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Friday, 14 March 2014

A Simple Woman's Day Book

FOR TODAY ~ Friday 14th March 2014

Outside my window...Everything appears to be in a transitional mode. Winter is about to unwrap its cold grip whilst spring gently moves in to embrace with it's delights of sounds, colour and possibilities. Outside my window, the back field is ominously waiting for the farmer. I'm not sure what's on his plan and maybe it's nothing, but I'm still hoping that springy, bouncy lambs will arrive any day now to delight us. I've noticed that a field of sheep seems to be a lot rarer sight these days. I remember there used to be lots around when we last lived here. Most of the other fields have been turned over by the plough ready for planting. The rich treacle black soil which has been strategically patterned in their straight lines worked beautifully by the farmer and his plough.
There's the odd whiff of manure wafting on the breeze some days, that reminds me of my grandmother...no she didn't smell odd it's that she used to say when smelling that particular smell...."take a deep breath and breath it in...it's good for you!" I must admit at a tender age of around 8 years old, that was probably when I came to the opinion that most things that are good for you either don't smell or taste particularly good.
The trees are pushing buds out that with an encouraging burst of sun and a little rise in the temperature will no doubt transform the garden when they do open. There are new plants from my recent trip to the Garden Centre sitting on the back step waiting for me to decide where they will be best situated. I want to give them the best home possible to make them happy and provide profusions of perfume and flowers for my future floral displays during the coming months. At the moment the daffodils are smiling their sunny bright yellow which can't help to but lift the spirits. 
I can now see more of the old wall having pruned the honeysuckle back to a reasonable amount. It was in danger of taking over the whole pathway. I have had quite a few sessions of pruning recently and at times been a little unsure of what I'm doing...am I being too harsh or not harsh enough?...but then I think a hair cut never killed anyone, did it?. Hopefully that will apply to plants too.
There's a rather fat wood pigeon who's obviously indulged in too many of my sunflower heart seeds. He's trying to balance on the fence post and looks extremely incapable but he's giving it his best shot.
This rear bird feeder has two beautiful goldfinches perched and pecking away, whilst a siskin and chaffinches sit patiently waiting for the mask raiders to move on. (Click here to see goldfinches details)
Oops...I nearly forgot...there's the scaffolding which obviously I've got used to seeing through now, due to the fact I almost forgot to mention it. I have to confess I'll be glad when we're able to remove it completely and all of the window replacements are finished, but I think it'll be here for a little while longer. 
I could go on and on about what I can see from my window but I think that's probably enough for this entry. After all you have a life and are probably busy with places to go and people to see etc.

I am thinking...that I haven't written a Day book entry since last November and how much has happened since then. Don't worry I'll not revisit all that's happened...keeping in mind the length of this entry shouldn't compete with War and Peace!

I am thankful...for fabulous little things that arrive in my letterbox from all over the world. Little notelets or thank you cards saying how much my blog means to them. It never ceases to amaze and humble me. Beautiful sentiments which come as such a surprise. Thank you each and every one of you for your kind thoughts. I love to blog but to know that you enjoy reading it means so much to me. 

In the kitchen...
A little fruit cake but hopefully over the weekend a coffee cake might appear. My sister has sent me a recipe with a photo, so she's set me the challenge. When big sister speaks I listen! (lol)

Here's a photo of her coffee cake...pretty yummy eh?
I am wearing...jean's and a t-shirt, but I've a thermal vest hidden underneath ensuring that I'm cosy when nipping outside plus my fleece. Muffy and I walked early this morning and the breeze ensured we kept up a brisk pace which is a miracle with madame's little length of leg ^..^

I am creating...
a painting YAY! I know I'm as surprised as you. I never had it on my plan for today, but it just sort of happened. It's a kingfisher. I've wanted to draw one for some time now, so I'm happy that I'm finally getting to do it. Depending on how it turns out you may see it soon. Oh yes...and I'm knitting a blue penguin jumper...yes you read that right a penguin pullover! (click here to view)

I am going...on a few trips but I'll post about them later perhaps. It's a question of watch this space I'm afraid. 

I am wondering...how some people become very special to you. I'm not talking about family...that goes without saying. But take for instance a conversation that I've just had with a friend whose living in another part of the world and whom I haven't spoken to for months. But that didn't matter because we just immediately reconnected. Before we knew it we were giggling like school children. This friend has always been special to me and I always feel lifted or inspired when I've spoken to her. She always seems to say the right thing no matter what the circumstances...I'm hoping she doesn't read this because she'll know it's her and she'll be full of it! 

She can be an absolute scream having me in stitches or tears, but also she can be so serious and profound when the occasion necessitates. A true friend. 

Oh what the heck...here she is looking stunning and so youthful she couldn't possibly be the grooms Mother surely? (Ok...a little over the top I know, but she's bound to see this...plus I'm a little older than her...well a few months in fact, so I can say these things) Don't worry, I've just contacted her to check if she okay about posting this photo and she's given me her permission. Now look at those smiles...what an absolutely wonderful family photo...don't you agree? 

(Photograph courtesy of  Nicholas and Carol Frost Photography) 

 If you'd like to revisit a Fairy-tale Scottish Castle Wedding then click here for Part 1 and Part 2

I am reading...gardening books. I've got lots to catch up on because surprisingly enough I've forgotten so much. What needs planting where/when/how? I'm wanting raised beds for a veggie plot too, so there's lots to do, think about and organise. No doubt I'll be following up with regular posts on my progress.
But I've also got lots of books that haven't been read yet. I unpacked them onto new book shelves last week, so I'll be picking out a new one soon. I always get excited at the prospect of starting a new book.
Any ideas what I should read next?

I am hoping...that I'll be able to plant out all of my new purchases over the next few days. Times getting on for chitting (pardon me but that's a gardening term) also I have a wild seed mat that will hopefully flower and help the diminishing numbers of bees, if I can get it into the ground soon enough.  

Around the house...there's less dust which I'm happy to announce. But my week of free time with no builders is about to end and they'll be back on Monday. Hey ho...you can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.

I am pondering...on whether I'll find a new front door design that I like and will work for the property. I've decided on one, but once fitted it just doesn't work and I hate dislike it. I can't blame anyone for this, but it's got to go. An expensive error and one that I've learnt from, so I'm going slowly with choosing another to replace it. It's now becoming an obsession as I'm finding that my head is on a swivel when I'm out driving checking other front doors, which isn't the best idea or safest. Hopefully I'll get there soon.

A favorite quote for today..."Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant" Robert Louis Stevenson

One of my favorite things...is having my family all in one nest and that's about to happen. But this time instead of it being for just a brief period ie holiday it'll be a little more permanent than that. I'm not sure how long but my daughter is coming home to live with us. It's a long story but lets just say its a new phase in her life and an exciting one. It'll be wonderful to have her here everyday. We speak everyday now, so I know we have such a massive amount in common and get on so well...I just hope that will carry on. 

A few plans: To balance my time better...work, rest and play but not necessarily in that order. 

A peek into my day... 

I decided that you can see my unfinished drawing of the kingfisher because that has been part of my day today.

I've just noticed that I've included my wrist brace in this photo. I decided to give my wrist a rest from the brace. I hate wearing it and my skins not too happy about it either, but I've put it back on now. One more week wearing it should do it, then I'll downgrade to a tight bandage for support...by the way my ribs have recovered so they were only cracked and not broken thankfully.

Well that's it for this week folks...I'm linking up with Peggy over at The Simple Woman then off duty...whoohoo it's Friday night! 
Thanks Peggy for hosting once again. 

Why don't you make a cuppa and head over there? They'll be lots to see. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone...
...Toddleloo for now 


  1. you have so much happening, busy busy, you King Fisher is beautiful, is it watercolor pencil, or colored pencil? I just recently bought colored pencils and I thought I could work with them since my eyesight went south, I hope you continue to heal, cracked ribs are nasty, I know this,

    1. Other than sleeping Laurie...I'm flat out filling my day ;D
      Yes the pencils were watercolour pencils. I haven't had a chance to carry on with the kingfisher but hopefully I'll find some more time somewhere in this coming week.
      I hope the pencils work for you and I can't wait to see what you create.

      Thanks for visiting and I hope you're having a great weekend. I'll pop over to see you soon xoxo

  2. What a busy post! Lots going on in your life at the moment. I love the kingfisher drawing. Take care of yourself and your cracked ribs... I am sure some of that gooooorgeous coffee cake will make you feel better!!!

    Thanks for your visit and your lovely comment - glad you like my latest teabag art. I could always do with more teabags but I like to start with them wet so I can dry them on paper and get pretty patterns, and they'd probably dry up or go mouldy by the time they reached me lol!! I just wish I'd saved all those thousands of teabags the builders left lying around durikng the 6 months they were renovating our new house! What a wealth of art got thrown away.

    Hope you are having a good week.

    1. I am going to make a conscious effort to save my teabags but I've the builders in at the moment so I may well be swamped with them! ;D
      Unfortunately my sister made the cake and she lives quite a distance so I never got to have a taste but I'll remind her about it when I'm next due to visit.
      Thanks for visiting and I hope your weekend has gone well and you have a creative week ahead.

  3. I loved this post, such descriptive writing and your sense of humour shines through.

    I am now following your blog.

    1. Oh Eileen you have made me smile with your lovely comment.
      It's great to receive such positive feedback.
      Thank you so much and I'm thrilled you have decided to follow me ;D
      Enjoy your weekend

  4. I have missed these posts, but--goodness--has it been that long already? Time is flying by so fast. I'm glad your daughter is coming to live with you and spring is on the way. What a lovely chatty post. :)

    1. It certainly has been that long since I last did a journal entry Rita....I can't think what I've been doing in between! ;D
      Our daughter came for the weekend and I have to admit I love to have all of us together. She doesn't move here until the end of March as she's working her notice until then but they way time flys...she'll soon be here.
      Spring is certainly on it's way here. All the signs are here...whoohoo...and I love it!!!
      Enjoy your Sunday and I'll come to see you soon

  5. Lindo tu post. Esperanzador. felicidades a tu hija.
    Tienes un lindo blog.
    Saludos desde Chile.

    1. Gracias por tu hermoso comentario Eugeina, estoy feliz de saber que te haya gustado.
      Tienen una gran semana y gracias por visitarnos ;D

  6. Oh I see you have Simple Womans Daybook participated. Even with a blogger friend I saw this recently for the first time.
    A lovely post and a beautiful drawing.
    Maybe I'll daybook also join in the future, only better learn English now I have to do.

    1. Hehe...yes Mascha but I haven't written a journal entry for quite some time. Usually I would write an entry every month. I hope that you do write one too...I'm sure you'll enjoy it and I certainly would love to read it ;D
      Your English is very good. I can't imagine how I would write entries in for my blog in German! Eek!
      I'd definitely have to have a translate button available.
      I hope your week ahead is a wonderful one and thanks for stopping by.

  7. I've missed your day book posts...I love your writing it is so interesting to read...glad to hear the ribs are better and the wrist soon to follow.... How lovely your daughter is returning home you both will have lots to catch up on....Have a wonderful week ahead... Hugs May x x

    1. I'm always amazed but pleased to hear that people like my day book posts and miss them ;D
      It's also great to hear that my writing is enjoyed because I do worry about that.
      My daughter stayed here this weekend but won't finish her notice until the end of March...then she'll come to stay for good...or however long she wants to stay!
      I must admit I love it.
      We don't really have to catch up on anything because we've always spoken to each other every day! I know that maybe sounds strange to some but with being apart when we lived overseas it was something that we used to do and we haven't stopped since.
      I hope you have a wonderful week too and hopefully I'll be free to come for a cuppa and chat to your place soon


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