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Wednesday 15 December 2010

Boys and their toys....

Don't you just love friends dropping by....well Muffin certainly does, especially when its her boyfriend Zac. I had to laugh when he made a determined beeline for her toy basket the other day. It reminded me of when my own children were young and friends would come over to play. If they hadn't been before they would go through the whole playroom/bedroom like a minesweeper to check everything within minutes of arriving. Well, you have to make sure you get the best toy that's on offer.

The small ball on the left by the way is Muffin's favourite and its called 'Wilson' (as in the Tom Hanks movie - 'Castaway'). As you can see its been well loved over the years and seen a lot of action. Others have come and gone but Wilson is just about hanging in there. Muffin just stood and watched Zac's search progress. She was making little noises enquiring if she could help in the search if only he'd tell her what he was after, but Zac was on a mission and hearing none of it.

Suddenly out popped his head - sorted. Over to a comfy spot....

I didn't even know that this chewy bone was in the basket...heaven knows how long its been there but Zac didn't seem to mind.

Yum yum....its enough to make you close your eyes.....


  1. I couldn't help but follow some of the doggy links showing in your 'Link Within' widget. I'm a sucker for dogs....just love 'em! Who does Zac belong too? He seems to be a sweetie and a good sniffer dog too. My Cody would have sniffed the doggy treat out too. lol

    1. Hello there Serena, fancy seeing you here ;D
      I'm so happy that you had a good look around. There's a lot more if you just put 'Muffin' into my search bar.
      Zac is actually visiting today for two weeks whilst his Mum and Dad have a little holiday (again!)
      I actually met his Mum when I first arrived here and over time we've become great friends but then so have the dogs. They get on so well it's lovely to see. They get so excited when they know they are going to see each other. He's very protective of her. He really struts his stuff when out walking with her...like 'look how lucky I am...she's all mine!' Hehe
      Oh Zac loves food and yep nothing goes undetected!
      We'll have lots of fun over the next few weeks. :D

  2. as you can see I'm taking my time to read some past posts, I may not comment very often on blogs but some I always will and yours is one.I just had the mail brought in and guess what I received, YOUR CALENDAR!!!!!!I am over the moon, thank you thank you thankyou so much, what a treat.It is beautiful,

    1. Ahh...it finally arrived. It took 2 weeks and not 7/10 days that my postie promised then. Never mind I'm just thrilled you have it and like it. I sent another to Canada the same day and you've both come back to say they've arrived on the same day. Cynthia (whom you may know) is thrilled too and says lovely things about the calendar...so I have a huge smile on my face this morning.

      I'm so happy to see you here ...I'd forgotten about this post as often happens once you move on. Zac is coming to stay for a few weeks soon as his owners are off on a cruise. Yep I know..it's alright for some eh?

      I find it quite scary to look back at some of my older posts. Even though I try to make sure that there aren't any mistakes when I hit the button...but it depends what's happening in my life on that particular day. It will play a big part in how the post turns out in the end! Very often I'm rushed or it's late at night...but I've tried to shed that and just come to terms with 'it is what it is!'
      If you see anything that needs attention please just let me know. I know that some of my photos have disappeared which sent me crazy. I took them off my mobile phone to make space, but thought once they had been posted on the blog then they were safe forever! WRONG!
      So I'm going back to check out where they are missing whenever I can and hoping I've still got the photo elsewhere to replace the original.
      Another of the joys of blogging! :$

      Have fun and I know I'm extremely priviledged to have you visit. I don't take that lightly and hope I can carry on producing posts that put a smile in your heart!
      Take care and I hope we'll chat again soon xo♥ox


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