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Thursday 6 February 2014

Banished to the bedroom!

Basically I'm banished to the bedroom today and not even my own bedroom at that...it's the guest bedroom. 
We've moved in here whilst our own room is being painted etc, so it feels a little like being away on a mini-break or holiday. 
The reason for my banishment today is that the builders and painters have taken over virtually every room downstairs. I've escaped to the hairdressers yesterday and the garden centre before that to save my sanity...but I wanted to stay home today.

There are gaping holes in the walls where windows and doors used to be, dust in every conceivable place even though dust covers have been draped everywhere and I spent quite a considerable time last night hoovering, dusting and steam cleaning the floors. It all looks a little sad and ghostly, but then I just have look at the completed work that has been done already and I think it'll all be worthwhile. 
At least I'm not having to live in a caravan whilst all the work is being done like so many other people have had to do.  
Every morning starts before dawn and Muffy and I decided this morning to escape the mayhem. We wandered around the park and came back suitably refreshed and revived but it was still before 8am! 
We haven't seen the sun here for quite a few days, so as it made an appearance this morning it seemed that everyone wanted to make the most of it. 
The birds were singing beautifully trying to out do one anothers song, crocus and daffodils have managed to push through to make an entrance, although I think they may be held back from flowering for a week or two as it is still a little chilly.
But the snowdrops are putting on a good show.

(I liked my shadow in this photo so I didn't edit it out...it shows how low the sun is at this time of year)

At one stage I counted 14 small dogs all grouped together in the centre of the park having fun, running and stretching their legs, barking and playing ball. 
Life's good when you can run full pelt with friends off the lead! ^..^
It was a doggy social whirl there, so no wonder McMuffy is curled up now snoozing and whimpering in her sleep...she's obviously still at the pooch party by the sound of it. 

Here's my favourite photo of the week...well for now it is.
The gorse bursting into flower.
For anyone who isn't familiar with gorse...it is a large evergreen shrub covered in needle-like leaves and has a distinctive coconut perfumed yellow flower. 
It makes such an impact on the landscape. 

But the flowers aren't the only thing that feel spring maybe just around the corner...the crows were swooping and calling overhead with their beaks full of twigs and nesting material. 
All natures positive signs and greatly appreciated even though it hasn't been a harsh cold winter. 
Meanwhile back at the ranch...there's cuppas to be brewed and fires to keep alight.
Yesterday someone decided that it was okay to pop their lunch bag (plastic) onto the fire WRONG! 
Fire alarms ringing, smoke billowing and general choking commenced.
I tell you there's never a dull moment. 
I even had to paint my nails to hide the ground in soot after cleaning everywhere! 
It was ingrained into my skin and my face cleansing wipe last that night looked like I'd been down a coal mine! 
I've got so many blog posts backing up in my mind that I'd like to share with you so I might have to post daily if there's not too many major incidents to keep me away. 
Enjoy your week and I'll hopefully see you again soon. 

Toodleloo for now


  1. Lord Neesie, your days sound like mine when we remodeled our kitchen. It was so stressful sitting at home everyday for nearly 3 months. But I did get to know the crew very well and had a few good stories to come out of it. And sure enough, it was worth it in the end. I feel for you and hope your construction days will be over soon. Love your photos.....it just goes to show that time marches on, despite a harsh winter. Hope you have a good day and a nice relaxing weekend.

    1. Lordy indeed Laurie,
      And because I'm so late replying to your comment I can now tell you my day got worse because I've now got my wrist in plaster and possible cracked ribs. The details are all in a post.
      Thankfully the guys are a really good bunch and have been trying to minimize the destruction and inconvenience but you can't cook an omelette without cracking a few eggs I suppose ;D
      I've taken lots of photos on my walk this morning...but this time they were all crisp and frosticled.
      I'm trying to catch up and visit everyone but it might take me some time. One hand typing certainly slows me down.
      Have a great week :D

  2. Sympathise with you on the builders bit, we had six months of it living in a caravan while our place was done. All I've seen is snowdrops so far

    1. We only had a builder come to the house to check on a damp patch three months ago and since then we've ripped out and replaced two bathrooms, built new decking at the rear of the property and now the windows (all 36) are being replaced plus all the doors ~ phew! Each room is being painted as we work our way down from the bathrooms too.
      I'm not sure if I'd be happier living in a caravan whilst all this is being done...probably not so I'll be brave and just bite the bullet.
      It'll all be worth it hopefully.
      Have a great week and my apologies for being so behind with my replies.

  3. Love your photos Neesie, a burst of sunshine would be incredibly welcome! you're doing really well girly, not long to go now, and hey..one day you might even miss all the builders and the dust.

    1. Hi there Julia,
      Well we had glorious sunshine this morning only for it all to change rapidly and snow flurries arrived by the afternoon.
      We are no way as bad as parts of the country by the look of things on the news.
      I had to laugh to myself today when I remembered your comment about missing the builders....at first I thought never...but now I'm thinking that I actually might!
      They're a great bunch of lads and try very hard to minimize the mess.
      I know that I'll NEVER miss the dust though ;D
      Thanks for calling and as you can tell by how long it's taken me to reply that I'm way behind. I plan to visit soon and with luck join the WOYWW gang soon.

  4. Lovely to see flowers and sunshine in your neck of the world, Nessie. I totally sympathize with the smoke story. Came home to a fire in the kitchen on Monday and have been cleaning and washing everything in the house since....no worries just a big acrid smoker ....one of the girls managed to turn on the cook top (knobs at the front see) and a towel caught fire. Aacckkkk cough wheeze! Do 'enjoy' your house remodel adventures. ;) Hugs to all from me and the girls.

    1. Oh Nan that sounds horrendous. The smell lingers for so long.
      It's a scary thought how easy these things can get out of control so be careful.
      Apologies for my late response to your comment. It's been crazy and now I'm in a plaster cast!
      Every day is an adventure ;D
      Have a great week and I'll see you soon

  5. p.s. Love the last pic of the bare trees with that gorgeous sky!

    1. Hehe...thanks Nan :D
      I've taken some good frosticles (my word for ice and frost) photos today which I'll share soon.

  6. Gorgeous photos Nessie, & a park party too for the Muffin... I expect you feel like a intruder in your own home with so much going on...it will be so worth it all in the end.. when they all leave you will think you have gone deaf (lol) Have a happy weekend... Hugs May x x x

    1. It was a glorious day and we've had another similar one today...well the morning was at least. I was out with my camera but wrapped up like the Michelin Man against the cold. Unfortunately by mid afternoon the weather came in and we had horizonal sleet for a wee whilie ;D
      It is a strange feeling because we are familiar with so much here but have forgotten so much too. Very bizarre.
      I think you could be right about when they leave. They're certainly noise to have around but we do have a laugh too.
      Have a great week and I suppose you're in the thick of your WOYWW visits.
      I'll try to pop in as soon as I can to see what you've been creating. It's always a treat.

  7. Well hello Gorgeous, with the hair and manicure. Good job you were able to have a night or two away, even if it was the spare room!! Love the snowdrops and your gorse bursting into flower. Good to hear that Spring is on it's way as I'm in the country next month!
    Wren x

    1. Well hello Beautiful ;D
      I'm not so manicured now Wren...wrist in plaster, ribs making me walk with a hunch and making weird noises when I rise from the chair and not being able to shower as often as I'd like...why you may ask but to my spectacular tumble.
      Fantastic news that you're over this way next month...we really must synchronize watches and check our diaries to see if we can meet up ;D
      It was be brilliant if we could manage to do that. I'd even relocate from my guest room (holiday over) so you could have fun with all my new tradie friends! hehe
      Hold your breath on the spring thing though...blizzards today but I'll have a fiddle with the thermostat...nae probs!
      Enjoy your visitors and have a great week

  8. You like to live dangerously up there in Scotland! You are definitely from pioneer stock. It is so heartening to see your drifts of snowdrops and the brilliant gorse flowers.

    1. Hi Jez,
      Well my danger level went up a gear last weekend and I'm now in a plaster cast hehe
      I needed to see those snowdrops and bright yellow gorse flowers. The iris and crocus are next and its so encouraging to see the daffodils stretching up with buds just ready to open at the right moment. Aberdeen has an amazing amount of daffodils planted in all of the roadside grass verges and roundabouts. It's going to be spectacular when they open :D
      Trying desperately to catch up and visit everyone...but it's proving to be quite a task.
      Hopefully see you soon xoxo

  9. You have great photography skills as those photos are stunning. I especially like the bare tree against the sky, I have a stamp like that and it's a favourite. Hope Muffy enjoyed her run, my little one lives to meet her doggy pals in the park. She will run the full length of the path, a good 100 metres) to get to them, and then the 100 back for her treat.

  10. It will all be so worth it when it is finally done! But what an ordeal in the meantime, eh?
    It looks like spring over there--OMG! We're still frozen solid and the deep freeze is nowhere near anything green for some time yet. Was a delight to see the green and flowers blooming. Scotland looks like a marvelous place. :)

  11. Stunning photos! makes me want to grab my bag and fly on over ;-)

    1. It is stunning on a good day...so maybe only come on a good day. Today is bright enough but there's a very lazy wind (it doesn't go around you...just straight through)
      Have a fun packed week and thanks for popping over ;D

  12. Beautiful photos of the snowdrops and the yellow flowers....makes me wish for spring even more so now.

    1. I know just what you mean Wendy ;D
      We had a fabulous day which was very springlike which just makes you realise we are heading in the right direction. There are lots of bulbs and buds sprouting and the birds singing has certainly gone up a level.
      We just need a little heat now!
      Have a great week and I hope to visit you soon :D


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