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Thursday 5 December 2013

Winter arrives with avengance

I woke this morning at 5.23am and although it was still dark outside, I lay and watched the clouds whip past on the howling wind. The noise from the gale was like a freight train passing through. There was a rattle on the roof and I just kept my fingers crossed that it wasn't a roof tile about to take flight! 
We'd had plenty of warnings about the impending gale and snow storm that was heading our way from the media, so at least we were prepared. 
I've stocked up on essentials and there's not an inch of space to spare in either the freezer or fridge.

(the side garden...with the birds having a quick feed before the big freeze

It's a pity I never thought to tie down the bin because when I drove back onto the driveway this morning...it was there waiting to greet me, upended on the border! 
Not exactly the kind of garden feature that I'd like and when I checked around the rest of the garden I found the BBQ and gas bottle on it's side too. 
There was also the garden table top on the floor, which lets face it was an amazing feat. It's incredibly heavy so that gives you some idea of how strong the gusts have been. 
There's not been much snow yet, but I think we're in for some overnight. 
But as I said I'm prepared...

Look at these beauties

They are Sorel Boots and oh boy do I have cosy toes today! 
They were recommended to me by my daughter, so I must be trendy too eh? 
I think they might be my favourite winter purchase so far Emoji
I just need them to make doggy boots now.
Stay cosy and safe everyone.


  1. Oh it's so good to see you've got decent footwear. :) They are really cool looking too! Hhmm, miss muffin would fit nicely into one..... It's been awhile since you've had to batten down the hatches, huh. Trash bin, BBQ & gas bottle and the table n chairs are the first things I bring into the garage when there's a hurricane a knocking on the door. :) I take it you won't lose power? Stuffed fridge and freezer and all... Stay warm and dry I'll be thinking of you as I walk in 82F temps this week. (smirk) warm hugs from me and the girls.

    1. LOSE POWER NAN!!!???!!! Oh I never thought about that. That would have been disastrous as both my fridge and freezer are jammed tight with provisions.
      I've obviously not got my survival head on right...not thinking about bringing in the garden wares either. What was I thinking...I need to get my act together!
      We've had a little respite today as the temperature has risen a little, but then the drizzle arrives :$

      Now I thought I liked you but to keep 82F to yourself is just not right! You could share nice ;D
      Enjoy...which is probably a stupid statement...why wouldn't you?
      Don't worry about us here...there's always the hibernation option!

  2. I hope they are waterproof as they look expensive. We had a bit of a breeze but I did not think it was that bad

    1. I couldn't possibly say Bill as to whether they were expensive or not ;D
      (which probably tells you the answer to your question) hehe
      A bit of a breeze you say...well you were lucky.
      I didn't think the gales were going to last but we h
      ad them for a full 24 hours.
      Thankfully all is calm now but the River Dee did break it's banks on Thursday.

      Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for stopping by once again :D

  3. They look expensive hope they are waterproof

    1. I didn't answer you when you first asked Bill so I'm not going to now hehe.
      But they are waterproof...cold proof, slip proof and generally anything you want proof!
      Enjoy your weekend ;D

  4. Replies
    1. That's the plan Serena...you too ;D
      Enjoy your weekend and that's for popping over to my place.

  5. Oh Neesie, I can't even imagine what it must be like there. Even in our huge storms our bbq has never moved. At least your toes will be toasty in those cool boots. You might have to get McMuffty pup a fur lined onesy (with a flap for wee wee's of course). I won't upset you and tell you what I'm looking at outside my window right now, it is blue though :) Looking at the white mist in your photo reminded me of what I saw yesterday. We had an early afternoon storm and when it stopped raining the road was steaming, kinda like your mist, only hotter. Stay warm my friend, brrr, I'm shivering just thinking of that snow.
    Luv Von.

    1. It's not too bad honest Von...although you probably wouldn't think that.
      We've gone up to 5 degrees this evening! Whoohoo ;D
      Can you imagine McMuffy in a onesie?...it would just be too much.
      Boo over at http://stamplaughplay.blogspot.com kindly sent me details of a Doggie Booties website, so I'll have to give them a lookeesee.
      There's no show without Punch is there...I have nice boots so she's got to have some!
      Steaming roads...oh come on...you're teasing me now. I remember it so well.
      I'm going to have to have a good memory aren't I? :(

      Enjoy your warm weekend Von, and thanks for your lovely concern. We appreciate it...now just send some heat please? hehe

  6. Very fancy boots Neesie, almost worth having some chilly weather to wear them out and about. They do look cosy, and just the right boots and look to retrieve the bin from the border!!
    Thinking of you - a White Christmas is fun, but not before all the jobs have been done!
    Wren x

    1. I'm thinking I might be wearing them no matter what the weather Wren...even in the house! ;D
      Not sure about the white Christmas yet...but even if it is I'm sure it couldn't out do our winter wonderland in Canada last year.
      Whatever happens we'll make the most of it and because I've been a very good girl this year, I think Santa will have to have help visiting our chimney! hehe or should that be hohoho? ;D
      Enjoy your weekend and your sunshine

  7. Good morning Sugar! Your weather sounds like ours at the moment. Heavy winds and rain and it is supposed to ice up tomorrow and Sunday. Thanks for the update kid. I love to visit Scotland now and then. I bet we are warmer than you - right now at 9:15 in the morning it is 60 degrees out. I did hear on the new about your cold blast coming through. Your boots are fabulous - really quite spiffy!
    Our attack rooster - sadly met his end yesterday morning but I have to say - he had it coming!!!!!!! Needless to say the stuffing idea did not work.

    1. 60 degrees Sandy...oh I wish ;D
      We survived the cold blast without too much incident thankfully, although the River Dee did break it's banks on Thursday and we've seen some horrendous stories on the news about people loosing their homes into the sea further down south on the East Coast. Heart-breaking stuff.

      OH NO...I feel quite guilty now after hearing about the rooster! :$
      I bet you'll rest easier in your bed at night now though?

      Have a wonderful weekend....rooster free (nearly wrote 'roaster' by mistake...HA! Freudian slip or what?)

  8. Yes! You really do need to batten down the hatches when the winds come calling. We get winds that sound like they are taking the building apart over here, too. I can actually feel the building shake under my feet up here on third floor. Winter has arrived...and you are ready with your awesome boots!!! Nice! Stay safe and warm!! :)

    1. I can imagine your winds are quite frightening from what I've seen on the TV. We had nothing compared to them but it still kept us on our toes and McMuffy hiding!
      I'm not sure I'd like to feel the floor beneath my feet shake. Scary stuff indeed :$
      You enjoy your weekend too and stay cosy!

  9. I like the colors in the first picture. Hope there were no more disasters -
    Have a nice and quiet week :-)

    1. No more incidents Mascha...thanks
      The temperature has risen and there's beautiful sun today ;D

      I hope your week has started just as well. Enjoy!

  10. hello dear Friend, glad I found you on Blue Monday! Finally figured out how to work the comment issues:) Glad the storm died down, but your lovely boots look very comfy!


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