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Thursday 31 December 2015

Christmas Elves kicking back!

I've changed my post slightly today with the events that have happened over the last 24 hours.
People have seen the weather reports and news footage from the UK, and have sent messages and notes to check on whether we're okay here, from the four corners of the globe.
Canada, Australia, Middle East, South of the UK to way up high at the top of Scotland.
When something like this happens you realise just how technology keeps you in touch with family and friends.
I have to say I was deeply touched and appreciated each and every one of them.
I should state right here and now that we are fine after the storm 'Frank' visited yesterday... but I know we are extremely lucky and many people out there haven't been.
We live on a high hill and so were not effected by the River Dee flooding it's banks.
I've seen incredible footage of familiar places that are virtually unrecognizable now.
But as with disasters there are always wonderful stories of good will and incredible caring people pulling together from the local community.
So thank you to all of the emergency services, agencies, helpers, carers and anyone who has been a helpful elf in one form or another at this time.
And now onto my original post.... about more elves.

It's time for all of the helpful Christmas Elves to put up their feet and kick back.
All of the hard work has been done and it's time for reflection. 
Personally, I had a lovely Christmas with family and friends and I hope that you did too. 
We had lots of incredible food, lots of fun and enjoyed all of the festivities.
But it seems to be over far too quickly, but isn't that always the case. 
When you are really enjoying something... it is over before you know it.
I'm contemplating many things at the moment and feel the year to come will have lots of changes.
Hopefully all of them for the good. 
Have you decided on any new year resolutions yet?
I'm quite pleased that even with being so busy... I managed to do a quick sketch and painting.
After being 0.3kg overweight with my flight luggage, I felt I had to use my art supplies at least once.
As soon as I saw my sister's new addition to her Christmas decoration hoard, I knew I wanted to paint him. He is so cute... but I'm not sure that the sheep who normally sits on that shelf has the same opinion.
Just look at him peeping from behind.
Here he is... although a little rushed I was still pleased that I actually managed to do one painting!
I now see that I should have added more shade etc but hey ho... it was a busy Christmas holiday after all. 
I'm linking to Paint Party Friday as usual for inspiration, encouragement, friendly banter and sheer pleasure... why don't you join me.
Paint Party Friday
And so onwards to the New Year...
I wish you all Good Luck, Health and Happiness for 2016.
I've loved sharing a little of my world with you this last year.
Let's hope 2016 is a good one for us all.
Enjoy xoxo


  1. scary weather for sure,, its a wake up call for sure,, Mother nature is in charge ,

    those slippers are the bomb as my grandson says, lol, and your elf is adorable,,Happy New Year!! oh and your tree is beautiful!!

    1. I believe Mother Nature is always in charge Laurie,
      She can be so powerful when she wants to be.
      I like the 'bomb' quote from your grandson... I haven't heard that particular one before, but I might use it if I find the right circumstances.
      The tree is at my sister's house and it was stunning. She always takes a trip to the local woods to chose a real one. I must clarify... she doesn't just take one! The Forestry Commission organise the sale along with stalls, food and carols.
      When Christmas is over she puts it out into the garden as a bird feeder... then when it's dried out it's used in the wood burner. So I think that's a well utilised tree.
      Have a wonderful New Year and I wish you all the best for 2016.

  2. Happy New Year Neesie, stay safe! Love your elf and drawing.

    1. I think the worst is over now Christine,
      We are very lucky not to have been bothered in any way where we are. It's all so close but further down near the River that suffered.
      Thanks for calling in and I wish you every happiness for 2016.

  3. Lovely post.
    Happy and healthy New Year 2016 xx

    1. Thank you Sirkkis,
      I hope you have a wonderful New Year with lots of creativity too.

  4. Like you, I received many messages about the flood threat in my area, and the offers of help I've seen for those in need have restored my faith in humanity.
    Your (sisters?) tree is gorgeous!! And those slippers are quite funny; I'm sure I would trip up in them, hehe. I love your painting and the original model is very cute. Also, the sheep made me chuckle. :D
    Have a fabulous Ne'er day and I hope 2016 is your best ever :D {{Hugs}} xoxo

    1. It was incredible reading all of the support and volunteers help that became available wasn't it? It is heart-warming. I found the Furbar News was brilliant in bringing all of the local news as it happened, but also people's messages and information links. Brilliant!
      It was indeed my sister's tree Mo... she is Mrs Santa, but you mustn't tell anyone.
      She actually bought two pairs of the slippers for us to use on Christmas Day. I was the choux chef and we certainly needed comfy footwear on the day. They had sponge soles so were perfect, although by early evening the bells were becoming a little annoying (hehe) Everyone knew exactly where we were throughout the day! I've put them safely away for next year now.
      The sheep eventually won the day too because the elf got a new perch.
      I couldn't resist drawing him, but was amazed I actually found the time.
      So here we are in 2016 already. I wish nothing but the best for you and your loved ones with lots of creativity thrown in. Have fun!
      {{hugs backatcha}}

  5. Glad to hear you are ok. What a storm Frank was. I saw photos on the news the other day-wow. But glad the elves in your house had a lovely Christmas. Love your drawing-he's pretty cute. Have a happy New Year!

    1. Aww thanks Erika, the weather is doing lots of strange things lately isn't it? Fires in Australia and floods here and in the US to name but a few.
      He's a very cute elf and I enjoyed drawing him.
      I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and now enjoy a fantastic New Year. I wish you all the best for the New Year with lots of creativity too. Happy 2016!

  6. Cute little fellow!

    Glad to hear that you are safe!

    Best wishes to you in an art filled year!

    1. Hi Renee that's a fantastic wish... thank you.
      I wish the same for you for 2016. Masses of creativity and fun ;D

  7. Glad you are all okay. Prayers to all the folks who weren't so lucky.
    He is a most charming elf! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! :)

    1. Thank you Rita, we are lucky to live up a hill away from the River.
      There are some lovely generous people and amazing stories of help that warm your heart. It's nice to see a community come together in times of need.
      I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and are ready for this coming New Year. Let's hope it brings, health, happiness and lots of creativity.
      Happy 2016 to you and yours!

  8. I am SO glad to hear you are alright. I live next to a river, too. But not on a hill. It has never flooded this far up, but one never knows. Your elves are just darling, by the way. Such cuties! Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Beth, we are very lucky where we live for numerous reasons but I was so thankful we weren't near the river when it burst it's banks, unlike so many unfortunate people.
      Thankfully the local community has come together as it does on occasions like this to ease people's troubles.
      Happy New Year to you and I hope all your wishes come true in 2016!

  9. Love the elf! Happy PPF and new year too.

    1. Me too Clare... but unfortunately he doesn't belong to me and that's why I painted him.
      Happy PPF and New Year to you too ;D

  10. Wonderful work! You did a great job capturing him. What a fun subject. Happy New Year and PPF as well!

    1. Thanks Ileana, it was just a little fun in the busy schedule. I really enjoyed playing with the paints.
      Happy PPF and New Year to you too.

  11. Happy New Year Neesie! Or should we call you Twinkle toes??? Wot da'ya mean those slippers didn't flash, they are the bees knees ... I'm sure you looked quite adorable in them, pinny on... Love your elf, sounds like a great Christmas being 2iC in the kitchen and getting some time to be creative.
    It was good that you had a lovely break considering Frank's approach, great that you were high enough to be out of danger, but horrible to be surrounded by it... bit the same with us and the bushfires.
    Do you get the feeling that this eventful start to the year means hang on tight, hopefully with lots of fun in there as well. Wishing you the best one ever!
    Wren x

    1. ...And Happy New Year to you and all in your nest Wren,
      There was enough lights up and flashing about the place without my toes twinkling too! But I have to say they were extremely comfortable so they worked a treat.
      It was a great Christmas and New Year so now we need to get a wriggle on towards spring... because I've seriously had enough of this dark wet weather! Mind due spring could just be the same!
      I've been reading and watching your bush fire news... I think you might be right, it could be a bumpy ride during 2016 but hopefully things will settle down soon.
      Have fun and I wish you all the best for 2016... whatever it brings!

  12. Something in my heart told me you'd be fine!! Thank you for keeping us apprised of that storm though much appreciated!! I love your sister little character and the painting you did...so adorable and that sheep peeking out has my heart!! Glad you had a terrific Christmas...ours was odd with a several fun moments and lots of great food as always!! Happy New Year you beautiful soul you and give that little dog a hug for me too!!

    Hugs Giggles

    1. Aww bless you Giggles, you always write a lovely comment.
      I've got a similar sheep here on my Aga shelf, but he doesn't have someone obscuring his view! That Elf was so cute though wasn't he?
      I'm now wondering what was the odd part to your Christmas, but I'm also glad to hear you had a good time too.
      Happy New Year to you and yours... I wish you all the best for 2016. By the way Muffy loved her hug ^..^
      {{hugs to you too}}

  13. Haha! What a cute and funny fellow! Happy New Year!

    1. Isn't he just? I loved him and that's why I decided to have a quite play painting him.
      Happy New Year to you Cindy... all the best for 2016!

  14. Terrific painting, and what an unusual subject, you've really caught his personality. The sheep peeking out is really cute.
    All the best for 2016.

    1. It was rather rushed because of all my other Christmas duties, but I'm glad I painted at all that week.
      I'm trying to prioritize my art in this coming new year.
      Thanks for popping in and I wish you all the best for 2016 too.

  15. That's a cute long-legged elf, bet he's happy for the rest after Christmas

    I'm happy you dropped in at my blog today Neesie

    Best Wishes for a happy creative 2016

    much love...

    1. I think we were all ready for a rest after Christmas Gillena,
      I wish you a happy creative 2016 too.

  16. I've fallen in love with your blog Neesie! The painting is wonderful and fun. If your 'wolf' goes missing, I will have snatched him in the night, and it might be a good idea to put your koi under lock and key. :o) I know Scotland well and adore it. Thank you for dropping by my blog. I hope you will come again. I know I will return here. Happy New Year ... May 2016 be kind to you. Happy you are safe. hugs, Donna

    1. Oh Donna that is such a lovely thing to say and has me both blush and smile like a Cheshire Cat (which I am... being born in Cheshire!)
      Hold on snatching my wolf because I have plans to draw more animals in the next few weeks. I have placed the koi carp on my art room wall... just in case you pop over. I wouldn't want you having to rummage from room to room trying to find it.
      Well I'm fond of Scotland too but I have to admit the last week of dark, damp, wet days are getting to me. I NEED LIGHT!
      I feel like a neglected withered plant at the back of the greenhouse... desperate to come into the light!
      I most certainly will visit your blog again... winter in Hawaii sounds wonderful and just what I need.
      Happy New Year to you too

  17. I´m happy you are alright, many are not these days :(

    Maybe your elvs helped out. They seem to be nice little caracter´s.

    1. Me too but as you say many are not. I've heard so many tragic tales of people and their hardships. It seems even worse for people to be flooded at this time of year.
      Happy New Year to you and thanks for visiting my place.

  18. Oh, he's so sweet .... It really has been bad in the UK, so glad that you're well. Hope the weather will clear up now! Wishing you lots of happiness, creativity and fun in 2016! ♥

  19. I feel right now like I must live on the moon. I had no idea about the flooding - we are having flooding along the Mississippi here. Some areas have had tons of rain. There have been some deaths and a lot of people are without homes right now. I am glad that you are okay.
    Yes I am a little late. Time has a habit of really getting away from me.
    I do love this post - what wonderful Elf slippers!! And would you look at the size of that coffee table. Is that a gnome? I want him - no wonder you wanted to paint him - so handsome he is. I laughed at the sheep peeking around his shoulder.
    sandy xx

  20. Love the whimsey of your painting - and LOVE the slippers!!

  21. Love the whimsey of your painting - and LOVE the slippers!!

  22. Looks different n loved it
    Happy new year


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