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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday...WOYWW #241

Well hello there...long time no see!
In fact, I think the last time I entered the WOYWW (What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday for anyone who hasn't come across this before) was way back last October.
You might not even let me in...or have changed the locks by now :(

So where have I been you may wonder? 
Well, I flatter myself a wee bitee here maybe thinking you've missed me. 
But in reality you've probably been flat out creating, having a wonderful festive holiday and now you're already working on your Easter designs!
So what have I been busy doing other than resisting the temptation to hibernate? 
I mean it's hardly been a severe winter up until now and hopefully it'll continue this way,
Basically no I've been dusting.
Is there anything more futile to waste take up every waking hour?
I've been shifting what I believe to be the same dust about for weeks...only to see it laugh and land as I turn away!
I thought when I lived in the Middle East I knew dust, but that was nothing to two bathroom renovations! 
Here's a peek at the second one...
And that's been tidied up! 

Anyway, so basically that's what I've been working on for the last few months and sadly neglected artwork. 
But I'm now determined that with this new year my priorities are to change. It's not exactly a resolution because in that case I'd be doomed to fail.
(Do I sound convincing?)
So here's my desk...still working on the kitchen table I'm afraid but that's okay. 
The music is playing, the wood stove is roaring away and McMuffy's curled up under the desk. All is well especially with a view like that to gaze upon.
Still no sheep yet other than in my journal...click here to see the gang. 
But I'm hopeful of their arrival any day now. 
I couldn't decide what to draw yesterday, but knew I wanted to spend a few hours getting back to trying out my paints. 
(I still don't feel comfortable with painting yet...in fact I'm contemplating taking an painting class to overcome this) 
So I decided to draw what was right in front of my eyes!
The vase...or jug to be more precise
Nothing new here as it's not finished (why is it that my work is never finished?) as the light faded at 4pm! I know this is getting later so spring must be on it's way...right?

So there you have it...my desk this week. 
If you want to see lots of other desks from around the globe just nip over to Julia over at Stamping Ground.
Thanks for stopping by...it's always great see you and even better if you stop to comment. 
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone
Toodleloo for now


  1. What a beautiful view to inspire you whilst you create. Thanks for sharing.

    Happy woyww

    Zoe #42

    1. Well yes and no Zoe...it can be a distraction. There's always something to catch your eye. But I'll not complain because I know it's special and that I'm very lucky ;D
      Happy WOYWW to you too and thank's for stopping by.

  2. Such a beautiful peaceful spot to sit and contemplate. I am sure the bathroom renovations will be worth it but I have to agree about dust it just goes everywhere. Beautiful artwork.
    Sandra @28

    1. Thankfully we are over the worst with the bathrooms now and just at the stage of adding the bling.
      Even though they aren't finished yet and I'm still dealing with the dust, it's all been worth it. We'll be starting the next big job nearer the end of the month.
      We're replacing all the windows and doors of the house so wish me luck ;D
      Thanks for popping to my place.
      I hope to start visiting later today so see you then.
      Happy WOYWW

  3. Nice to have you back ..... Yes you were missed!!!!!
    Good luck with all the house renovations !
    The view from your window is lovely... As is your art work
    Jackie 18

    1. Aww bless you Jackie...you're very kind to say that ;D
      Thanks for your lovely comment and visit.
      Enjoy desk hopping!

  4. Hi Neesie. Good to see you on WOYWW again. I know all about bathroom renovations and such!! The dust levels are unbelievable. Glad you managed to ignore it for a while and do some painting, though. ENJOY!!! Of course, you can always get creative beneath where the tiles will go....

    Have a great week.
    Margaret #52

    1. It was very tough to leave the dust for a few hours, but I'm thinking it's got to disappear soon surely!
      I thought designing the bathrooms would satisfy my creative juices but I'm afraid not. I was desperate to sit, draw and paint so I had to be tough.
      Thanks for your visit and comment.
      Have a great week too and enjoy WOYWW :D

  5. I have to do a bathroom remodel someday, but the idea of the disaray is making me drag my feet , but boy will it be great to do. Love your setup looking outside! You are a great painter, that is a wonderful piece you did! Winnie#64

    1. Aww you are too kind Winnie ;D
      It was therapy really...to keep me sane! Hahaha...no sorry that's not true. It'll put you off doing your revamp and that would be so sad.
      Okay it is messy but the rewards are so good. We've not finished yet but we did one bathroom after the other so we were suckers for trouble. Both are now fitted with the new appliances, fittings and fully tiled so we're on the home stretch.
      Just the nice parts now...choosing towels and what I call bathroom bling. All the little details that hopefully will finish it off perfectly.
      Good luck and just dive straight in...that's the best thing. Don't think too much about the mess ;)
      Enjoy your desk hopping and I'll see you again soon.

  6. Lots of work taken place around your home..(don't forget after pics as I'm so nosy) the view from your window is spectacular...I could look at that view for hours I do hope those wee lambs turn up soon....Hugs May x x x

    1. You're right there May...even as I type at this early hour, it's only just getting light outside, the builder is outside (by that window featured above) building the decking!
      He's set up lamps and is busy drilling away.
      Not the best way to start the day, but then it's exciting to see the decking appear.
      It's very grey and damp too for working outside, but the builder says it's a fine day! (He's from the Highlands so I suppose that's understandable).
      There's an eerie mist hanging over the River Dee down in the valley too, which looks fantastic but probably won't show up on my camera.
      Hugs to you and both McMuffy and I wish you a fantastic day
      p.s. no sheepies yet ;)

  7. Good Lord child! You are quite the artist and I would definitely get back to doing artwork. As much as I love seeing your pictures I would definitely like to see more of your art!
    We are having a mild winter here - still no snow.
    Sandy xx

    1. There you go again Sandy saying just what I love to hear! Bless you ;D
      Likewise for the winter here too...although I think we may be on borrowed time for the arrival of snow. It's damp and grey this morning...not the best but hey it's about 8 degrees so we can't complain (can we???)
      Have a wonderful day and I'll see you soon.
      Builders here again so it's a little busy but I'm going to try to finish off the painting at some stage.

  8. Oh my. Remodeling dust is the worst. It flies around while you dust and waits for you to leave before landing again. It will be worth it in the end though, promise! I'm quite impressed with your drawing of the jug! Lovely view as well but I'd get lost just staring out there.

    1. It's very sneaky for sure but I think I'm winning. A damp cloth certainly seems to work ;D
      I hope to finish the jug before the end of the week but the builders back this morning so it's a little distracting and then there's that view of course. The early morning mist is hanging over the river which looks fantastic. I don't think my camera would capture it unfortunately.
      I'll have to put a new camera on my wishlist.
      Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.
      Enjoy the desk hopping!

  9. I nearly changed the locks but then I saw movement under the dust so knew you were making your way back to us!! lol I'm glad to see you back and look forward to the sheep arriving cos I guess the little lambs won't be far behind once Spring comes!! Am also glad your first winter back hasn't, so far, been too bad and that it's gently welcoming you home. Take care my friend! Zo xx 56

    1. You should have thrown me a rope to tie around my waist Zo...that way I might have made it back earlier! ;D
      Yeah we certainly can't complain about this winter. I'm just hoping that once we head into spring and summer they'll be as good. I'd hate to miss a good summer and go straight back into winter. Maybe I'm asking too much, but hey if you don't ask you never get eh?
      Enjoy your day whatever you're getting up to and I'll see you soon.
      Say 'Hi' to Baxter ^..^

  10. I'd never change the locks if I know your on your way to visit, Nessie, it's great to see you and yes you have been missed.
    Don't show me bathroom renervation mess like that though, we are just a the fun stage of picking what we want in ours I'd never even thought about the upheaval and mess!!!!
    Don't be a stranger now.
    Hugs Lisax #53

    1. Aww bless you Lisa...have I ever told you I like you the 'bestest'! ;D
      Now then...I never thought about the mess with carrying out such intensive renovation work either, but I reckon that was a good tactic. So don't listen to me...just you go right on ahead and have fun!
      I'm off to collect some bathroom bling this morning, so it's not all dust and mess.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment.
      Have a great time planning and I'd love to see what you're up to.
      Hugs to you too

  11. you have such a beautiful place to work, I know its hard with the early fading light, I love what I see though!

    1. Thanks Laurie,
      It's always great to hear from you ;D
      The light issue takes some getting used to but a little birdie told me that we're heading towards spring and that will make a huge difference.

      Keep cosy and thanks for calling!

  12. So doing a little bit of DIY then, kids stuff compared to what I had done a couple of year ago. Nice tidy desk though

    1. Oh this sounds intriguing Bill...so what have you been up to.
      Here the bathrooms are just a tiny part of what's planned and as I type the builder is outside the window (shown above) drilling and hammering like crazy putting up decking. We're also going to replace all the windows at the end of the month...all 36 of them! There is 37 but we thought we'd cut costs by not changing the rear garage one. And that's just off the top of the list.
      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by once again ;D

  13. Oh gosh, how I envy you the view from your desk! My dream house has a view over fields (full of veggies and animals) to the sea... [We keep buying the Lottery tickets, so I live in hope!]

    1. I know that I'm very lucky Mark...in fact when we managed to buy this house I joked that it was my lottery win and I suppose it was in a way.
      Well my house may well be your dream home...because I have views over fields, a valley down to the river and the sea is in my landing and bathroom windows!
      I don't mean to make you green honest...just keep buying those tickets and you could possibly be a neighbour! ;D

      Sorry for the delay in my reply...it's been that kind of week.
      I hope you're enjoying your weekend and thanks for calling once again.

  14. Ooh can't wait to see the bathroom all blinged out. Your start on the painting looks terrific my friend. Hugs.

    1. Apologies Jenn for such a late reply to your comment...but it's been that kind of week.
      Some of the bling has been put into bathroom number 1 this afternoon but we're not done just yet. When it is, I'll let you take a peek (maybe hehe) as long as I'm not enjoying my bubble bath!
      Hugs to you too ;D

  15. Yooo Hooo it's me! It's going to be 44 degrees here in Melbourne today, so here I am flopped in front of my computer admiring your cool (haha) view and your fantastic art work! But sorry I haven't got any energy left to pick up that broom and sweep out your bathroom...
    Wren x

    1. Yoohoo I see you ;D
      I'll let you off then Wren although I see that because I'm so late replying to your comment your temperature has dropped now...so there's no excuse and I've a lovely new duster to help!
      Spit spot!

  16. Super view and lovely painting. You are indeed right, the winter hasn't been severe … yet! So why do people still complain I wonder, unless affected by the floods. BJ#2

    1. Hi BJ, sorry to take so long in replying to your comment. It's been quite eventful here over the last few weeks.
      Well there was a definite spring feeling to today especially if you kept out of that biting wind. Let's hope the floods and winter weather leave us soon to a wonderful spring ;D
      Enjoy your week and I hope you have lots of creativity coming your way!
      Thanks once again for stopping by

  17. Happy to see you got away from the dust and back to the art desk for a bit. The painting looks great. I'm afraid I'd just sit there staring at the wonderful view and never get any painting done at all.


    1. Oh Darla...it really was a bit because here I am over two weeks later and only just getting to reply to your comment.
      We have just had a decking area outside of that window now so we'll be able to sit outside for the view. There's a distinct spring feeling out there today but only if you stay out of the biting wind. It's all helpful at least to see the sunshine ;D
      I hope you have a wonderful week ahead and I'll pop across to see what you've been doing whilst I've been a headless chicken.

  18. Hi Neesie,

    Oh, the view -- and there will be sheep!!! I can't wait to see them. Your watercolor looks great - is it wet on wet? I'm part of a pinboard called "Watercolor 101." I haven't watched too many videos yet.

    The bath remodel looks major!

    Happy belated WOYWW
    Peace, Kay (3)

    1. I can't believe that I never got to replying to your comment Kay...but it's been crazy around here and I'm only just working backwards. I know what's new in my world eh?
      Wet on wet...erm...no. I'm not sure about all the techniques but it was dry paper so I'm assuming that's a no! ;D
      I like the sound of that 'watercolour 101' and will take a peek if I can manage to squeeze some time.
      We have had two bathrooms remodelled, a large decking put on the back which is just outside that window photo above. We'll be able to sit out and view all the lambs antics from there...that's if they do come ;D
      Oh yes and we're about to replace 36 windows...so there's lots happening and no wonder I can't get to draw.
      By the way I've got a little giveaway on the go which ends on 15th Feb so if you'd like Muffy to possibly paw your name out once again then just add a comment on to this post.
      Link here http://neesienatters.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/grow-your-blog-party-2014.html#comment-form
      Have a great week and I'm so sorry to leave you here so long without a reply.
      Happy very very very belated WOYWW to you too :D

  19. My, but that's a set of pencils isn't it. but you seem to be putting them to good use.
    good luck with the renovations
    janet #18

    1. Oh my...I must apologise Janet, I've just found you in my inbox along with a few others!
      What is the world coming to when I don't get to reply to comments for over two weeks!!! :$
      As well as not answering you I haven't picked up those pencils either. I'm seriously going to ignore everything this coming week to draw/paint...and I MEAN IT!
      I hope you've had a good week and are ready for another ahead.
      Catch up with you soon

  20. Nothing quite like the dust caused by renovating, it get into everything.
    Love that vase, the twigs look like the outline of Africa or maybe an elephant.
    Happy very belated WOYWW!
    Tertia #77

    1. I must start by apologising for my tardiness Tertia,
      I have just been working back on my in-box and found you there! As I said to Janet above...what is the world coming to when I don't reply to the lovely comments for a whole two weeks!
      You are right about those twigs...but I never noticed until you said. ;D
      A very very very belated WOYWW to you.


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