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Friday, 4 September 2015

My Week On A Page #3 (PPF)

It's party time once again and I'm happy to say I've managed to bring something to the party this week.
Although it's titled My Week On A Page #3, which isn't actually true... because it's taken me longer than a week to complete.
 I'm happy with the outcome.
Each item is chosen for a particular reason for that week.
Like a painting journal instead of a written one.
Week #3 has a dog lead (leash)
My favourite mug,
New glasses
Pewter and gold pill pot
and yellow jasmine
(There's no particular importance to the order).

I must say that I have enormous pleasure in producing these paintings.
 I also have to admit that with each one I learn at least one or two things, either about my paints, shading or whatever... it's a huge learning curve.
So thank you Tracey Fletcher King for putting me on to this project.
If you want to see the master at work then click on her name and enter her studio.
I've taken this shot from a different angle, because the silver doesn't show up if taken from the usual angle.
I hope it shows up enough.
There have been times with each one of these weekly paintings that I've reached that terrible teenage stage, where I am unsure I'm going to produce anything worth looking...and nearly bin it but then something happens and it begins to come together. It's a very strange feeling.

So why did I chose these items... well the dog lead is easy. 
This particular lead has been on so many adventures both here and in Australia... it may even have had a life in Qatar, but I can't remember for sure when we bought it. 
I was away last week and missed my morning walks, so that was the first thing that came to mind on my return. Also whilst I was away I went to get my glasses out of my bag, only to have half appear. It's not a great look to have your glasses sort of perched half on and half off your face.
It certainly gets you noticed.
I had a very helpful young man come to my aid from an optician shop, but it made me realise that to be a good girl guide (always to be prepared) I shouldn't rely on only one pair.
So, I had to buy an emergency pair from a chemist shop... and they were so cheap but I love them. 
I only need magnifying glasses for reading or detail work, so they're ideal and they are so light you don't even know that they're on your face. 
Okay, I'll confess (much to my embarrassment) that I spent quite some time retracing my steps trying to find my glasses one day and yes, you've guessed it... they were on my face!!!
Enough... I can hear your laughter from here!

Moving on swiftly... to my little pewter pill pot. 
I purchased quite a few items of pewter when we lived in Brunei, but when I chose this lovely little pot I didn't even know it was a pill pot... and when I did I certainly didn't think I'd ever use one.
Until recently that is. 
I'll not go into detail but that little pot is with me each and every day. 
It's quite a heavy wee thing to lug around in your bag, but I love it and it keeps me right on where I am with medication.
The jasmine was another surprise when we arrived back to our house here from Australia. I'd forgotten that we had white jasmine growing around the front door, but I certainly didn't remember the lovely yellow jasmine in a large container. I suspect that someone might have left it behind.
Whenever I look at it or see those lovely little sunshine flowers, it reminds me of a friend in Australia.
How brave of it to flower here?

And lastly... my favourite Denby mug.
I've shown and talked about my mug (hehe) numerous times before on my blog.
How I love HOT tea and that this mug is the best I've found that keeps my tea hot enough.
Now you'll think I'm spoilt and maybe I am, but I have a cup of tea brought to me every morning. 
Sometimes, I'm ready to receive but sometimes it can be really early and I'm not quite awake... so my hubby came up with this plastic top which makes a seal over the top of the cup.
Not only does it save the slops and spills on it's precarious journey from our kitchen to my bedside but it keeps the tea hot until I'm awake enough to drink it.
It's brilliant!!!
(hubby's not bad either)
I'm not sure about my editing this morning... it's rather dark here but it gives you the idea.
I'm heading over to join the Paint Party Friday link, so if you'd like to see more then click here.
So that's it for this week... I'm away next week (again!) so I've got lots to get organised.
Thanks for visiting my place and I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you again soon.
Have fun 


  1. Nice post and painting, Happy PPF, hugs, Valerie

    1. Thanks Valerie,
      It was fun and I learnt from it which is always a good thing
      Happy PPF and hugs to you too ;D

  2. This is a great painting! You brought each part together by adding the writing, I can tell the shading must have been challenging but you did a terrific job with it.

    1. Thank you Diane, it was a challenge at times... I really must try to pick easier things to paint next time ;D
      I have to put the writing on to not only bring it together, but also to remind me why I picked the items in the first place.
      Have a fantastic Friday and thanks for your visit and comment
      Happy PPF to you

  3. I really enjoy to see what people paint from their week, it gives a better picture of ones life,
    a pill pot is something many of us think we will never need but sadly life has its turns,
    you did a beautiful job , take care,,

    1. Oh there are lots of things I could add for my week but I have to be selective. That can be the first challenge.
      Yeah it's unfortunate about the pill pot but it's a beautiful pot and I thought they'll be lots of visitors who will relate to it.
      Thank you for your kind words... you know you are the reason that I started painting once again... but then I've told you that many times... a huge thank you from me xoxo

  4. Wonderful style, love these colorful pages!

  5. Looks wonderful! Love your choice of objects. :)

  6. thank you for sharing the memories of each illustration! As for the pill pot,well, sadly so many of us eventually need one but you have such lovely thoughts from the purchase of it that it makes it perhaps a wee bit easier to swallow:):) Well done on your illustrations-Tracey is such a great influence!

  7. Gorgeous colours in your painting Denise and I'm sure I can smell the Jasmine. Lucky you, having Jasmine around your door, mmm. :D I stopped and smelled a yellow rose when walking my friends dog the other day, (it was a new rout to me) and ohh it was heavenly. I may make that regular route until the cold comes and ends the flowering season.
    What a great invention, the mug topper is! An ideal item for Wintry days too! Don't suppose hubs remembers where he got it does he? Your pill pot looks lovely and I really like how you took a different angled photo so we can see the shine. Awesome painting of the silvery bits, btw.
    Well, enjoy your flittin' aboot next week. Go canny and we'll see you when you get back for a cuppa xoxo
    ps - I think your lettering is so pretty x

  8. I am loving it and loooove that jasmine. Ours is just blooming so the scent is full of the wafts of spring... Which of course brings memories of a special friend as well on my end... I am starting to look for these posts so I can get a sneaky look into your life... It is awesome by the way... Even if the pill box having contents is no fun... But it is certainly prettier than the little paint container that I use... Maybe it is time to hunt for a nice one

  9. This is so very nice. I like that you took something from the week and created.

  10. Oh these are so rich and gorgeous! I had to laugh about the glasses I made a cartoon card several years ago along those same lines. I'm going to search for it and send you the email. Yes same things happened to me....often! I love how these new projects are turning out!!

    Hugs Giggles

  11. Lovely work as always Neesie, I was trying to get silver to show up on my piece as well!

  12. I love the stories as much as the drawings! :)

  13. Love your weekly painting and so many things I can relate to..., Remember our old dog walks, when I had the crazy poodle out the front as a wild puppy and you had McMuffy out the back stopping to wee and sniff in all her favourite places, and with our extended leads we would be talking in the middle!!!! What a sight we would have looked like a moving push-me, pull you, but you know we never stopped chatting through out did we?!! :) Good job that lead can't talk I say haha oh happy days :) Giggling all the way to the publish button here! Miss those 'walks n talks' what a great invention the retractable lead! Wren x

  14. Beautiful work! Before I read your words, my first thought was "reminds me a bit of Tracey Fletcher King's art"... ;) So i'm not surprised she inspired you along the way. She's a fantastic artist and someone I look up to. Love the dog leash & strong colours. Happy weekend! xx

  15. Well you know I am going to go on forever about this page - what a lovely diary with magic memories. You are spoiled aren't you!!!!! You are also a fantastic artist and I am proud to call you a friend!!
    Sandy xx


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