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Wednesday 15 February 2017

The Birth of the Veggie Plot

We have been back in Scotland for nearly four years now and we've always thought that at some stage, we would like a vegetable plot. 
Finally in the last few weeks, the work has started.

Our house is situated on land that was once a farm cottage. 
I've mentioned in the past that when digging in our garden, we've surprisingly found cobblestones under flower boarders. 
Both delightful, but at the same time terribly hard work.
There's also the ruined barn (the folly) and an old outbuilding that we use for a wood store.
So it was with extreme trepidation that my hubby started excavating the new proposed veggie site.
I thankfully was only recruited to keep a photographic record... which was fine by me. 
Don't worry the fields behind have had a farmer with his plough to work them and not my hubby.
They're not on our plot!
I thought it might be a good idea to perhaps ask the farmer, if he could swing his tractor with the digger attachment in through our gate. 
I would provide fresh baking and copious cuppa's, but apparently there might be a gas pipe running along this plot, so it's gently gently for now.

So far he hasn't found any cobblestones...
just huge granite boulders!
Like this one...

Hubby has had to devise and engineer a solution to be able to lift them....

An old scaffolding tube came in handy as a lever... plus a lot of huffing and puffing

There's a saying that gardening is a matter of your enthusiasm holding up until your back gets used to it.
I'm wondering how long hubby will enjoy spending his days digging, now that he's retired.
It's certainly different from what he used to do.
It's hard manual labour, but so far so good... he's enjoying it.
I've always thought he had a touch of OCD and seeing the way in which he's working the plot does nothing to alleviate this thought.
There's still such a long way to go, but as long as the weather isn't too bad we'll hopefully get there.
The tatties (potatoes) are apparently in the post, so the pressure is on.
I'll be sure to give you a progress report when there's something more exciting to report.
In the meantime... enjoy getting outdoors and having fun.
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  1. Just think of all the delicious spuds you'll have in due course!

    1. Oh I hope so Debra, well that's the plan and motivation. We'd also like carrots, onions, beans if we can... plus a greenhouse and chickens would be good too.

  2. What an incredible amount of work and I hope you have the gas lines marked out. I think you have the best job and I bet hubby would enjoy baked goods and copious cuppas. Did you call the gas and electric company? I love how the black and white photo turned out.

    1. I know I have the best job Jeanna, photographer and managing director!
      Hubby always has home baking and cuppa's. That's the kinda girl I am. It gives him an energy bust to keep going!
      I think I like the black and white edit the best ;D

  3. This is really hard work. Let us hope to see light at the end of tunnel.

    1. It is hard work, but we're sure it will be worth it in the end Rajesh.
      It was a shame that nothing was being done with the land, because the soil is incredible, so we're hoping for great things!

  4. I had thought Scotland was covered with snow at this time of year. So it’s surprising that you started plow the land. My husband has enjoyed gardening and has grown both plants and vegetables. Your husband’s work will be surely paid off for the home-grown safe vegetables.


    1. Hi Yoko,
      The North East of Scotland has had quite a mild winter this year and there's positive signs that spring is on it's way. We've only seen two flurries of snow all winter.
      We've always grown veg (even in the Middle East) but never quite on this scale before. We would also like lots of different vegetables, plus chickens.

  5. That looks like really hard work. It's a worthwhile project though. Good luck Nessie.

    1. It certainly is hard work Phil, especially when it's currently growing granite boulders! Hopefully we'll have lots of produce in the coming months... fingers crossed.

  6. What a trooper your hubby is! Surprising to see the ground isn't frozen tho I know you've not had much snow. :0 Still looks cold, another cuppa please ;) Home baked goodies, yummmmm...I'll be on the next flight. Wait, cold temps...ahhh maybe I'll stay and enjoy some more FL winter temps, like 80F. Good luck with the veggie garden. p.s. Loved your pheasant painting! Very warm hugs sent your way. :)

  7. holy cow that looks like a lot of work. And yes you're very lucky that you get to hold the camera. I'm one of those girls who loves gardens... as long as someone else does all the work! I'll cook the veggies though! Now you'll have to start making artistic still life photos of your beautiful veggies so we who follow you can paint them up. You wouldn't be thinking of growing some rainbow carrots or rainbow radishes would you?? Hmmm, I bet they're as delicious as they would look! Good luck you hubby, lets hope his back and spirit holds up. Hugs to you Neesie, and Muffin too!!!

  8. This is so cool!
    I dug my goldfish pond, shortly after we moved here. Same deal, rocks!!! Likely form filling in around the house after it was built 30 years ago.

  9. Thank you for sharing your photo's.
    It does look hard work - but the rewards will be so worthwhile

    All the best Jan

  10. Oh that certainly is a difficult job for your husband. I agree with you, the tractor should have been asked to include your small area, anyway it is just a few passing! Then your husband can enjoy the real vegetable planting and management!

  11. the joy of gardening and starting anew.

  12. Wow that looks like a lot of hard work, but as long as you are both enjoying it, all to the good! I can imagine that those potatoes and other vegetables are going to be the best ones you've ever tasted, come harvest time.

    You are doing the opposite of us -- we worked and lived (and gardened) in one spot until we retired then we traveled.


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