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Friday, 16 October 2015

Inktober Challenge and Party Time (PPF) and Sunday Sketches

A few people have asked would I post what I'm drawing for the Inktober Challenge here on my blog... (they don't have an Instagram account or use Facebook) so as I aim to please my readers (hehe) here's the next phase of the challenge.
I'm still three drawings behind schedule, but I truly plan to catch up before the end of the month.
This Autumn Leaf is the most popular so far...
But the Halloween Pumpkins are a hit too.
One of my favourite birds since returning to the UK is the Pheasant. 
We are constantly hearing them if not actually seeing them just now.

And then there just had to be a drawing of my true lifelong loves.
Books and reading...
With suffering experiencing extremely cold mornings over the last week... 
I'm having to play cinders once again. 
Lighting the wood burner is one of my first chores of the day.
I'm also hunting my winter woolies, thermals and fleeces out. 
But it's confusing because as the morning progresses the sun is shining making up for such a wet grey summer.
So obviously on a chilly morning Grumpy Owl appeared. 
I'm not sure why, but I can safely say he looks like he doesn't like the cold either.  
Are you craving a little colour now? 
I know I am... here's a photo of one of my garden flower beds. 
I can't believe just how colourful it is right now, especially in the low sunlight of early morning.
Some flowers are only just blooming... they must be so confused.
As are the birds no doubt!
So that's it for today... I'll perhaps show you a little more of the garden and what's happening in another post, but in the meantime why don't you pop across using the link below to enjoy some more incredible art over at PPF
I know they'll be explosions of colour and amazing talent there.
Paint Party Friday
Thanks Eva and Kristin for hosting once again.
I'm also linking up with Sunday Sketches

I know I've been neglecting you lately, but I hope to get back to some normality soon... 
whatever that is! 
I appreciate your visit  and love it when you leave a comment.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone and happy painting everyone.



  1. Fantastic pieces! WOW!
    Happy weekend!

  2. Wow what lovely work this week and what a beautiful garden you have Neesie!

  3. ha ha yea indeed your owl does look a bit peeved
    Mornings in the UK can be a bit grim... but all the color in your garden makes up for.a cold.bathroom floor 😊

  4. Lovely! The first image of the leaf is really interesting.

  5. Really wonderful drawings.
    Happy PPF.

  6. wow, you are great at ink. I wish I was too. But I´m all digital.

    Love all your sketches and the pheasant is very good. :)

  7. I see a colouring book there... maybe called All Seasons!!
    Fabulous work...I am cold in the morning here too...but I refuse to put any heat on until the 31st!! We shall see if I can hold out!! Lots of slipper and housecoat wearing around here!!

    Hugs Giggles

  8. Wonderful ink work, especially the leaf the the owl AND the pheasant with attitude. I would love to wander in the beautiful garden.

  9. You absolutely amaze me - I feel the same way about books. I live in them and eat the words slowly so I can enjoy it all! Do you post these on Facebook - I don't do Instagram and I do not even know what it is. Your drawings are incredible and I know without a doubt that your are wonderfully talented and creative!
    sandy xx

  10. Hi Neesie - thanks so much for stopping by my blog and for your kind words there. Wow! I really like all your drawings!! They are all great but I think I love that Grumpy Owl. I love to read too so it's also nice to meet another reader. Have a great weekend!

  11. So wonderful drawnings, like a coloring book (will you make one?) and your garden is amazing!
    Here is snow and cold and darkness like in december, all my flowers are down and frozen, so I remember better times, looking at photos...
    Have a nice sunday :-)

  12. Sandy (above) gave me your link. Your work is AMAZING and FANTASTIC. I love to tangle too!

    Off to have a wander through the rest of your blog now.

    I don't do Instagram or Facebook, so I'm glad you posted this to your blog.

    Hugs, Sarn xxx

  13. I love books that way, too. lol I LOVE your artwork. It fills my eyes--I adore the detail you've put into your lineart drawings. Wonderful wonderful!

  14. Totally awesome ink drawings, (as yours always are). I think you should make another calendar using your favourites from this fun challenge. You may not think your should; of course it's only my opinion ;) Lol. have a great Sunday. Hope the wood burner is glowing, it is particularly chilly this morn. :o)) xoxox

  15. Fantastic sketches this week- the owl makes me laugh! Your garden is looking so pretty still. We've gotten cold and frost and everything is now brown and blah! Thanks for visiting my blog and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  16. So many lovely works of art here, I really adore the grumpy owl!

  17. Your drawings are superb! Great subjects and so well drawn!

  18. Oh I am so glad you did. I don't do FB or instagram either. These are wonderful.

  19. Oh I love all of your inktober challenge drawings! They are magnificent as well as the garden! It's really a magic garden you have there.

  20. What wonderful and detailed ink art! They are amazing, I love them, especially the leaf. Your photo is beautiful too, the way the light is shining...

  21. Your work is wonderful! I have fun playing, but your is amazing.


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