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Friday, 2 February 2018

MATS Bootcamp... PPF

Here we are once again... Friday!
I've had quite a busy but fun time since we last chattered and would you believe it, I'm another year older! 
Moving on swiftly I mentioned a few posts ago that I'd enrolled on to an online art course with the brilliant Lilla Rogers over at Make Art That Sells
Each week we are given a mini assignment that leads up to the main assignment at the end of each month. The course lasts until May, so I will have masses of fun times ahead. 
The first mini assignment at the beginning of January was to draw/paint the contents of my bag, which lead nicely into the following week's main assignment... a book cover of a famous woman and what she might have in her bag?
My nominated person was Tina Fey. 
Everyone was allocated a particular woman for their birthday month. 
There were some great inspirational, powerful woman amongst the twelve options.
I knew a little about Tina beforehand, but I had to do some research to ensure I captured her personality. I can't believe I had such a good time doing research. 
Tina Fey is a very talented comic along with all her other attributes.
Here's my mock up of my completed piece.
I learnt so much whilst completing this assignment.
For a start I've never really done a portrait! 
Anyway, after much huffing and puffing plus shouting for help with Photoshop, I finally managed to enter it into the MATS (Make Art That Sells) Gallery for the month of January!
Apologies if you've already seen this painting in my Instagram feed or on Facebook, but I know there are many who don't have access to those online links and ask that I post here too.

I also decided to paint a personal birthday card this week for a family member.
I had approximately 30 minutes from start to finish in order for it to get into the post... if I wanted it to arrive on time.
Yes, I know... always last minute with me, but this time it worked out perfectly.

I was really pleased with the outcome and the recipient initially didn't realise it was hand painted!
How's that for a compliment?
I obviously work better to a very strict timetable!

My daughter when visiting possibly noted that my art supply case was overflowing and couldn't close, so as part of my birthday present she bought me this super large bag!
It's 100% linen with this gorgeous design from Danica Studio
It's also lined and what do you know?... it still has some space even with all my brushes, pencils,
pens and bits! 
This can only mean one thing... I can buy more supplies... YAY!

I'm linking up to Paint Party Friday 
Click here if you'd like to join me. 
They would love you to visit and see all the amazing artwork.
Have fun everyone and thanks for visiting.


  1. Happy Birthday! Both your paintings are great, and I love the bag with the playful mermaids and mermen!

  2. Happy birthday to you! Happy to hear you're getting so much from your new class. Super looking Tina art. And your darling birdie-in a half hour-WOW-it is gorgeous!! Love that you got a new bag big enough to fit in a few more supplies:) Happy PPF!

    1. Thanks Linda... I am having such a great time on this course, although at times it's tough because it's really stretching me. But that's what it's supposed to be about. Improving your portfolio.
      Lilla who runs the course is fantastic!
      I had a reminder this morning of a photo from a year ago and it just so happened to be a painting of a bluetit. To think it was only a year ago... there's a huge difference in every aspect of the painting. I hope I keep improving at this pace.
      It is a lovely bag and still has some room in it, which I'll rectify next week when I visit the art supply shop!
      Happy PPF to you too :D

  3. Tina Fey looks wise and adorable woman and you painted her well. The book cover (?) Looks nice with bag things. Love the sweet card. Happy birthday 💖, envy your fabulous bag 😆

    1. There were 12 amazingly talented woman sirkkis but we had whomever was allocated to our birthday month and so that's why I painted Tina Fey. The book cover was mocked up using Photoshop and my painting so that it appears as if it is the front cover of a book! Very clever but then Photoshop allows you to do lots of special features. I just need to learn how to do them all!
      The bag is gorgeous and will be filled up when I take a trip to the art suppliers next week! :D

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks so much Christine... that's very kind :D

  5. Happy Birthday Neesie!
    You certainly seem to be enjoying your class and, wow, I love your Tina Fey artwork - lots of detail and very well done.
    The card is wonderful... isn't it amazing when you only have a short time in which to create, it's a gorgeous piece.
    Love that bag - so pretty. Have fun filling it :D) xx

    1. Thanks Sue although it seems a wee while back now. I don't like to dwell on them too much especially with the numbers that are involved now!
      I am loving this course and just wish I could subscribe to all the MATS classes. There's a current one running on how to draw faces... I sure could use some tips there (hehe)
      I definitely think that to restrict the time I spend on a painting helps. I can't be so meticulous then and the painting loosens up! It seems to work for me.
      I certainly will have fun filling the bag Sue... next week I'm heading to the art supply shop! Woohoo!
      Thanks for visiting... I hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend and perhaps have some creativity involved too.

  6. That book cover looks amazing. Wow, well done! And that bird is so sweet. You did this in 30 minutes!? Wow again! Lovely new bag too!

    1. I had to complete it in that time because if I didn't denthe it would have missed the post and been late for the birthday! I was amazed it turned out so well. I may have to do it again sometime.
      I'm looking forward to filling the bag right up to the top next week with lots of arty goodies :D

  7. I love your Tina page. She is very funny on TV and in movies! I also love your bird card as posted on FaceBook. The bag is wonderful, what a nice gift. Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Gloria, I haven't seen all of Tina's movies, but she is quite a character isn't she?
      I love my new art bag and will have fun filling it up next week.

  8. Your bird is just gorgeous! And so is that cute new bag for your art supplies. Aren't daughters just the best???? Happy PPF

    1. Well yes Susan, daughters are the best, but then so are sons (I have one of each so I better keep it even)
      My cute new bag will have my full attention next week, when I visit the art supply shop! It will be full to the brim :D

  9. First off...Happy Birthday! You don't look a day over 30. ;) Wow! Amazing job with Tina Fey! For never having done a portrait, you've captured her beautifully. Love the birdie painting. Sweet daughter to give you a new bag for your art supplies and a very pretty one too. Have a wonderful weekend! Warm hugs from FL!

    1. Thanks Nan, it seems a long time ago now. I don't like to dwell on birthdays too much now that the number is staggeringly high!
      But I did have a lovely day.
      I found the portrait very difficult and just couldn't get the likeness I wanted, but when you have deadlines I had to be content and let it go. I was very happy with the new bag, but I also got chocolate and art books... amongst lots of other pressies. Flowers and would you believe it...? A HOT AIR BALLOON RIDE!!! (Not sure I'm happy about that... I'll let you know when I try to get off the ground)
      Thanks for the warm hugs. I'm sitting toasting by the fire at the moment so I can send some back to you too!

  10. What a fascinating project...I don't know who I would have chosen to render in art, and you did a wonderful job capturing her spirit! Your little bird is just beautiful! And I love the pillow!

    1. I had no choice who I had to paint in my assignment. Each month had a different woman and depending on what month you celebrated your birthday, dictated which woman you had to paint. JK Rawling was another month which might have been fun and Amy Poehler.
      It wasn't a pillow by the way... it's a cosmetic bag, but I'm going to use it for all of my art supplies :D

  11. I adore your bluebird. Hahaha--I use a small suitcase these days, for my art stuff! LOL Your artwork is wonderful.

  12. nice looking bag and happy birthday! you can never have too many art supplies :D

  13. Loved the film strip part running across Tina's portrait, that's just so creative. You will do so well in that course. Also, the hand painted birthday card is sublime, lucky person who gets a hand painted card from you! And that mermaid art back is freaking awesome, I love it!


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