I'm not sure that I like or needed the glitter but there you are it's done. I know now that I won't be adding any to any further paintings so it's good in that respect. Learning curve ;D
      I'm pleased with the gin bottle... which is now in my son's room and unfortunately not in a magazine.
      Blessings to you too... I hope you're having a great week

  10. OOh! My favourite perfume and my favourite Gin in the same post. Your illustrations are fab.
    I know what you mean about glitter sometimes being a step to far but this is perfect. Happy PPF!

    1. Hehe... well isn't that a coincidence to have two of your favourite things in one post.
      At least I now know that I don't like or want any glitter again... on anything!!!
      Apologies for my late reply Fuzzie Fingers but it's been quite a week.
      I hope you are having a great week
      Happy belated PPF to you

  11. wonderful watercolours. Happy PPF

    1. Aww thanks Clare,
      I've still got quite a way to go on my journey of discovery... especially with using new paints too
      Happy belated PPF to you

  12. Well aint you the clever one!?! That Peony is completely gorgeous and looks exactly like the one in my neighbours garden. Such pretty flowers and you have captured that perfectly.
    Your perfume bottle is so cool, and I am mightily impressed that you didn't use pencil at all on it. Awesome! And then that gin bottle; I've said it before but I don't care, it is SUPERB!!
    Have a totally excellent weekend, whatever you are doing {{Hugs}} xox

    1. Tell me your neighbours Peony isn't flowering right now Mo, otherwise I'm moving North. You must have a tropical something or other happening if so. Mine has just tiny shoots popping their heads out to check if it's time... with the weather we've been having today, they'll go right back where they came from.
      I think I might be tempted to redo the perfume bottle because I know I can do it better. I know I've posted the gin bottle before but it is my favourite.
      I hope you're having a totally excellent week too. I'm getting ready for visitors so it's pretty hectic but getting excited now as the time get's near.
      Apologies for such a delay in my reply but I've had my head in the oven (don't worry only for cleaning)
      Have a great week and chat soon

  13. Hi Neesie. What a beautiful watercolor. Love that perfume bottle as well. Very well done.

    1. Thanks GlorV1,
      I had fun painting this one but I'm still learning to use the new paints.
      I'm not so keen on the perfume bottle and might have another go at it.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.
      Have a great week

  14. Your peony is so lovely. Glitter is good - maybe the only way we can come close to portraying how those flowers sparkle in the garden. Wonderful perfume bottle - I think most of us struggle with loosening up - I know I do

    1. I'm not convinced on the glitter but at least I tried it.
      I've still got so much to learn on my journey... loosening up and getting to know my new paints.
      Apologies for my late reply to your comment belefrogworks... it's been quite a week.

  15. That peony has such beautiful shape! Between the two of us... I can smell your prefume...😉.Smells just fine to me!!

    1. Hehe... you can smell me??? Thank goodness I smell okay then, Minnemie ;D
      I need to keep painting because I don't really feel I know these new paints yet, but that's all part of the fun. They're gorgeous, so now I have to do them justice.
      Sorry to take so long in my reply... I can't believe that we're nearly to another Friday and I haven't visited everyone yet.
      Have a great week... I'll hopefully see you over at your place soon.

  16. Great work with the peony, I really like how you have the other peonies and leaves with less definition in the background and the main peony so clear and beautifully painted.

    1. That was me playing at being loose Sheila... it was difficult for me but I like the outcome. I'm going to try to do this more.
      I didn't want to just have the main Peony sitting all alone.
      Thanks for calling at my place to leave a comment. I must apologise for my tardiness in replying promptly (as I would normally) but it's been a really busy week.
      I hope you're week is going well and gets better for the coming weekend.

  17. What a lovely assortment of paintings. You painted them all so well -- the alluring perfume bottle, the gin and the peony. Great work!

    1. I was happy to finally post some finished work to PPF. Normally I've only unfinished work.
      Thanks for stopping by to comment Joy and normally I'd have replied much earlier than this but it's been a crazy week.
      I hope to start visiting soon

  18. I've really enjoyed reading this post and finding out the stories behind your paintings! It makes them all the more interesting! Love the glitter on the peonie - you're very brave to let yourself loose with it, I'm sure I'd be finding it everywhere!

    1. Aww I'm so happy to read your comment Clare,
      I always like to receive feedback especially when it's so positive... thanks
      As to the glitter I'm not convinced I'd ever us it again. I don't think I was brave at all... more naive. If I'd have known I'd be finding it everywhere for days then I certainly wouldn't have used it.
      Have fun and enjoy your week.

  19. I'm so impressed by your watercolors. I have yet to have the courage to try them... Your peony is beautiful as are your bottles - both perfume and gin. I had to laugh about you needing to stop your painting when you didn't. I recently read a quote that said something like: "When you are thinking that you'll add just one more thing, stop before you do it because your painting is done." It's hard for me to remember... xoxo Silke

    1. Oh Silke, you should have a play. I've got so much to learn but I'm continuing with my journey. I'm not really keen on either the Peony or perfume but I do like the gin bottle.
      I'm liking your quote and will try to remember it before I go one step too far.
      Thanks for visting my place and leaving a comment. It's always great to natter with fellow artist.
      Now I'll visit you soon to see your 'watercolours' (hehe) Now I have a quote for you... "feel the fear but do it anyway"
      Have fun ;D

  20. Neesie, lovely watercolour paintings. I especially love your peony! Wow! So beautiful and love your studio view. Utterly cosy!! :)

    1. Aww thank you so much Alexandra, it's great to have you come to visit my place.
      I see we have the same watercolour paints too. Now I just hope I can learn to use them like you.
      I'm awfully late with my replies and visits but I hope to catch up soon.
      I hope your week is going well and gets better as the weekend approaches.

  21. Every time I use glitter in a workshop I find it on everything for weeks afterwards too. I think its really brave to challenge yourself to try new techniques and you have done a great job! Ellie

    1. I'm not sure about what my style is or so many things Ellie... it's quite a journey but hopefully I'll arrive at my destination one day.
      I'm getting used to my new paints at the moment which is both fun and terrifying.
      Apologies for such a late response to your comment.
      Have a great week and thanks for calling.

  22. Neesie, What lovely paintings... and an outstanding blog post! I really enjoyed reading it this morning along with my coffee and little birds tweeting in the background. What a nice way to start my day.
    ~ karen

    1. Aww Karen, thank you for your lovely comment. You'll be having me blush ;D
      But I must say I was thrilled to read what you'd written and couldn't stop smiling. Positive feedback is the best.
      Have a wonderful week and thanks once again.

    2. Ahh ha I see you are my latest new follower too... doing a happy dance here Karen. Thanks ;D


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