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Sunday, 7 May 2017

Not cat amongst the pigeons...more dog amongst the chooks!

The arrival of chickens has certainly given Muffin a new mission.
We decided only to get four girls...2 Bluebells and 2 Marans, but they're numbers don't count in Muffin's mind...they are flighty, strange smelling and well worth thorough investigations)
Yesterday, as the girls were in their day care centre (the old ruined barn - or folly as we call it) 
Muffin went missing. 
After three of us running around like headless chickens (sorry I couldn't resist that) calling her name and doing all the usual familiar noises... but not a peep. 
Complete vanishing act! 
Hubby even went walking down the lane, just in case Muffin had decided to take a flight of fancy (sorry there's another pun) but no sign of her.
I thought she had been so transfixed with the girls that she probably wouldn't be far from them. 
So after searching around the folly I found nothing... so I went back to the coop. 
As I called her name, I suddenly saw that cute little white mischievous face peeking out of inside the coop!
As hubby was cleaning out the coop and generally going about his chores... he hadn't noticed Muffin sneak into the coop. 
You would think with three people shouting her name and generally causing a commotion,  that she might have given us some indication where she was...but not her. 
She was on a mission. 
Where had those girls disappeared to?
No Mr Foxy or any stray eggs left behind.
A complete mystery!
Muffin is extremely sick at the moment so these cute photos are precious to us. 
The arrival of the chickens has given her a distraction and she's showing her character...basically a mischievous minx.
She will be going into a specialist vet surgery for a major operations on Wednesday, so could I please ask that you keep us in your thoughts and send as much positive, healing energy our way.
She isn't in pain, just discomfort but basically wasting away if we don't have this surgery. 
Her mannerisms over these last few days have made it easy to decide that she's still full of life if this intestinal problem can be fixed. So we're willing to give it a go.
She'll be in hospital for a few days, so understandably I may be quite for this coming week or so.
Thank you for all the lovely messages and kind words.
We really appreciate them.
As usual for a Sunday I'm linking up to Photalife and Image-in-ing.blogspot.co.uk
Take care and I hope you have a wonderful Sunday


  1. Oh Neesie, what a little treasure she is. As well as a little scamp :)

    In tears here and of course Muffy and all of you will still be in my heart and thoughts - more than ever this week.

    Sending positive thoughts, love and hugs,

    Di xx

    1. There's her exactly Di. A darling and diva rolled into one cute little package. Thank you so much for your loving words and support. It's very much appreciated.
      We've been very impressed with the specialist, so will entrust our prize possession into his care. She's a feisty madam...so we'll have to see how it goes.
      Hugs back to you

  2. That is soooo cute and funny!!! Did you have to give her a bath after smelling all those new wonderful odors!!!!
    Sandy xx

  3. What a lovely story, sorry to hear she's been ill.

    Thank you for linking up

  4. oh no! Will the surgery fix the problem??? She has so many good years left, we'll be praying for you Neesie. Hope all goes well. Get back to me when you can, no rush.

  5. Oh bless her what a poppet! My Springer Spaniel would definitely have fancied a chicken dinner if they turned up in our garden! Wishing you all the best for the operation X #MySundayPhoto

  6. Full of life and mischief. I hope it goes well this week. We have a bluebell. Lovely hens. #MySundayPhoto

  7. Thoughts and prayers are going out for Muffie and her family for a speedy recovery. Won't be long and she will be back hunting down those chickens.

  8. Oh Muffin! Wonder what the chicken will do when they return to their dog smelling coup!!! I am so pleased to see her well enough to take an interest in the chickens and wish you all well for her op later in the week.
    Lots of love
    Wren xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  9. Such a cutie. She does look very thin and tired but still had to check on those strange birds. My heartfelt prayers to you that her surgery goes well and she recovers quickly. Warm hugs!

  10. Oh, these pictures of Muffy are precious to us, too!! :)

  11. really hope Muffin is OK! and hoping this surgery helps :)

  12. It was lovely to see these gorgeous photographs of Muffin ... what a sweetie.
    I do hope the operation goes well on Wednesday, thinking of you and sending lots of positive and healing thoughts.

    All the best Jan

  13. Sending prayers and positive vibes.

  14. I'm sending my love to you here as well as Instagram. Wanting to just see Muffy once more. Lots of love to you
    Lynn xxxx

  15. You are getting all the positive energy I can muster. Wonderful photos and healing thoughts being sent from WI.


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