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Wednesday 1 December 2010

A Book Christmas Tree

Well I now know that I have a problem.....yes I'm an addict - to my laptop! It became apparent to me when my son accidentally sat on it and all the lights went out. I cannot describe how traumatic it felt. The following morning I rushed to intensive care and they hit it full on with the paddles and whoosh it thankfully came back to life. Ahhhh....

So that's the reason for the delay in my postings and here we are in December already.
How can that be? Surely its only about April? Going by today's rain showers here in Melbourne it could well be. The calender tells me its December, so it must be true.
So with that in mind, I thought I'd send out my first Christmas card today.
This is for all the book lovers of the world.
A Christmas Book Tree

I have to confess I saw one similar in the Sunday Age Magazine and just had have a go.
Happy Reading

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