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Monday, 21 July 2014

Producing Potatoes

I didn't plan to post today, but then I thought I'd share my excitement with you.
Have I won the lottery, received happy post or found a long lost relative? 
Nope none of those things but I'm still hyperventilating and excited.
Why you may ask...?
Well the tatties (potatoes for anyone outside of Scotland) have produced babies and quite a few at that! I'm shocked to say the least because they have managed this feat even with masses of neglect. 
It just goes to show if I can grow them then anyone can. 
I do plan one day to produce a beautiful veggie plot... all neat and tidy with raised beds and Monty Don's (gardening guru) type greenhouse, potting shed alongside numerous cold frames and masses of healthy produce for us to just pick and eat as we wish. 
Hey there's nothing wrong with dreaming big. 
Heaven knows where I'd steal the time from to attend to all this additional work, but it's on the plan. I think it may be Phase 23 of our renovations but it is there.
So where did I grow these little golden jewels? 
Well I used an old compost bag!!! 
(or two to be precise in this instance)

Yep it's that easy.
 I bought the potatoes that I'd like to grow and eat, and then left them to chit.
I'm not being rude here...that's the official term for letting the tatties grow little sprouts (not the green Christmas type veg, just to clarify as we're talking veggies here) but little roots.
Here's a link if you're interested in reading about chitting...click here

Leave a little compost in the bottom of a rolled down compost bag (or any container for that matter, as long as it will allow for more compost to be added later). 
I like to think that I'm making good use of the old tough plastic compost bags by reusing them. They work perfectly but don't forget to put a few holes in the bottom of the bag to allow drainage. As the potatoes sprout their new green leaves you need to add a little more compost up the stalks. This process is repeated as the stems grow and roll up the bag to allow more depth for the tatties to grow. They need to be kept in the dark and receive plenty of watering. (This is another part of my neglect and surprisingly they forgave me ...well with builders, renovations, visitors and generally my absentmindedness what do you expect?)
But look what came out of those bags...
How fantastic are these little beauties? 
(I weighed them and there's about 2.5 kilo's)
There were two different varieties of which I can only remember one... Désirée
I did leave the label in each bag but one has completely disintegrated. 
I don't mind what variety they are... I think they look scrumptious and I'm certainly going to do the best I can for us all to appreciate our own produce! 
Here's another post that I did when living in Melbourne and used plastic grow bags with as much success if you'd like to know more click here.
Okey dokey... that's it for today folks
It's great to have you stop by for a natter.
I hope to see you again soon 


  1. An awesome mehtod and they looks yummy.
    The own potatoes, very fresh, much shorter time to cook, I've noticed.
    Bon appetit :-) (in English don't know)

    1. They look perfect to me Mascha,
      There isn't a mark on them. We will see what they taste like tomorrow ;D
      Bon appetit is universal.
      Thanks for your lovely comment.
      Have a great week whatever you have planned... enjoy

  2. Great idea!

    1. Thanks...I'm pleased with the results ;D

  3. Good job that lassie!! ;-) I made similar endeavours by using empty plantpots. I hope my neglect and forgetfulness yields similar quantities. We have lots of sunshine just now so I hope they haven't ended up splitting. The flowers are almost done so the stems shouldn't be long in dying back now, then we shall see ;-)

    1. I try my best Mo ;D
      Oh I hope they're in big plant pots because they need to be deep and dark.
      We've had a scorcher of a day here today but now the haar has reappeared tonight, so that may well have been our summer. But I hope not.
      Good luck with your tatties!

  4. Love taters!! These look delish!!! :):)
    I can see in a few years you having your dream gardening set up. Whoohoo! :)
    Hope you've been having a great week.


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