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Monday, 1 June 2015

Happy Monday

Well helloooo June, 
Let's hope it warms up a fair bit because May was atrocious!
I always try embrace all the different weather we have here in the UK, because that's what I missed when we lived abroad. 
But I'm afraid May tested me and took me to the brink at times. 
I can't believe that Muffy and I had a great walk this morning.
As you can see she loved the freshly cut grass. 
The smell even caught my attention. 
The sky larks where hovering and singing their amazing song, but even with the sun shining there was no escape from that chilly brisk wind. 
In fact, it's been bothering us for weeks now and quite frankly I think it should move on...
Here's Muffypup having a good roll around with gay abandon...
We're not in any hurry... no of course not.
Slow and stop was the order of the day.
Unfortunately when you roll around in an open park there's a fair chance that you'll roll in some indescribable gunge... duck, crows, seagulls and other doggy doodoo's.
So needless to say she had to have a compulsive bath when we got home.
Let me tell you the windows were flung  open and thankfully I always have a towel in the boot for such occurrences.  
That'll be a gold star for me then...
And here she is... our Aga magnet. 
(Who needs fridge magnets? Not in this house anyway)
Thankfully because the Aga hasn't been switched off for summer
(even though there's only 22 days until mid summer)
She's able to stay cosy whilst she dries off.
I tried using the hairdryer but sometimes it gets her too excited and it's game on... chase me... chase me. There's no way she'd get the concept of the limited electrical lead restricting me in the chase.
Anyway... all the high jink are over for the time being and it's time to settle down. 
It's been quite a morning...
 I think I could just snuggle up with her, but unfortunately I've got a lot on my 'To Do' list today.
We were away over the weekend, so hopefully I'll be able to post a little about it. I'm also participating in Tracey Fletcher King's Delicious Paint class which should be fantastic.
I'm also getting ready for visitors and the garden hasn't been touched since last Thursday. 
I may need a rope attached around my middle before I head out there. 
It's been some time but because the blue towel has reminded me about Blue Monday... 
I'm linking up today. I hope to see you over there. 
Have fun with your week and if you've visited me and I haven't returned the compliment yet, then I'm on the case... it just might take me a little time to catch up. 
Here's one last photo
As you can see... she's not going anywhere until that weather warms up!
(p.s. if you like reading about Muffy's antics she's actually got her own Instagram account now. I know but what can you do? 
Here's her addy... the_world_according_to_Muffy

Happy Blue Monday to you all
Blue Monday Instructions


  1. Hi Nessie,

    I've missed you!

    Please correct Blue Monday's link to read: http://smilingsally.blogspot.com

    Thanks for playing today.

    Have a Beautiful Blue Monday!

  2. Such a cute pup! Love her all nestled in the blue towel.

  3. What a cute puppy and love the photos. I am a dog lover too. New follower :)
    Joy @ Books and Life

  4. Aww, she looks so snuggly in her blue towel. You're such a good mum for making sure she has prime spot on the Aga, lol. I love that she responds to my comments on Instagram. Such a polite wee thing she is too. :)
    We're ready for some decent weather across here too Denise. The chill in that wind is still getting to places it shouldn't be and I've had enough I say! My thermals should be keeping the moths warm by this time of of year! Lol
    Have fun in Tracey's class. I do hope you've got the shiniest apple for her.
    Looking forward to any pics you care to share xoxo

  5. Sweet photo shares! I am getting sleepy looking at that snuggly furry friend! Hee Hee! enjoy your week and thanks for sharing.

  6. Smooches from the Girls for the critter in the towel. That is until they realize she's a....Dog! Even tho they're probably the same size as McMuffy they'll run n hide. :) Love the pics of the little Muffy rolling around in it. :) Sadly I'm not on Instagram so I'll miss her antics there. Don't forget about us bloggers, please. Hugs

  7. You do have the cutest dog!!!!
    Sandy xx

  8. Dogs will roll in the most disgusting stuff with such joyful abandon. ;)
    Muffy looks like I feel today.


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