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Saturday, 16 July 2011

Mount Taranaki

Let me introduce Mount Taranaki....
I'm half way up the mountain here and had hoped that conditions would clear, but that wasn't to be. Apparently earlier this morning was a better time to view - she was clear then.
If you look closely you'll see a rainbow. (Hopefully with the 30 million Lotto today, in Melbourne, that may be a good sign?)
Don't worry, if I win I won't let it change me.....only my camera perhaps!

Seeing the weather conditions change so swiftly, you can imagine how easily events can turn to tragedy, if you aren't prepared for all eventualities, if climbing or camping on the mountain.
Apparently, its claimed that she has taken over 50 lives.

A little Maori history.....
One version of Maori history recalls how Te Maunga o Taranaki (Mount Taranaki) once lived in the centre of New Zealand's North Island with other mountain gods: Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngauruhoe. Nearby stood the lovely maid Pihanga with her cloak of deep green bush, and all the mountain gods were in love with her.
What had been a long, peaceful existence for the mountain gods was disturbed when Taranaki could no longer keep his feelings in control and dared to make advances to Pihanga. A mighty conflict between Tongariro and Taranaki ensued, which shook the foundations of the earth. The mountains belched forth their anger and darkness clouded the sky.
When peace finally came to the land, Tongariro, considerably lowered in height, stood close by Pihanga's side. Taranaki, wild with grief and anger, tore himself from his roots with a mighty wrench and left his homeland.
Weeping, he plunged recklessly towards the setting sun, gouging out the Whanganui River as he went and, upon reaching the ocean, turned north. While he slumbered overnight, the Pouakai Range thrust out a spur and trapped Taranaki in the place he now rests.
According to some versions of Maori history, one day Taranaki will return to Pihanga and so it is unwise to live along the path between the two mountains.
When covered with a veil of mist and rain, Taranaki is said to be weeping for his lost Pihanga. But for now the mountain stands amid its own cloak of deep green bush, a majestic icon for the region. Already well known for its unpredictability, Mount Taranaki may some day provide a spectacular challenge.

I'm keeping a close eye on her, just in case conditions change.

There's this fantastic website where you can view current weather conditions to see what she looks like  when she lifts her veil....this shows her just as I'm about to post.

If you visit this website you can see for yourself the latest conditions....its fascinating

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