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Monday, 20 January 2014

Happy Blue Monday...and two Birthday's

 So another week begins....and I was up before dawn once again. 
Why? Because my builder is an early bird and likes to start work at this unearthly hour. 
He even brings his own light! 
There's no waiting for daylight with this guy...when a jobs to be done...let's get on with it! It's a good job I'm an early riser anyway. 

For those of you who have requested a peek at the bathroom renovation work I've decided to give in and show you. Initially I wasn't sure I really wanted to reveal all, so I've decided to give you a partial snippet of one of them. We've done two bathrooms back to back...just for the fun of it! 
(Bare with me Sally because there is a small amount of blue in this post...which will grow as each photo appears)
I couldn't resist these little ducks when I saw them. I don't think they'll be a permanent feature, but for now they're fun and suitable for a blue Monday entry. (I hope?)

So now that the bathrooms are near to finished...we are just adding the bling etc we thought let's not stop...let's keep ticking off the long list of the to-do-jobs on our list.
Therefore decking it is...and here's the delivery arriving as if by magic.

The decking will go at the rear of the house 
(for regular visitors to my blog...it will overlook the fields and woods where I'm hoping the sheep will appear soon). 
It's already taking shape as I type sitting here at the kitchen table. 
There's also some compensation for beating the dawn chorus because I got to see Andy Murray playing in the Australian Tennis Open today. 
Unfortunately I can't be in Melbourne but it's the next best thing.

Well done Andy...on to the next round!  

Before I get carried away with lots of natterings, I mustn't forget that today is a very special day because it's my nephew's birthday. Now before you all say 'ahh what a cutie' when you see his photo (and yes he is ;D) I should explain that this photo was taken quite a few years ago. I'll not say how many to save embarrassment.
My brother has taken all the old family slide photographs and converted them to digital. There's good and bad points to doing this because some of those suckers you hoped would never see the light of day, but then what a laugh we had going over them all together at Christmas. 


And to keep the balance here's another photo of his brother from a similar slide. 
He's just celebrated his birthday too. 
January is a busy birthday month in our family! 
'Belated Birthday wishes M'

I've got so much to catch up on your blogs and I apologies profusely if I haven't left a comment. I sometimes nip in to take a peek...because basically I'm nosy and I don't want to miss anything. I'll try to let you know that I've been next time, but please forgive me I'm trying (yes I know...very trying hehe) to get some sort of order and routine into my week. It's an ongoing project at the moment but I'm hoping things will settle by Christmas!!!

Why not nip over to Sally over at Smiling Sally's blog to see more Happy Blue Monday entrants...you'll have a great time hoping all over the globe and you never know what you'll see! 

Have a wonderful week everyone...and I'll hopefully see you soon 


  1. Your nephews are cuties indeed, belated happy birthday to M and happy birthday to L!

    Your blue little ducks are cuties, too! It's my first time to see blue and not yellow rubber ducks for the bathroom :)

    Happy Blue Monday!

    1. Thanks Maria...they were and still are cuties ;D
      It was the first time that I've seen blue rubber ducks too and that's why I wanted them. It just so happened to be a Blue Monday day so perfect to link them.
      Thanks for popping by...enjoy your week!

  2. Hi Nessie,

    I saw those two tiny, blue ducks in the first picture and the many blues in the others.

    Thanks for sharing. You're going to be so pleased when all is finished.
    Have a Happy Blue Monday!

    1. Hi Sally,
      I'm not sure if we'll ever be finished but it will be great to have the two bathrooms completed. I'm certainly not missing the dust! :?
      Thanks for popping over and for hosting...it's such fun having visitors from all over the globe!
      Enjoy your week ;D

  3. You have certainly accomplished a lot, the bathroom looks very modern, love the tub. I know you will enjoy sitting out on that deck in good weather enjoying your view. Have fun with your projects.

    1. Thanks for popping in Terry,
      The bathrooms have been brought up to date from the 1980's version that we returned to. I'm also looking at the decking being constructed right before my eyes as I type.
      It will be perfect to sit out on with great views...all I need will be the weather.
      That may prove a little difficult but I'm hopeful ;D
      I hope you have fun this week too!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks Boo...you can't get the whole thing in this photo but it's a snippet at least ;D
      Have a great week!

  5. Now that's the kind of worker I like, it's terrible when they don't seem to care how late they arrive and take forever to finish a project. The bathroom is gorgeous!!! Love your little ducks.

    1. I've never met such a hard worker Ann...he was here again this morning at 7am and has only stopped for a brief lunch break and a cuppa at 9am!
      Can you hear him banging and sawing away on the decking now?

      We're almost there with the bathrooms now. Just the odd touches to go thankfully.
      The ducks were just a fun addition for Blue Monday.
      Have a great week whatever you have planned...enjoy! ;D

  6. Birthdays, bathrooms and blue, you are a busy girl. Those blue birdies are awfully cute.

    1. Blinking busy Terra there's no denying it!
      I keep thinking it'll all settle down but there's not a chance at the moment ;D
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week.

  7. You'd rather have an early worker who shows up!! ;)
    Lovely bathroom and the ducks are just the right touch.
    The nephews must be so much bigger now, but happy birthday to them.
    I only get around to commenting when I can anymore, either. I do peek about even when I don't leave comments, too. We can only do what we can do, right?
    Love and hugs!! :):)

    1. How true Rita...I'm usually up before daylight anyway but now I have to be dressed and done!
      You're also right that my nephews are much bigger now...I'll not divulge their ages because that'll reflect on me ;D But they're still cute!
      I think I'm going to keep your mantra close to hand..."You can only do what you can do Neesie!" Maybe that'll help.
      Have a wonderful week and I'll try to come by to check what you're up to soon.

  8. Love the bathroom - and the ducks arre the perfect finishing touch!

    Look forward to welcoming you again over at our place!

    Lola & Nora:)

    1. Hi Lola & Nora,
      I enjoyed my visit ;D
      I added the ducks for a little fun and because they were blue.

      Have a great week whatever you get up to!

  9. Nice bathroom but I know what you went through, I had six months with my extension living in a caravan

    1. Thanks Bill, thankfully we didn't have to move out and into a caravan...well not so far anyway! I would be a nightmare to live with if that was the case.
      I really don't know how you did it but I suppose the end product is worth it ;D
      Enjoy your extension and have a great week!

  10. Certainly very funny blue! Nice pictures!

    1. I thought the blue ducks were fun and perfect to enter Blue Monday ;D
      Thanks for visiting my place.
      Have a great week!

  11. Beautiful and happy children, happy birthday to all!

    1. Thanks Leovi...I'll pass on your wishes to them ;D

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks Ileana for both the birthday wishes and your visit ;D
      Have a great week!

  13. Handsome boys and I will bet they are just as handsome young men. Thanks for visiting. Ginger

    1. They are indeed...I wonder if they're reading these comments because I think it they are they'll be blushing knowing them ;D
      I enjoyed my visit and thank you for yours.
      I hope you have a great week Ginger!

  14. Nice bathroom and cute blue ducks! I hope you have fun celebrating all the January birthdays!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment about my bathroom and ducks ;D
      January is one of our busiest birthday months but we'll manage hehe
      I wish you a fun packed week ahead!

  15. Oh the remodel was soo worth it! Love it! Are those silver things on the shower floor the drains? It looks so calming and relaxing in the there....will you ever come out when it's done?! :) Hugs

    1. The silver thingy's on the shower floor are indeed the drains Nan,
      It's not finished yet so its not as calm as I would like because I'm constantly thinking when I'm in there, but there will come a time I'll fill a glass with bubbly, fill up the tub, light a candle, put the music on and lie back....ahhhhhh ;D
      Hugs to you too...have a great week.

  16. Happy Blue Monday and happy birthday to your adorable nephews, Nessie!

    Your new bathroom is stunning! I love the deep soaking tub!

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Pat and for your birthday wishes....I'll pass them on ;D
      As to that deep soak tub...I just wish I could get into it. Since it went in I've not really indulged but I will!
      Have a wonderful week whatever you get up to...have fun!

  17. Love the bathroom..cute little ducks too...you are a busy bee in January... Happy Birthday to all...great pics... Hugs May x x x

    1. Psst...it's my birthday in a few days too May, so thanks for the birthday wishes hehe
      I'm happy to hear you like the bathroom, although this is only one corner.
      It's a great space and one that I want to spend more time in!
      Hugs to you too...have a great week!

  18. Replies
    1. I know Shira...they take after me HAHAHA! ;D
      Thanks for stopping by...have a good week whatever your doing ~ enjoy!

  19. I think your blue ducks are the best things in your bathroom! ;-) Don't let them escape!

    And then I scrolled down and saw your beautiful drawing! WOW, you've certainly got talent! I like it a lot!

    And then I saw the chocolate cake ...
    And I had to click on the link.
    And I found the recipe.
    And I think I have to do some baking soon.
    BUT, the funny thing is, that I've made exactly this cake but called Clementins cake (Nigella recipe, too) without the cocoa. A brilliant way to do something with old clementines instead of throwing them in the bin. Unfortunately my sons did not like the cake, and I can't really eat it all by myself. I will try it with cocoa and glacing next time!

    I'll be back!

  20. But nephews are cuties both! Your builder sounds like people in a farm - up before the sun. Good old folk.

  21. Hello Maam Neesie,
    TY a bunch for dropping by at D´Box in Stockholm.

    Hope you're enjoying the mini-tour and I will be so happy to seeing you in the near future. I can't wait to see the awesome BR. Wow!

    Enjoy the rest of the evening.

    /CC girl


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