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Tuesday 1 September 2015

Let's eat cake

I feel I've neglected my blog lately, but then something has to give I suppose in this game of spinning the plates to maximise each day. 
I've been tinkering into the Instagram world, both with mine and Muffy's account (yes she has one) and I have to confess, I'm a little put out because she now has over twice my followers! 
But if it takes photo's of me in the bath or having to rub disgusting things on my skin... well you can forget it! I'll let her reign supreme, although she'll never stop rubbing my nose in it.
Eww... enough.
Also, I'm trying to spend more time painting and there's always to garden calling me.
Sometimes, I get daunted with so much that I want to post that it then seems too much of a task or would take too long, so I put it off. 
What you might call a world class procrastinator.
Does that happen to you? If so, how do you overcome it?
I'm thinking if I just write brief posts then that might be better
 (HA! Be brief... Me...that's a laugh in itself)

So let's start... 
How about a cake? 
I know I haven't shown any baking for quite some time. 
Mainly, because I've just been baking what you might call my screensaver. 
I have to say this IS the easiest cake to bake and stays moist for days. 
A great treat to produce if you have unexpected guests. 
We've been enjoying the new season of The Great British Bake Off - season 6.
It's finally inspired me to get baking once again... but nothing fancy or time-consuming just yet.
My son's been requesting his favourite banana loaf for some time, so what can you do when he passes his exams but.... 'BAKE'
(by the way that was in Sue Perkins and Mel Giedroyc's voice - the hosts of the show)
It's a great way to use up any bananas that may be getting too ripe.
I also included some walnuts inside and pine nuts on the top to decorate.
Can you smell that? Mmm... good eh?
I'm not sure if it should have a crack showing... (that's a little joke to viewers in the UK)
but there it is anyway, so thankfully it's not going up before Mary Berry or Paul Hollywood. 
I'm off to pop the kettle on and to do my own taste test.
I'm linking up with T stands for tea time today.
Have a wonderful Tuesday and I hope to see you soon.
Possibly a few pounds/kilo's heavier!


  1. So Muffy is more popular than you on Instagram, well, you don't need to resort to pictures of you in the bath LOL. Your baking looks delish.

    1. Yep that's the blunt truth of it Terra,
      You have to have photo's of yourself in the bath to get more followers!!! ;D
      I'll just stick with my current numbers and the world will be thankful.
      Thanks for your complimentary comment referring to my baking.
      It tastes good too according to the Hungry Horace's in this house.
      Have a great day

  2. Something about the name...'Boiled Fruitcake ' is just not appetizing...lol Maybe we need to change the name..? lol But BUT that banana cake looks absolutely delish! You know Neesie.. anytime life pulls you away from the internet its a GOOD thing! :) I think when it comes to having too much to post about i just take a hatchet to it and prioritize.... I try to only post about whats important to me to share... Sometimes you have so much going on you cannot possible talk about it all.... I'm glad to hear you've been painting! Cannot not wait to see... Big Hugs! deb

    1. Well it's official title is just Fruit Loaf (or tea cake) but I tend to call it boiled because it's all mixed in one saucepan and then into the oven. Anything that cuts out all the dishes and prep is a good thing in my book. The boiling part is only the beginning to plump up the dried fruit mix.
      I'm happy to report both cakes are a winner but I tried the banana yesterday with the cuppa and it certainly hit the spot. It's not too sweet either.
      The Hungry Horace's in my house certainly approve.
      Wise words Deb about the internet... I just need to implement them now.
      When there's too much to talk about I go the opposite way and say nothing!
      I'm trying to head into the studio this morning after answering your lovely comments. I need to get a wriggle on if it's going to be worth showing.
      See you soon and big hugs backatcha ;D

  3. Hi, Neesie!! Excited to see you here! Boiled baked goods just sounds bizarre to me, but it didn't look too scary.
    Muffy has more followers--LOL! Well, there are probably more people who come by my blog to see Karma than me, too.
    Love and hugs! Happy T-Day!! :)

    1. Oh isn't that a nice welcome Rita, I adore my cuppa so it seems only right that I should join in with the gang ;D
      It's not completely boiled... it's only the first stage of the cake that's boiled... when the dried fruit has sugar, butter and water added. It's then boiled for 15 mins to soften the fruit. It's then cooled and you mix in the flour, bicarb and eggs all in the same pan. Then it's put into a baking tin and into the oven to bake.
      I'm sure it's the easiest cake on the planet!
      Yep Muffy is more popular than me (sniff) but I've always known that really.
      Big cuddles to Karma... whoops there I go.
      Take care and enjoy your new pad. I hope we enjoy another cuppa again soon.
      Happy T-Day to you

  4. Ooh! Boiled fruit cake -my Mum used to make a brilliant one! Loving Bake Off too -although I don't bake so much these days as I'd want to eat it - not good for my diabetes! !Happy T day! Chrisx

    1. I always enjoyed baking but never eat it Chris,
      Strange but true, but (and here's the confession) I love to clean the bowl (GASP!)
      I know, but it stems back to when I was little and my Mum would bake. Both my older sister and brother fought to clean the bowl (wooden spoons and not licking it clean I might add) but I never got a look in.
      Now I have one whenever I want. I'm sure in fact that might have been why I first started to bake myself.
      I remember when I asked my children if they wanted the bowl once, when I'd finished mixing and they just gave me such a look... it was priceless.
      Different era obviously.
      Great to have you visit and leave a comment.
      Happy T Day to you too ;D

  5. So glad you could join us for T this Tuesday, Neesie. I love it when we get new people willing to share something drink related. And your photo is incredible.

    I remember seeing the great bake off on PBS (public broadcasting). I caught the last few episodes and was really impressed with some of the foods the contestants had to bake. I think LLJan mentioned it on her blog, which prompted me to find it. Surprised me that I got the show in the states.

    I've never heard of boiled fruitcake, possibly because my grandmother, who was very, very British, didn't like fruitcake. So of course, she never made it, and I never learned to bake until years after I moved to my own home (grands raised me). Of course, after reading the recipe, I see there is NO citron in the recipe, so I would be delighted to make this. It's the citron that turned both my grandmother and me off.

    I love the tea cup and cake with the flower. It's a real beauty. The shape of the cup is so different and unique. We are so glad you joined us for T this Tuesday and hope you will join us again. You have mad baking skills. You have also made me very hungry for banana bread now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's great to join in the T group Elizabeth (and Bleubeard of course)
      I love the Bake Off and watched it in Australia when I was there... both the Aussie version and the British one. I think it's great entertainment.
      We're onto series 6 here and it certainly appears to be tougher with each new series.
      I don't like citron either and there's only the little boiling of fruit at the beginning.
      The cup and saucer plus small side plates always cause a stir. The cup handle can be tricky so I have to be careful. No loop for the fingers.
      Banana loaf has nearly gone! Nothing stays for long here.
      Thank you all for making me feel so welcome.
      Thanks for hosting and I hope to see you again ;D

  6. You cake looks delightful, but oh, that cup/saucer/dessert plate set. I've never seen anything like it, and I'm quite taken with the shape. Thanks for sharing the treat :)

    1. The set is unusual, but I'm not sure it's practical because quite a few times people have struggled to hold the tea cup. It doesn't have the usual handle... you just have to hold it between the thumb and forefinger.
      I normally give a little warning to the drinker as I hand them over.
      They are always a talking point though ;D

  7. Cool photos - and very mouthwatering too.
    Thanks for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/08/strange-visitors-in-garden.html

    1. Thanks NC Sue,
      It is very tasty... I've had a sliver this afternoon before it completely disappears.
      Have a great week.

  8. Happy T Day!! How wonderful that you are joining in at Elizabeth's this week - I haven't managed it, but have been visiting :D
    I LOVE that white cup! What a fabulous shape it is, do you still use them? I'm going to make that fruit cake this afternoon seeing as how I will have all the ingrediments out while making my own mince meat anyway ;)
    What a cool coinkydink that you made banana loaf exactly how I make mine, except I use poppy seeds instead of pine nuts on top, and Wee Man just asked a couple days ago if I would make one soon. I said I will once we have brown nanas, but they don't last that long usually, lol.
    Right I'd best be off to walk my friends dog. Hope you're enjoying your day xox

    1. Happy Belated T Day to you too,
      My white cup has caused quite a stir... (see what I did there... keeping in the T Day theme) The saucers are also like a wave. They are a real talking piece when I produce them and yes I still have them. I don't use them very often because some people don't feel safe using them with this handle. There's nowhere to hook your fingers. I've had them some time and they're microwave and dishwasher safe.
      The name on the base of the cup is 'Symphony'.
      Now, what's this about making your own mincemeat! Wow, I'm seriously impressed. I just buy the jars and add booze to them for my mince pies.
      Anyway, aren't you a little early... it's still summer! Next you'll be telling me you've sent off your letter to Santa and you've bought all of your pressies.
      Isn't it funny that the lads like banana loaf. I'm not surprised that we make our cake the same because great minds think alike! ;D
      Hey you call them nanas too (ha)
      I only had three left over because my son was away for the weekend and we had a large bunch. I love to keep mine in the fridge, but that makes the skin go black but keeps them for far longer. I love them cool and quite firm. You just have to ignore the skin. My son nearly died when he saw them for the first time... I think he thought I was trying to poison him.
      If you need a longer walk you can head this way and I'm sure Muffy would be up for a walk with your furry friend ^..^
      Enjoy your day (Birthday Girl)
      Have fun

  9. You get more done in an hour than I do in two days!!! I have to say that your tea cup is a work of art all by itself! And yes the cake does look good - like I need more calories!!!!!
    Sandy xx

    1. Haha... do you think so Sandy,
      I know some days my son says I'm like a wind-up toy... click, click, click... whir... watch her go!
      I must admit I do like the make the most of my days. Then I collapse in the evening feeling it's a day well spent. I'd love to sit and read a book as I used to, but I can't seem to do that anymore. Maybe this winter I should try to get back into that habit... before I burn myself out!
      I confess I don't normally eat the cakes I bake (calorie conscious) but I have had a piece of this one with a cuppa. It makes a brilliant tea break bite... as does the fruit cake. It does have fruit, so it's got to be good for you... hasn't it????
      Have a great day

  10. I went and copied the recipe - it does look yummy!
    Sandy xx

    1. Go on Sandy... you'll love it. If you make it today, then I believe that there are no calories involved...!!! ;D

  11. Ooh Ooh, I love that Bake Off show!! your cake looks so yummy...and what a unique and gracefully shaped tea cup! I am resisting Instagram and Twitter...can't think I do enough entertaining things for anyone to be interested! ha ha....I will not ask about the bath! happy T day a bit late!

    1. Me too Dianne, did you see last night's episode. (No spoilers here)
      I can't help but think with each series it's getting tougher. I mean these people are supposed to be amateur bakers! I certainly couldn't do what they are having to do. Some of those show stoppers are incredible.
      I can't believe people want to see or hear the bits that I put out on Instagram and Twitter, but they do. You could always have an id and just use it to browse.
      If you do then I promise I'll be a follower... how's that?
      The tea cup is proving to be popular but yeah let's not mention the bath!
      A happy belated T Day to you too

  12. Very nice to "meet" you for T Day!
    I am trying to avoid the temptation of joining Instagram as I fear I may never leave my favorite computer chair ;-) ... wonder how long I will hold out.
    BAKE! oh I can't wait for your great show to return to the US. I enjoy everything about it.
    Your baking looks scrumptious and such lovely cups too!
    Happy T Day on Thursday ;-)

    1. It was my pleasure to meet you too,
      All these social media thingy's (hehe) can certainly get hold of you Patty, it's quite a struggle sometimes to pull away.
      I know friends some of my friends in Australia are big fans of the Bake Off and are waiting for this next series. I will only say I'm enjoying it so much (no spoilers here)
      I watch Sue Perkins in another programme last night about India. I think she's brilliant and so entertaining... but so are all the 'BAKE' celebraties and bakers!
      Those recipes are definitely easy and never disappoint so there's not really any skill there. I really should challenge myself and try some new recipes soon.
      Thanks for you visit and lovely comment. I appreciate it and hope to see you in the T room soon ;D

  13. Hello and Happy T Day! Your cup is so pretty and the cake looks yummy! I put things off to, a whole pile of fun art stuff to do but slowly gets done. Enjoy some garden and art time, good for the soul isn't it. Happy weekend!


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