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Saturday 1 February 2014

Yay it's the weekend...

Can anyone tell me why we are having our windows replaced in the middle of winter? 
Okay so just call us crazy!
The decision obviously must have been a good idea at some stage. Maybe it came when we were in the middle of our bathroom renovations and we weren't thinking straight. 
Well, whenever the decision was taken it's irrelevant now because it's actually happening.
 I'm not sure that the guys who are doing the work are entirely happy about the decision either. 
Here's a photo that I took early yesterday to record this momentous event.
Yes it was all perfect weather (not)...a hoolie blowing, the rain lashing down and barely any daylight, hence the joiner wearing his little miners lamp. The plant (Fatsia japonica) in the photo is out of focus because it was dancing around in the gale and the fact that I was shivering even in the few seconds that I was outside also may have been a contributing factor to the bad quality of this shot.   
I suppose I can't be angry with the guys for the damage to my new shooting bulbs because they were concentrating on getting the window in as fast as they could, but I was sad because I'd spent hours on my hands and knees planting them only a few months back. 
I'm just hoping that they recover and continue to sprout. 
Maybe a little sunlight might help...we'll have to wait and see. 
I'm not so sure I like the boot imprint as a feature.
So I decided to have a few hours escaping the madness to visit the garden centre. 
I wanted to buy a bird table anyway so it was a good excuse...I had to go. 
It was so wonderful to wander around looking at so many lovely things...books, furniture, ornaments, art, bird and wildlife products plus tropical fish and that was all before I even got to the plant section.
It's strange that sometimes things just leap into my trolley and I'm not aware of it until I reach the checkout! It happens all the time especially in the supermarket...I mean where does all that chocolate come from? 
(but I do know where it'll end up hehe

Look at these beautiful primroses...well they just had to come home with me. 

I have a few bird boxes already dotted around the garden but I hadn't one for the little Wren...so I obviously had to sort that error out promply didn't I?
 As soon as I arrived home my son went out into the garden armed with a ladder, hammer and the nest box to find a suitable site. 
Isn't this cute?
Even after only about an hour of it going into the garden I noticed flutterings around the new box and that was even before the 'For Let' sign went up! 

But the pièce de résistance is the bird table....what do you think?
Even the sun popped out for the photo!

It was so funny to see my regular bird visitors doing a fly-by to check it out. 
They'd fly towards the table and then swiftly via off at speed and an incredible angle. They got nearer and nearer until one little blue tit took a deep breath and landed. 
He was well rewarded with lots of tasty treats and then it was everyone for themselves. 
I'm about to purchase a new camera so I'm hoping that I'll be able to capture some of the visitors soon. 
Well it's Saturday night so I must away and have fun https://secure.quebles.com/content/hotmail/emoticons/1508619.gif
I hope to see you again soon. 
Enjoy your weekend everyone 
Kung Hei Fat Choi  Happy Chinese New Year 


  1. I love your wren's bird house....and the primroses reminds me of spring. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi there Laurie,
      I've been wanting to nip over to your place for some time but something always seems to come up. I'll make sure that I don't let that happen today ;D
      I was in need of a little spring so the garden centre purchases hit the spot...and filled the car boot! hehe
      Enjoy your Sunday and I'll pop over soon...put the kettle on!

  2. Ca-raz-zee! I couldn't see the installer until I enlarged the pic. :0! Beautiful primroses, they'll look great on your windowsills. Oh my, what an adorable wren house. How cool it was being checked out so quickly. Course, someone needed a cozy home during the 'hoolie'. I've been waiting for you to get the bird table as I wasn't sure what you were talking about. Now I know. Love it! There's room for a whole flock even with elbows out. :) Hope the window install goes smoothly and quick. Sending back to normal FL warm hugs! Yea, I'm doing the happy dance with the return of warmer temps.

    1. Indeed Nan (LOL) CrrrrrAaaaaaZzzzzzEeeee!
      I never thought that people wouldn't know what a bird table was, so I'm glad that I posted that photo, even if it's only showing the top part. It also has a stand to elevate it from the ground. There's not only elbows out but fists flying to get the best spot!
      Great fun to see all of the antics.
      Your warm hugs are greatly accepted, although at least the sun is out today.
      Freezing wind accompanying it though.
      But there are little signs today that spring will come ;D
      Enjoy your Sunday and I'll see you soon.
      I'd send warm hugs if I could :(
      Can I owe you some?

  3. Mom and I just looked at your poor suffering bulbs!! Oh your poor bulbs. Mom hopes they're as hardy as you are, surviving all the windows being changed would make a woman SUFFER. Don't get the sniffles and please go give scratches to Muff, I'm sure she's buried under a blanket or sitting on the Agga!

    1. Oh don't Jenn...(sob sob) I'm trying to be brave :(
      How did you know about Muff...she's been out walking through the lanes and woods this morning because even though there's a lazy wind (doesn't go around you...just straight through) she's now bathed and shivering under her blanket as near to the wood burner as is safe. I've been informed by a reliable informer that she only starts to shiver when I come near! ^..^ minx...she plays me like a fiddle.
      Enjoy your Sunday and stay cosy!

  4. sometimes I really wonder about men-I would have been so upset having my plants ruined like that-but I would have also done the same and kept quiet about it-love your new wren house Kathy

    1. I wonder about them all the time Kathy! ;D hehe
      I decided that the windows going in was the top priority plus they are extremely heavy to lift. I don't think they'd have appreciated any comments from me.
      Great to see you...have fun and enjoy your Sunday.

  5. Right that's it I've packed my bags, that's a dead posh Wren house and I've moving in! I like the way you're offering a night nesting box and then the day spa for a bit of chillaxing in the sunshine complete with nut treats! You sure do know how to make the little birds feel special!
    Unlike those poor bulbs of yours, I would have withdrawn all offers of a cup of tea from those tradies....:(
    Hope you've had a lovely weekend and not spent the entire time cleaning the new windows?!
    Wren x

    1. You'd be very welcome Wren, although I'm thinking you might find it a wee bit snug in there. I never realised how many facilities I'm actually providing until you mention them. I may have to put the rate up...at least a song from each visitor...what do you think?
      A cup of tea withheld from the tradies might have caused a revolution...especially if the home baked cakes went too.
      Don't forget I really want these windows in and sorted asap!
      So a few little sacrificial bulbs paid the price...although I'm hoping they may recover.
      They can be quite resilient...they have to be living here ;D
      CLEANING WINDOWS...now no one mentioned I've got to clean them as well!!!!
      Have a wonderful week although it looks a might toasty to me.
      Stay cool

  6. I know Ros...I was quite upset but then I thought do I want gaping holes in my house with bulbs sprouting or cosy and snug? The latter won. I'll see if they recover but if not I'll replant so all is not lost...there's still time ;D
    We most certainly are double glazing! In fact triple would have been a better idea hehe
    Umbrellas on the rhubarb...now that I have to see. I can see I'm going to have to have you as my advisor once I start my veggie patch, although I doubt we'd ever need that kind of shade.
    Enjoy your Sunday and hugs to you!

  7. I hope your a little warmer now if the windows have been completed yet? Love the nest box & the bird feeding table... I have those too and they wait each morning before I go to work for me to fill it up...I have seen some fisty cuffs going on... so maybe I need to get another..lol Hugs May x x x

    1. Oh May...we've only got one window completed and there's another 35 to go so it maybe some time before we're fully wrapped up and cosy!
      There's lots of argie-bargie going on here too but we've got three different areas for feeding and at least three kinds of feeders in each of those areas, so there's really no need but they still flap about and strut their stuff.
      Enjoy your birds and hopefully you're having spring like weather like us today.

  8. Love the new house and the feeder...I like to watch the birds come in to see about the new boxes that are put up...we usually do bluebird houses each year and it takes them a bit to finally trust the new boxes...I love watching them raise their young in those boxes...

    1. Ohh bluebirds sound wonderful. I'm amazed that so many birds are coming into the garden and love to watch them. I'm thinking of buying a box that has a camera in it so you are able to see all what goes on inside. Now isn't that clever!
      My sister has one and it's fascinating ;D
      Apologies for the delay in my reply...I'm normally quite quick responding but I have my hand in plaster so it's a little difficult and tiring at the moment.
      I hope to catch up and start visiting soon
      Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have a great week.

  9. So lovely to see you are giving the little birdies a home and such a beautiful feeding table. I bet your birds are better mannered over there. I suppose you forgot you weren't in Aus anymore when you ordered the new windows. It sure looks like nasty weather for new window fitting. Such a shame about your bulbs, hope they pick up. I had tons of them in my garden until the chickens found them. Not a single one left now :( Enjoy your birds.
    Luv Von.

    1. How did you know Von...the birds are very polite and always give a beautiful song once they've had their fill. The garden is full of amazing bird song which never fails to make me smile.
      But I'm not smiling when the windows come out. Thankfully the guys are good and put the new one in as soon as they can.
      Not the most ideal time for this kind of job but everything fell into place so we went for it!
      Bulbs are just about surviving so we may well be lucky. At least we're chicken free...not sure about the bunnies though.
      Sorry for my delay in responding to your comment. Arm in plaster and with everything going on here I'm way behind. I plan to catch up soon.
      Hope you've found some calm after all the hassle you were having last time we chattered.
      Enjoy your warmth...I could do with a little here. Snow flurries come and go.

  10. I have always said that men with tools = a scary thing! You poor thing! Your poor, poor plants! Hopefully, they will recover and you can laugh about it.



    1. Sorry for my delay in replying to your comment Sheila but I have a good excuse. My wrist is now in a plaster cast! So I've come off worse than the bulbs as they seem to be holding their own. With a little sunshine they should be fine.
      Have a great week and once I've caught up here I plan to visit everyone.
      See you soon xoxo

  11. Sorry for any typos. I am on this IPAD, and it like to spell for me. It is a trick, I tell you, y the younguns who invent this stuff and who like to torture little old ladies who wear glasses! ;-)

    1. Don't worry Sheila I often have multiple typos and I can't blame an iPad ;D
      I've heard that kind of statement about the young inventors having a laugh at the oldies. I'm sure when they have the latest gizmo ready to go out to the world...they are laughing thinking about all the anxiety and traumas they'll cause.
      I'm determined to never give in though...so back at 'em I say!


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