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Wednesday 2 April 2014

What's On Your Work Desk Wednesday...#252

 I'm not sure how this happened...well actually I am, but there's no way I'm owning up to it! But it appears that there's been an over spill of belongings yet again. Mysteriously they have turned up in every room. Nothing is where it should be...there's no logic to it. Although the windows have been finished (there's only the front door issue to be resolved now) we're still having to move things out of rooms for the painter to have full access. We're still on holiday sleeping in our guest bedroom too. 

As it's Wednesday once again it's time to share our desk space. 
I'm not sure you'll want to see mine though? So if you'd like to see more productive, creative spaces than just click on Julia over at Stamping Ground to be transported. 
I wish my desk had lots of productivity happening but yeah you guessed it...nada! 
But here's the desk...for what it's worth. I'm hoping one day very soon it will all be sorted and in full creative swing! 
The cases don't mean that I've had enough and am about to do a runner...(although that thought had crossed my mind)...its full of handbags, shoes and anything else that would fit. It's such a shame because my daughter had moved some of her belongings into the room last weekend, but as soon as she went off for a week to London, things crept back into the space...but I'll have it all sorted by the time she returns...(gulp)...promise 
(that's just in case she see's this mess)

But there's something I really am thrilled to share with you today and that's Andrew Marr's book about Drawing. 
Have you seen it?
My daughter bought me a copy as part of my Christmas present and it's perfect because he considers all aspects of drawing from the mechanical process to fine art and everything in between. How the act of drawing is as important as what is created at the end. 

For those people who don't know Andrew Marr, he is a journalist and TV presenter who loves to draw and has done since his childhood.  
(Andrew Marr...self portrait)

The book is brilliantly written with fantastic examples of his work. 
It talks about the importance of doing and making, for a happy life.
Andrew suffered a near fatal stroke and art helped in his recovery. 
It's quite a remarkable story and definitely food for thought. 
I hope you'll take a look at it if you get a chance. 

Anyway...I'm off now to try to move more stuff about, but in-between I'll try to visit everyone that visits me at least...it's no good saying that I'll get to the whole WOYWW gang because I know I never could...but I'll try my best.  
Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone...enjoy and thanks for stopping by...it's always great to see you! 


  1. You will be all moved in and settled - eventually. Don't know how you have managed to cope. Thanks for the book review, I'm going to look for it as it sounds good.


    1. One day Darla...I'll look back and laugh.
      Meanwhile, I'll keep taking the medication and gin! hehe

      It's a brilliant book. Andrew Marr is a very interesting guy. From 2000 to 2005 he was the BBC's Political Editor and he's presented a range of programmes for television and radio, so you may have come across him before.
      Enjoy your Wednesday and I'll pop across to visit soon.

  2. Lovely to see you, every week your space gains life, even if it is handbags etc that's adding to it! They say it can take many many months to get sorted after a move, well I reckon it doesn't stop. I've lived here for 13 yrs this year and I'm still sorting stuff!! Lol Hope you feel in place soon. The kettle is on! Enjoy your day. Take care Zo xx 83

    1. I just wish my space would gain life a little quicker Zo ;D
      I've moved so many times over the years that I normally settle in quite quickly, but this move has been full on.
      I don't think it's help by doing renovations whilst unpacking and trying to live all within the same space!

      I think you could be right about it never stopping because my list just keeps growing.
      Don't get me wrong...I feel very settled here, just not organised.

      Hey...kettles on you say? Right I'm on my way....
      See you in a sec xoxo

  3. Lovely space, nice view even if the desk is blank! Thanks for the visit!
    Angie #84

    1. Hopefully Angie, the space will be full soon and not with anything other than artwork! ;D
      Have a great week and thanks for stopping by.

  4. That Andrew Marr book looks really interesting! I've never really liked the man that much but admire his tenacity in recovering from his stroke. I'm a great believer in art as therapy...sometimes wish I'd pursued it as a career!
    The house is coming on great guns - it's a pain having to shift everything around for the decorating to be done, but won't it be wonderful when it's all finished?! You look as if you've been having lovely weather north of the border, it's been weirdly overcast today in the Sahara dust!
    And yes, buy a new sewing machine needle :-)
    Hugs, LLJ 8 xx

    1. The book reinforced the idea that I shouldn't get too worked up about the finished artwork but to just enjoy the journey. I'm often thinking about so many other things, rushing and wondering what my creation will look like in the end, that I don't really get to enjoy the process.
      I'm getting to the stage now that we need to stop the renovations for a wee while to enjoy what we've done so far. Hopefully we'll manage that soon. We plan to add on a sun/garden room and the redo the driveway plus add gates to name but a few jobs to our already long list, so it'll be one of those ongoing projects.
      Hmm...not so sure about the lovely weather here Jan, because it's only been 6 degrees for the last 5 days and nothing but grey. I'm beginning to pine for Australia's special light. There's plenty of signs that spring is arriving, but I'd like a little warmth with it too please.
      I remember that Sahara dust because it happened to us one year when we lived in the Middle East. Everything was covered in a fine red dust and the sky was an amazing colour...not too good if you have breathing problems though.
      I'll think about the needle but I'm not promising.
      Great to see you...have fun with WOYWW

  5. Oh I think on a house size scale, you're doing what a lot of us do at our desks when a bit mojo-less...just moving stuff around!! Hey..the windows are lovely...this bespoke joinery apprentice really likes them!

    1. Hey Julia...I'm an expert at shifting stuff now ;D
      The trouble is that it all keeps moving and hasn't found a permanent place yet.
      I'm glad you approve of the windows because there's no way they are changing ever again in my lifetime!
      Unlike the front door...eek! But thankfully that's being sorted as I type.
      I love the oak surrounds around the windows...so now it's on to how to dress them.
      More decisions!

      Thanks so much for visiting my place. It's great to see you and I know how many of the WOYWW's you visit so I really appreciate it.
      Thanks also for hosting :D

  6. beautiful windows! Life gets messy, what can I say, we all have clutter lol, its worse when our children bring more clutter home, (like mine do), then when they have their own homes they tell me "oh just throw that out" after I have stored it all for years!!!! On a happy note , that sounds like a great book!!

    1. Oh Laurie, you know it so well because that's exactly what happens. I've kept what I thought were priceless treasures with masses of memories attached, but only to have comments years later 'oh just get rid...or why have you kept that...I don't want it/them' Grrrr....

      The book is a very interesting and inspiring read plus lots of artwork included too.

      I hope you're settling into your new nest and I'll look forward to hearing all about it
      It's lovely to see you blogging once again. I love to see that little owl in my in-box.
      Have a great week.

  7. Oh dear, living with renovations is the pits isn't it?Just think in 6 months this will just be a hazy memory. That's how I cope with unpleasant things.I have to have a nose op'. Then we have to get the house painted inside!
    That book is on my list!!I think drawing can be very calming and healing! I love doing Zentangles for that reason.I'll put up some of my latest drawings next week. They aren't marvelous as I haven't drawn for a while, but the calming is worth it.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog.Bless you!
    Judy #26

    1. Your telling me Judy,
      I'm not sure 6 months will be enough for all that's on our 'to-do' list...it could be more like 6 years!
      I think I may have to get back to some 'tangling to keep me sane...that's a great idea.
      Good luck with your nose operation. It'll be fine I'm sure ;D
      It's great to see you again...thanks for popping over and I can only apologise for the yukky weather.

  8. Oh Neesie, I feel for you amidst the renovations. We have to get painting done inside and out, but first I have to have nose op'.I keep thinking..in 6 months this will all be a hazy memory. It does ease the stress a bit.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog!!I am definitely going to follow up that book.
    Judy # 26 xx

    1. It was my pleasure Judy...and brightened an other wise very grey day ;D
      I've already wished you luck for your operation but I'll wish you all the best for a swift recovery and the house painting to be done by magic whilst you're recuperating...that way it'll all be over and you won't even notice it!

      Thanks for your double comment hehe

  9. aah, the joy of moving things from room to room. My daughter just moved out which necessitated a bit of moving around (we aren't even decorating) and stuff ended up everywhere, I thought I would never get straight ....... I have now got all the mess in one room but I'll have to get on it soon as that is supposed to be our guest bedroom not a junk room. Sigh. I wish you luck!! At least you would win my prize for the tidiest desk I've seen today. Thanks for the visit. Cindyx

    1. Phew Cindy...sorry for the delay in answering your lovely comment but I'm still moving stuff around. I've got three lots of visitors booked in to visit over the next few months, so the pressure is mounting. I really have to get a wriggle on (gulp)
      It doesn't help having a painter, slater and joiner here daily, working their way through the list of to-do's .
      I've got to organise the soft furnishing ie carpets and curtains now...oh the decisions are incredible but hopefully I'll get there.
      Heaven knows when they'll be a chance for artwork...sigh :(

      Anyway it's spring and they'll be longer hours of daylight so I'll be able to cram more into my already hectic day. I can't wait ;D
      Thanks for popping by my place...I hope you have a great week.

  10. Hello Nessie, thanks for stopping by my nest, what a beautiful view, it will be nice to get back to playing in your room. I loooooove your drawing of the Kingfisher, it's fantastic, I'm going to see if I can get that book, sounds great, I had a good snoop around, love the wedding, Brave heart is my all time favorite movie, and I LOVE Scotland, I'll be back :O), thanks for sharing, have a wonderful week, Dianne #80..

    1. I still have a long way to go before I can play Dianne...but I hope to get there soon ;D
      The book actually made me rethink about my art because I'd stress so much about the finished product and not realise that the process of creating the art was so important. How I felt whilst I was drawing/painting is just as important.
      I'm pleased to hear that you've been taking a peek into my world...I hope you enjoyed yourself.
      We're warming up here slightly in Bonnie Scotland, so I hope you'll continue to visit my space.
      Have a wonderful week too ;D

  11. So glad to see you again Neesie! Glad you are back. I love visiting your blog, it is always so fun! That book looks wonderful!

    1. Hi Daniella,
      I'm not actually sure I'm back but more nipping in and out at the moment ;D
      I just don't seem to manage art time...but I'm working on it.
      It's a very interesting book and one that had me rethinking my creative process.
      Thanks for your lovely comment about my blog. I really appreciate it.
      Have a wonderful week and hopefully I'll see you soon

  12. I don't know what your problem is, I live with mess all the time and I can get art done (mwa ha ha). Must be a huge bummer to have to keep moving it from room to room. That book looks really interesting. I often sit and draw while waiting for little miss to get to the car after school. It's my little bit of quiet time and luckily she talks to her friends and dawdles so I have plenty of time to play.
    Have a great week,
    Von # 48

  13. That sounds like a fabulous book, I don't know how I would cope without some creative outlet. Hope you can get back to your desk and start to create soon although I think I would just sit staring out your window.
    Sandra @79

  14. Thank you for calling by at mine earlier and for your kind comments.
    Sounds like you're having a busy time :-) Will have to check that book out...sounds fab.
    Annie x # 1

  15. Well I never knew Andrew Marr was into drawing thanks for that. Have to say the Magnolia may look pretty but it fills us with dread in each season. First all the hard bud cases on the grass and now it looks like it has snowed and there'll be the sickly sweet smell of the decaying petals and not to mention the yukky brown leaves in the autumn - worth a thought if you intend to get one but ours is huge so a little one wouldn't be so much trouble. We also have to get the tree surgeons in every 3 years to chop it back too!! BJ#76

  16. Better late than never! I got tied up with a vintage china washing up project for Maxine's charity yesterday afternoon and came home worn out! Your little crafty corner looks fab x Jo

  17. Hi Neesie - it's amazing how many WOYWW'ers are moving/setting up craft rooms and spaces! Yours will be fab when you get sorted, and will give you lots of inspiration for new work. I must look out for the book, and maybe drop some hints for my birthday at the end of the month! Have a great week, and hope you get straight before your DD returns. Love, Chris 53 x

  18. It will happen, you will get your space, you just need to keep telling yourself and dump other peoples stuff where they inhabit. You are entitled to the space ok..... Have a great week

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 36

  19. oooooh how intriguing, I didn't know that Andrew Marr was interested in drawing, sounds like a really good book worth putting on my list. Happy day after WOYWW! :o) Annie C #77

  20. It's not the product that matters but the creative process. I'm cleaning out my garage to make a nice place to paint. I'm not in a hurry for I'm enjoying the process. Read Robert Henri's book, The Art Spirit. xo Jenny

  21. Hello Neesie, I hope you get back to using your desk soon, it looks too tidy! having painters in can get a bit overwhelming with all the moving about.
    Thank you for sharing your views on the book, something to add to my christmas list now ;)
    Thanks for popping by mine.
    Zee xoxo

  22. For some reason I would never have connected Andrew Marr with drawing, which is silly because he is a very intelligent and clever, creative man. I love books on drawing and will check this one out on Amazon - but perhaps wait, hoping it will come out in paperback.
    As for the desk, at least you can enjoy the experience of having a clean, clear desk.

  23. Hello Neesie. One day soon you'll get there - everything will have a place, and everything will be in its place - wey hey - just think of all the crafting and art-ing (Is that a word, do you think??) you will be able to have fun with then!! Hang in there kiddo! Won't be long now.
    Margaret #22

  24. Hi Neesie,

    Here it's Sunday and I'm finishing up on my visits. Your desk has a beautiful view. No need to rush in getting everything settled. I've been in my condo for almost six years now and am still moving things about!

    Thank you for visiting me already!
    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Hugs, Kay (21)

  25. All you need is a clear desk top and you're good to go. Thank you for the book recommendation. I have not been successful and maintaining a sketching practice. Maybe this book will inspire me to do it.


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