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Friday 17 November 2017

Paint Party Friday... Elf

Hello everyone...here we are... Friday once again!
 With only a few weeks until the holidays begin, I thought I'd do a Christmassy sketch this week. 
Hopefully something to inspire me into all the preparations.
The only trouble is that this is kind of mixed up... a Santa look-a-like if you will. 
I did have an elf in mind but then Santa intruded.
 I wouldn't say that I'm a negative person, but as I come to write this post I begin to wonder?
I'm normally a half glass full kind of person, but yet again I'm posting something that I don't particularly like. I'm hoping that the Paint Party Friday gang will be able to help me. 
It seems the trouble is that I've lost my passion for painting. 
I think a lot of it is that I don't have a theme, or subject matter that I can progress with. 
My subjects just seem so random and individual. 
I think if I kept to a theme it might help.
I'm trying out new paints and with each painting I'm learning, but the end design isn't quite what I'd like. 
But it's a journey...right?
I'm going to be with family over the next week, so they'll be no time for painting.
But hopefully I'll find inspiration from somewhere.
I'm determined that in the New Year I'm going to devote more time and energy into my art.
(Where have I heard that before?)

I started sketching the design below a few months ago and I feel maybe it's time to revisit.
I apologise for the photographs.
Unfortunately it's difficult to get enough light at this time of year.
I hope you can see it.

Now don't laugh but we are making plans for the girls (hens/chooks) to stay in a 'Hen Hote'l whilst we are away. I know it sounds ridiculous and I would be laughing along with you... but I feel this is the best option.
It would be a lot to ask someone to come a few times a day to see to them and the Hotel sounds brilliant.
I'm hoping that I'll be able to do a blog post...if all goes well once I get back.
Yet again we've found a mass of feathers and a wiped clean breast bone on our garden this morning, so the fox has ventured here once again. 
Poor wood pigeon by the look of it!
The hotel option is far safer.

Thanks for visiting my place and if you'd like to see more artwork, then why not join in the party over at PPF by clicking HERE.
Have a great Friday everyone.


  1. loving the santa, so whimsical

  2. Well your Santa looks like an elf to me and is marvelous looking! Don't be hard on yourself dear one. I think most all of us go through these phases. The first thing I thought of reading your post is that you're missing your Muffy. Lovely little sketches-and if that's all you feel like doing then just go with it. It'll all come back in time-and then you won't be able to stop yourself! I love that you're caring so for your hens that they are getting a hotel stay:) I had never heard of a hotel for hens though.
    Enjoy your time away, and happy PPF!

  3. Hope you get your art mojo back soon, it happens sometimes. Your Elf/Santa piece is beautiful! The hen hotel sounds a good safe idea.

  4. awww, I think it's great that the chooks have a place to go. Don't feel so bad about the art Neesie, it takes time and headspace. I've done so little over the last few months, the only thing that saved me is that I'd done a dozen before starting this new venture with the website! Getting back to actual painting is daunting as I haven't put a paint brush in my hand in 6-8 weeks! Eek! Have a lovely weekend and much love from cold Canada my sweet friend!

  5. oh I love that Santa/ elf,, I have missed you so much!!

  6. So true we are our own worse critic.its a lovely elf painting, Nessie. Relax and enjoy time away. I find the more expectations I put on myself the less I do and the more unhappy with the results I am. So I'm trying to throw those expectations out the window. Dang things hang won't go...like trying to put a cat it's carrier. ;() How neat that there's a Hen Hotel.! Sounds like your Girls will be much safer there. How will you know which chooks are yours when it's time to take them home? Have a terrific weekend. No painting for me this weekend. It's champioship weekend (last weekend of stock car racing). :( Anyways, warm hugs from me and my Girls.

  7. What a delightful card!!! Enjoy your holidays!!

  8. An Elfie Santa how can you go wrong with that? Looks great. I would hotel my chickens too. LOL

  9. Arghhh that elusive mojo - I've known you long enough to know two things. When you say you've lost your mojo the rest of us are saying "what? Looks ruddy brill to me" and two it always comes back to you! I hope your chooks enjoy their time in the hen hotel that did make me chuckle!!
    Wren x

  10. A hotel for the chooks is a great idea, you get sitters for other pets, why not chickens too :)

    and having themes for art can help, but also be limiting and put more stress on you to stick to the theme. but if you think a theme will help you, its worth a shot and you could always pick a really general theme to follow


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